Saturday, August 14, 2010

Colin goes Bowling!

(Pausing the back log of posts to bring you something current!) 

Early this week Colin was in need of a distraction big time! Realizing we hadn't seen his buddy Kip in quite some time, I shot a message to Kip's mama to see if there were available. Turns out they were about to take Kip bowling.. Bowling? Really? How much fun is bowling for a two year old?  Well I was desperate, so I hoped online to, found the local alley they were going to and signed us up for the free coupons (of course I had to find and click "No thanks" about 5 times to avoid purchasing the Unlimited Family Bowling package..What do you mean am I sure I don't want it, I've clicked the nearly invisible 8pt font "No thanks" three times that isn't sure enough?!)  Now you are supposed to pay for the shoe rental, but since Colin has teeny feet, they didn't have his size and they let him bowl in crocs (bonus!).  I am here to say that two year olds do enjoy bowling! I figured there would be bumpers but I had no idea they made large ramps for kids to push the balls down (the only way to get it all the way down the lane), Colin loved it! Here are the pictures.

Waiting and watching, with hands on hips as if to say "Come on ball, roll straighter!"

Kip, showing us how it is done.  If you can't tell, orange is Kips favorite color. So much so that he will lug the 8lb ball around, rather than play with the green 6lb ball. Colin could just barely carry the 6lb ball.

Fingers crossed!!! I think this one is going to be a strike!

Kip discussing the finer points of bowling. "Real men carry 8lb balls like this one Colin!"  In case you are wondering, the legs behind the boys belong to Kip's father.

This one looks good Col! Right down the middle!

"Hey who glued those pins to the ground!?! I was robbed!"

"What is taking that ball so long, I have pins to knock down"  Colin did very well taking turns, which is even more impressive because each person gets two turns in a row, a concept he is unfamiliar with.  Kip, having done this before, found other parts of the bowling alley more interesting after 7 rounds or so, so Colin was able to keep playing continuously for a while.

Colin's got the lean down.  "If I just lean my body to the side the ball will go that way!"

"The suspense is too much, I can't look!"

"Almost almost....I think its going to...YES!! Its a spare!! I did it!"

We were only bowling for about 40 minutes, but it was just enough time to entertain him, and leave him wanting more. He can now identify the bowling alley when we drive by and asks to go back. It is free for the rest of August so I'm sure we'll go again.


Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

great to know that kids that young enjoy bowling!!! GREAT pics

AbbeM said...

Looks like tons of fun! I think it'll be time to do the same with Natalie soon.