Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Twitter is good for something.

A lot of people ask me occasionally what twitter is good for, I don't usually have a good answer but today I do.

At 1:51 pm while I'm watching the coverage of the Pres Obama/ McChrystal issue on CNN my sister sends me a text saying she just had an earthquake.  So I did a Google search and came up completely empty. At 1:55 I typed "earthquake" into twitter and found information that a 5.5 earthquake hit near Ottawa Canada from various sources. 

It wasn't until 2:20 that CNN mentioned it.

That doesn't seem like a long time, but since I have tons of family and friends living near my sister I was worried.  25 minutes would have been a long time to wait for further information! 


Kristy said...

I promise I was no where near Ottawa today...Fatty K off the hook!

Julie said...

what? an earthquake? wow, i must be completely out of it.