Monday, June 28, 2010

Things no one told me- Part 4. Toddler Edition

You know what I didn't know?  Little boys bathing suits if left on too long while your child is playing in and out of the water can cause some SERIOUS CHAFFING.

See here exhibit one- The inside of Colins right leg :

and exhibit two- the inside of Colin's left leg:

This isn't the first time he has ever worn this bathing suit around for a while. So, I'm going to guess it also has something to do with the fact that he pooped in his swim diaper for the first time ever and we didn't see him do it so it didn't come right off. We were at a backyard BBQ with some friends and a couple of kiddie pools. Sean and I were tag teaming parental responsibilities. At one point I thought I should change Colin out of his swimsuit but as I was gathering him up (his diaper empty at this point , I checked) the other boys jumped back into the pool and Colin asked to go play with them. No problem. Sean was watching him, I was talking and having dessert.When Sean tagged me to take over Colin so he could have some cake, I grabbed Colin's  clothes and went to change him right away.That was when I found the load in his diaper. This is a re-usable swim diaper, not a disposable one so it was quite the mess. At this point there was absolutely no redness on Colin's legs at all. About an hour later that I noticed some angry hot spots while changing him into his pj's but it wasn't until this morning he looked like the above pictures. As you can imagine he is VERY uncomfortable. I'm keeping him naked as much as I can. Which I will say has been excellent for the potty training, not so excellent for my carpets (just one accident so far and he was mid freaking so he wasn't emotionally stable enough to tell me what was happening). I went to CVS and picked up some gauze and some baby powder so that will hopefully help. I tried over size band-aids early this morning and he pulled them off immediately so I don't have high hopes for the gauze.

I thought I was only worried about diaper rash by leaving him in the swimsuit, I had NO idea this was a possibility!!  Consider yourself warned.


JJ said...

Ohhhh "our" fair boy...but seriously Bec- almost any child left with a wet bathing suit on can chaffe his or her legs. Leave him to the air during the day...alittle neo at night and baby powder off and on in between. xoxo from Grandma Jo

Anonymous said...

I'd recommend looking into Aquaphor. It's a bit expensive, but very worth it.

Daisy and Ryan said...

Ouch! Poor guy. :( I hope he heals quickly!

As for the carpets...if you don't have any, get some Biokleen BacOut - will get them super clean! Don't even have to scrub - just follow the directions (let sit on the spot for about 5 minutes and then blot - it will all come out!). I love that stuff!

Nicole said...

I had the same problem a couple summers ago after spending the day at a water park. Whatever you do, don't put aloe on it! It will burn something awful!