Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Many Adventures

Over the last two weeks, while I have been trying to 'catch-up' on my blog posts, we have gone on a couple adventures! Unfortunately none of them have resulted in all that many good pictures so I'm just going to throw our multiple adventures into one post. Enjoy!

We start off with a trip to the 'play street' and play ground with Grandma Mo. All summer long, one road has been blocked off to traffic to allow kids more space to play without worrying about cars. We havn't been able to go nearly as much as I would have liked but Colin seemed to enjoy the extra space to play and the extra toys.

Checking out the new sprinklers in the park. Colin isn't much of a fan of the sprinklers in any of the parks.. Which to be honest is kind of nice, having a wet kid 10 blocks from home isn't the most ideal situation.

See I told you Granmda Mo was here!

I love both of these pictures so I couldn't just choose one to post! From an 'artistic' perspective I just love the movement in this second one.

A Berry Family Portrait for Poppy's Birthday!!

Much of the extended family gathered at Sean's cousins for a pool party, but no one ended up going in the pool.

There was cousin's and cake however!!

How cute is that face?!?

The day after the pool party was the Berry's Annual (although we've missed the last three years) Splish Splash Annex. This was Colin's first trip to a water park.. I think he would have had more fun if it was like any other sunday this summer and hot! We had the bad luck of the only 75 degree mostly rainy day all summer.

Colin loved the slide! The second we got off he would sign and say 'more' in rapid succession. You know he really likes it when he reverts to signing it as well.

This started off well, but I ended up halfway down the slide while Colin got stuck.. it took some pretty fancy (and unlady-like) moves to get myself back up the slide and pull him down with me.

He wasn't allowed to go down the green twisty slides (which you can see the end of in the above photo) with an adult and after watching a few kids end up under water for most of the slide we opted to wait until next year for those.

There was two family tube rides (not counting the lazy river which it was just too cold for) that he was tall enough to ride, but only one was age appropriate (i.e. not traumatizing!) Colin didn't look too impressed while we were on the slide but he asked for more at the end. We ended up doing it twice.  Good times.

And yes those are SillyBandz on my 2 yr old. He is super trendy what can I say! 
Colin and his Uncle Chris, visiting from Miami. Colin loves that helmet!

Here he is again with the helmet, posing with Uncle Chris and mătuşă. 

Down by the water with Uncle Chris and Daddy.

You don't have views like this at your local hang out?!? Bummer.

Family Photo Op!

Colin and I also took a quick trip up to CT and met Erin, Sam and Ben at a zoo halfway between our respective homes. 
I was thinking I would do another zoo review, but you know, when you don't have anything nice to say it is better not to say anything.

This was supposed to be a picture of all three boys but you can't really see Colin in the shadows. He liked that leg.

Our boys!

Of course we had to ride the Carousel! Sam is pretending to be unimpressed.

Erin took her boys for another spin, but Colin and I had to sit that one out... Daddy is better on rides that Mommy in this house.
Although to be honest, Colin was much more animated OFF the ride than on it. He loved waving to the boys as they went around.

This feeling seemed to be mutual. Apparently carousels are more fun when you have someone to wave to.

Somewhere in all that fun, Sean and I even got to go to a wedding. Number 36 if anyone cares!

The end. Is this enough pictures for you Mom?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Colin's 1st Second Birthday Party

This is the last of the rewind posts from July. Colin had his first 2nd Birthday Party at Grammy and Poppy's house.  Just a casual backyard barbecue with the family and friends.Unfortunately there aren't as many photos from this party because I was trying to be a good hostess at the same time.. This birthday party featured four types of sports ball cupcakes made by yours truly.  The baseballs and the soccer balls were chocolate cake and the basketballs and tennis balls were yellow cake.  They came out pretty well.

Colin enjoyed blowing out the candles.

And eating the cupcakes of course.

Some of the other party guests with their cupcakes:
Colin's 2nd cousin Hayley

Colin's second cousin once removed Danny

The Duffy Family (The kids are Colin's 2nd Cousins)

Colin taking his new tricycle for a test drive.

This is the extent of photos from this party, but stay tuned for more pictures from some fun adventures over the last week and a half.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Colin is 2 years old!

Colin at 2

This post is so late! However, starting now we are moving to a quarterly update so by making it late, there won't be as much time in between now and the next update (I know you were worried!)  So from here out you'll only see one of these posts every 3 months.

I will try to only include things in this post that occurred prior to Colin's birthday, but I'm not making any promises, it is hard to remember.

On to the Facts:

Colin had a weight check at this doctors visit:

Height: 36" -  85%ile (based on this measurement he is projected to be 6' tall according to 'legend')
Weight 28lb -50%ile.  I had hoped he would be closer to 35lbs this time so that we could turn his car seat around, but no. He will stay rear facing for a bit longer. He actually fits a lot better in our "new car" (more on that later) so it isn't as difficult thing to keep him rear facing. He was pretty schmushed (which apparently isn't a word) in the Focus, frankly we ALL were.
Colin opens a birthday gift.
  • At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Baseball! That is pretty much the only thing he has asked to do all month. He played a lot of baseball when we were visiting my parents. My mom would hit the ball across the yard and together they would chase it and discuss whether it was a single, double, triple or home run. Then pick it up and do it again facing the other way.  He couldn't get enough. Now when we play in the house he will hit the ball (he is surprisingly good at making contact) and then 'run the bases' essentially running down the hall into our bedroom and then back again. It is adorable. I look forward to when we can play catch with a little more predictably of where the ball will go when it leaves his hand. It's is more of a game of dodge ball than catch at this point.
Playing with his new Buckley Cat
  • Riding bikes: both his own tricycles (he has two now one at my parents and one here) and riding on the front of our bikes in the Safe-T-Seat.  My father also takes him in a wagon that gets pulled behind the bike. Thanks to Grandpa, Colin doesn't stop requesting "bumpy ride".  Not always something that is a safe option when you're sharing the road with cars (our street has a bike lane but it is still urban riding).
  • Watering the garden: Colin was at my parents house twice this month and got to spend a lot of time outside helping Grandma water the flowers. Colin loves using the hose and loved being able to do so with purpose. 
  • Along those same lines Colin loves being outside in the yard at either of his grandparents houses. He really misses being able to eat and play outside when we are at home. Someday we will have a big yard for him to play in, but for now he is limited to enjoying those things at his grandparents house. Everything is a trade off, here we have tons of nearby activities for him to enjoy, so all of NYC is our 'backyard' but that is difficult to explain to a 2yr old when he just wants to 'eat outside!' and that isn't an easy task.
  • Time-out: Colin really seems to enjoy being put in a time-out. Odd as that is. 'Time out' for him is being put in the chair in his room by himself with the gate closed. I have never specifically told him he has to stay in the chair, frankly I just wanted him to stay in the room. I assumed he would throw a total fit at being secluded for bad behavior but he just sits there by himself, occasionally grabbing a book off the shelf next to him. He is happy as a clam. Now this is great when I have to put him in time-out because he needs to calm down (usually because he is still crying and carrying on 15 minutes after I told him no blues clues), but not so great when I'm really trying to punish him for bad behavior (usually throwing food). He doesn't get that it is a punishment.  If you ask him if he wants a time-out he usually says yes!
  • Fancy Shoes: Colin has a pair of dress black shoes that are a hand me down from Lukas. If he had his choice they would be the only shoes he wore.  It can be quite the battle getting him into other shoes to go say to the playground where dress shoes would be entirely inappropriate. I used to try to let him choose his shoes to foster his independence but now I make sure I don't ask for his opinion unless I'm prepared for him to wear those shoes. That is not to say he doesn't give his opinion if it isn't asked for but 10% of the time I might get away with it.

At my parents, watering Grandpa, not the garden, if I remember correctly
  • Getting something he is asking for, but doesn't want. Make sense to you? because it doesn't make any sense to me!! Colin asks for something (typically something to eat) you get it for him and as soon as it is in front of him he flips out waves his arms and typically sends whatever it was flying off the table. Not my idea of a good time. This is typical two year old behavior from what I am told. 
  • Meat. Still.. now even the few things I used to be able to get him to eat he refuses.. I keep offering it to him and putting things on his plate, any other suggestions I'm all ears!
  • The vacuum. Colin is still not a fan. He tolerates it much better than he used to but he prefers to be in another room if it is on. Honestly, he plays by himself in his room very nicely while I vacuum the rest of the apartment, so I'm not complaining about this one at all. It works well in my favor. 
  • A plush pluto (the dog) magnet on our fridge. This is funny to me since it is the most random object to be afraid of. If he see's it he will ask me to put it away (meaning on the side of the fridge by the wall.
  • Water over his face. Still not good with this at bath time, but to be honest, I've gotten really good at holding my hand in such a way so as not to let water drip in his face. Honestly it have very little to do with blocking his eyes and more with creating a barrier. I spent a lot of time trying to cover his eyes, but he just gets mad if he can't see so if you hold my thumb and index finger tight to his forehead, tip his head back as far as he will allow (usually not very far) I can pour the water near my hand and then quickly move my hand toward the back of his head to direct the water backwards. He is a far cry from Lukas, who will just dump buckets of water over his head for fun. 
What a happy kid!
New and Notable things:
  • Colin has some new phrases to add to his recent "Maybe next time" favorite.  He now says "Not yet", as in "Colin are you finished with your lunch", "Not yet Mommy!" It is adorable.  Also, "What ya doing Mommy?" or "What Daddy doing?" if he isn't talking directly to the person in question.  
  • "NO". We have mostly been very lucky in the department. Colin very rarely flat out said "NO" to something we were asking him to do. He just recently started realizing the power of this word. I try not let the surprise show on my face when he all of a sudden comes out with it, but it is still infrequent enough that I'm surprised. I know, we are lucky, most kids discover this much earlier. I have to figure since he uses "maybe next time" and "not yet" with much more frequency, that Sean and I must use those phrases more often as well. This isn't something we set out to do (well I suppose I shouldn't speak for him) but it appears to be working.
  • Thank you/Bless you. Obviously this isn't new, but I don't think I've discussed it as much as it deserves. Colin is AMAZINGLY polite for a 2 yr old. A few weeks back we were in church and he dropped his car. The lady in the pew behind him picked it up and handed it back to him and without ANY prompting he said "Thank you". I can tell you her jaw practically hit the floor and I have never been so proud of my baby! She followed us out and exclaimed how wonderful he is and how good he was in church  (he has a problem understanding whispering but other than that he sits through a service with little incident, the last time I had to leave the church because of him he was maybe 6 months old). He will also unprompted say "Bless you [name]" when someone sneezes. This child is just innately polite (for now!).
  • Pronouns have made an appearance. They aren't always the correct one e.g. "What's him doing?" or "Me want to climb" but he is actively attempting to use them.  I try to not correct him every time he uses the wrong one, rather try to use it properly not too long after he has used it improperly. I read somewhere that correcting a childs speach too often can lead toddlers to stop trying to use these new words. Heck it would annoy me if every time I spoke I was being corrected so I try not to do it to him either.
  • Potty Training: No better no worse at this time. Pee's on demand every night before bath, and if I keep a diaper off of him he will give warning signs that he is about to pee and will allow himself to be escorted to the bathroom. Rarely does he ever tell us he has to go.
  • Up to no good!
  • Teeth: I'm going to cheat here but since the next update is four months away I'm going to tell you that two more molars are working their way through his gums right now. The lower right and upper left. I only know because he was extremely cooperative the other night while I brushed his teeth and let me pull back his cheeks to look. No way I'm sticking my fingers back there to feel them, he is known for biting down hard.  His mood has been very unstable lately because of these intrusions. Sometimes I'm not sure what is toddler behavior and what is teething.

Love this photo!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Colin goes Bowling!

(Pausing the back log of posts to bring you something current!) 

Early this week Colin was in need of a distraction big time! Realizing we hadn't seen his buddy Kip in quite some time, I shot a message to Kip's mama to see if there were available. Turns out they were about to take Kip bowling.. Bowling? Really? How much fun is bowling for a two year old?  Well I was desperate, so I hoped online to www.kidsbowlfree.org, found the local alley they were going to and signed us up for the free coupons (of course I had to find and click "No thanks" about 5 times to avoid purchasing the Unlimited Family Bowling package..What do you mean am I sure I don't want it, I've clicked the nearly invisible 8pt font "No thanks" three times that isn't sure enough?!)  Now you are supposed to pay for the shoe rental, but since Colin has teeny feet, they didn't have his size and they let him bowl in crocs (bonus!).  I am here to say that two year olds do enjoy bowling! I figured there would be bumpers but I had no idea they made large ramps for kids to push the balls down (the only way to get it all the way down the lane), Colin loved it! Here are the pictures.

Waiting and watching, with hands on hips as if to say "Come on ball, roll straighter!"

Kip, showing us how it is done.  If you can't tell, orange is Kips favorite color. So much so that he will lug the 8lb ball around, rather than play with the green 6lb ball. Colin could just barely carry the 6lb ball.

Fingers crossed!!! I think this one is going to be a strike!

Kip discussing the finer points of bowling. "Real men carry 8lb balls like this one Colin!"  In case you are wondering, the legs behind the boys belong to Kip's father.

This one looks good Col! Right down the middle!

"Hey who glued those pins to the ground!?! I was robbed!"

"What is taking that ball so long, I have pins to knock down"  Colin did very well taking turns, which is even more impressive because each person gets two turns in a row, a concept he is unfamiliar with.  Kip, having done this before, found other parts of the bowling alley more interesting after 7 rounds or so, so Colin was able to keep playing continuously for a while.

Colin's got the lean down.  "If I just lean my body to the side the ball will go that way!"

"The suspense is too much, I can't look!"

"Almost almost....I think its going to...YES!! Its a spare!! I did it!"

We were only bowling for about 40 minutes, but it was just enough time to entertain him, and leave him wanting more. He can now identify the bowling alley when we drive by and asks to go back. It is free for the rest of August so I'm sure we'll go again.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Winds of Change...

I'm not sure why, but this made me tear up a little..


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Video-of-the-Month Summer Backlog

Once again I've been remiss in posting the "video of the month" so I'm going to add June July and August all in one post.
Most of our home videos get recorded in the hours before bed, after dinner.. Probably because that is when there are two of us around and therefore it is easier for me to grab the camera when something cute is happening...for this reason I am not responsible for Colin's attire. Often after dinner we have to remove soiled clothing and sometimes Colin insists it get replaced, other times he'll go without.   So I apologize for the mismatched outfit and the lack of pants in these videos.

June: Wild Pitch
This is a long awaited video of Colin pitching. He leaned these moves from watching the game on TV on in the stadiums. He is much more concerned with form than with where the ball actually goes.  It is pretty funny.

Wild Pitch from Rebecca Berry on Vimeo.

July: Fi-a-wooks
I apologize for the low visibility of this video but it is too cute not to share. Colin spent the first five or so minutes of fireworks with his face buried in my arm, but he eventually peaked out enough to start enjoying it so I turned the camera on him.

Colin reacts to fireworks from Rebecca Berry on Vimeo.

Bonus July: Swinging with Natalie.
I mentioned this video previously so I wanted to post it for you. It is hard to hear the kids over the bugs, but their delighted squeals are pretty cute.

Swing with Natalie from Rebecca Berry on Vimeo.

August: Clean and Dance.
Every night before bath time we have clean up time. On this particular occasion we had been listening to an album we purchased that is on Sean's computer. We were about to turn it off when the computer automatically continued to the next album alphabetically in his music library. I think this particular song must be in the sample music they give you when you get a new computer because neither Sean or I have any idea where it came from. Colin heard it and just started busting some new moves so we let him "clean and dance" it was too cute not to grab the video camera! Prepare to start laughing out loud, he has some funny dancing skills. To quote the song "it doesn't get any better than this"

Clean up and Dance from Rebecca Berry on Vimeo.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Colin's 2nd Second Birthday.

All the traveling and stress has finally caught up with me and I am under the weather. I hope today will be the worst of this cold and I can move on tomorrow and get back to functioning on all cylinders, bonus for you I think the only project I can manage tonight is uploading photos..

In continuing to update you in reverse order I will post pictures of Colin's 2nd Second Birthday before post pictures from his 1st Second Birthday. First the little guests:

Baby Carter
Cousin Lukas
Lilly Lou

Tommy boy

On to the activities:

These pint sized guests were still in the womb at Colin's 1st birthday party! This year they enjoyed each others company!

Said Mama's had a little more fun this year and enjoyed some excellent mojitos!

The kids spent some time in pool..Here is another example of Colin being more likely to get in the water if he isn't wearing appropriate swimwear.

Lily and Annabelle enjoyed playing in the same "gutter stream" from last year.

Colin is up for anything...tennis, baseball or raking the yard!  Now in his swim suit he will completely avoid the pool.. Go figure.

The dog next door was also a big hit. Who doesn't love dogs?

Cake and Presents:

Baseball cupcakes!

Happy Birthday To YOU Colin.

Opening gifts.

Colin has a second cupcake while enjoying his new baseball helmet and swimming goggles.

Colin models his new shark towel.  So cute!

Some pictures of the adults at the party:

G.G. (Great Grandma) and Grandpa pose for a picture with Lukas.

Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Sisty.

I cant resist squEEzing the babies.  Love this little guy!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as Colin enjoyed the party.