Sunday, June 27, 2010

Our Vacation Photo Log.

If you remember (or ever saw) our honeymoon pictures you'll know that the above photo is a re-do of the one I did in Ireland. (If you don't remember (or never saw) the photo I retroactively posted it here).  It wasn't planned to write in the sand on this anniversary but when I'm presented with sand  I tend to write in it...

...and draw hearts around things I write. Colin was less than impressed with my artistic talent. However, we were very impressed that he was even touching and walking in the sand so we let it slide that he messed up my picture.

He was less than enthusiastic about the ocean itself. That could be the waves, or the fact that the water was under 60 degrees, or a combination of the two. I should mention that we weren't planning on going to the beach this morning, we were walking on a path that was supposed to take us to Perkins Cove but when we saw the beach just down the stairs we changed our plans. I think we ended up eating lunch in the room that day because we spent so much time by the water.  (It is SO much easier to travel with a toddler when you have a kitchenette have I mentioned that?)

Colin did enjoy the tide pools.  They were warmer and not active. These tide pools were surprisingly void of life...I'm used to finding crabs, muscles, starfish etc.. maybe Maine is too cold??

The shorts, once wet, would not stay up, so we just removed them and Colin was happy enough to run around in his diaper. Had I thought this was a water day I would have been more prepared! I did have a beach ball in the diaper bag thanks to Dawn and Leo's recent vacation at the beach.

Running through the tide pool having a great time.  While Colin is the whitest child I've ever seen, he does have a layer of zinc oxide sunscreen on that makes him look even whiter. He actually got a little bit of a farmers tan on this trip, so he looks a little less ghostly now!

We ended up in Perkin's Cove for dinner instead, where I purchased Colin and I some souvenir sweatshirts (Sean had no interest). It got so chilly by the time we finished dinner that Colin was asking for a coat so I pulled out the sweatshirts.  While the bikes are not pictured, we rode them down to the cove and back, and used them to explore the town. We were very happy we brought them as traffic and parking was a bit of a problem.

Colin back at the hotel, running around in the grass as Sean got the bikes put away. He is into making silly faced for the camera now. Particularly if I put on the self timer so the light blinks before the picture gets taken.

Here we are the following morning attempting to walk the "Marginal Way" path again to Perkin's Cove. We didn't actually walk all the way to the cove since we didn't have any real reason to go back again, so we walked back and choose another beach to play on for a few hours.

This time we were smart enough to put Colin in a bathing suit and bring some more beach toys. Those are rocks on shore, not oil balls. No oil in Maine yet.
Even I got had to loosen up and play in the sand with Colin. My hair was pulled back moments after this photo because transferring sand from my fingers to my hair is just too gross!  This sand wasn't blowing around since it was mostly wet so I didn't do too poorly.
Seeing the sand on the ball and on his face still makes me cringe a little. Everyone has their quirks, mine is a dislike for sand.  I also found out on this trip that eating sand in New England Clam Chowder is normal and that is how you know it is 'real'. YUCK YUCK YUCK.

After my sand art the day before Sean also got in on the action.. He is very proud of the cat he drew in the sand... Although after I took the picture I had him draw on some whiskers.

Colin made a new little friend for a few minutes. Turns out this boys birthday is 9 days before Colin's. Colin is just starting to understand that is it more fun to play together and willingly tossed the ball back and forth.
The sand castle concept was a little lost on him. He kept piling the sand on the outside of the bucket instead of the inside. It was a good first try!
After checking out on our last day we went and played mini-golf. Since traveling with Colin is best done around his sleeping times, leaving at 11am didn't seem like a good idea. So we played some golf, ate some lunch and then set off.  In case your curious, I won the game I think I'm about 25-1 against Sean in this game. He however is about 45-0 against me in chess so it all works out.

After driving for three hours, of which Colin slept for two, we stopped at the Mystic Aquarium in CT and hung out for a few hours.  Here Colin is checking out the beluga whales.
Colin and Sean check out a Sea Lion. To be honest, I was under-whelmed by this aquarium. I had heard it was pretty good and with a $28 price tag figured it must be. But after going to the aquarium in KY and the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta a few years ago, this one was disappointing.
We made the most of what we had. Colin really enjoyed the penguins, which were uncharacteristically active because the trainers were around.  They seemed very interested in Colin as well because the would swim right by and then thrash around right below him splashing him to his sheer delight. It was pretty cute.

Colin also really enjoyed the touch tank with the sting rays.  Once again, they seemed very interested in him in well. We were standing in a group of people but they always seemed to surface for a pet right by Colin.  I didn't test this theory by moving to another location, I'm just going ahead and assuming that Colin has 'a way with animals'

After leaving the aquarium, we had dinner at Friendly's (which you saw already) and then drove the rest of the way home to NYC.  A wonderful time was had by all.

The End!


Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

Maine's water is indeed VERY cold. I too am proud of Colin for going in the sand because I remember last year he hated the sand. He has come a long way in a short time.

When we went to Mystic, we were going to go to the aquarium, because I too love them, but we read it was not worth the money by a few people. I am glad to hear that I didn't miss out because I wondered if we should have gone.

Looks like a WONDERFUL vacation. You also picked a great week for weather when you went.

Kristy said...

Looks like a really fun trip! Love the beach shots!

Erin said...

It looks like you guys had such a fun trip! I'm just sorry we missed you on your drive back through and you were forced to waste money at crappy Mystic.