Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Since I can't get to the full birthday party posts right now here is a sweet picture from the upstate party.

Annabelle, Colin, Lukas and Carter

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Music Class

Have you missed me? Things are totally insane in the Berry Household right now. Hopefully I'll have some time soon, to update and post about Colin's birthday, but it might be a few weeks yet. In the meantime hopefully you'll enjoy this. I started this post literally weeks ago so it should only take me a few minutes to get it posted.

We have come to the end of another round of music classes and I never blogged about it!  I did take pictures once this term, and a couple times during the first round. These are those pictures:

The first few pictures are from last semester. 
The scarves are one of Colin's favorite parts. The teacher puts on a song and all the kids just free dance with the scarves. This class was the reason Colin got rhythm scarves for Christmas last year. Music and some scarves are a great bad mood cure when I remember to use it.

The scarf dancing typically ends with a game where everyone hides under a scarf only to come out at the end and get tickled. The chant goes "I'm hiding, I'm hiding, I'm hiding away from you. Don't see me, can't find me, you'll be sorry if you DO!" and the scarf gets pulled off and the child gets tickled. He sequels with delight!

The pictures in this outfit are from this semester. Colin was a bit older and a bit more familiar with the routine so he really blossomed. We had a different teacher this time, but one we had attended a make-up class with. At the end of the first class she asked me if this was the same Colin. He was so outgoing and interactive she hardly recognized him! Good thing Colin isn't a common name in our neighborhood!

Here we are playing with sticks. Colin really likes getting to bang as loud as he can on the floor with the sticks. The only rule is staying seated with the sticks, which he follows pretty well.

Toward the end of the class a huge bucket of instruments come out. Colin really enjoys trying out all kinds of different instruments. Here he is playing the drums. The drums are not generally his first choice, actually in the last few weeks he really favored the triangle for some reason. I never got a picture of that.

The apple is actually a shaker, Colin routinely tries to eat the fruit shakers. This is expected and allowed. Any instruments that go into the mouth of a child are put into a wet basket at the end and they get an extra good cleaning by the teacher.

Right before the instruments get put away, the kids are encouraged to play them as loud as they can and then hold them high over their head. Colin really likes to play games like this, and does very well copying the teacher and playing along.

Often at the end of class Suzanne (the teacher) will allow the kids to try out playing the guitar. It wasn't long before Colin was talking about and identifying guitars all the time. He even attempted to 'play' the brake lines that run from the front to the back of Sean's bike.