Saturday, August 28, 2010

Colin's 1st Second Birthday Party

This is the last of the rewind posts from July. Colin had his first 2nd Birthday Party at Grammy and Poppy's house.  Just a casual backyard barbecue with the family and friends.Unfortunately there aren't as many photos from this party because I was trying to be a good hostess at the same time.. This birthday party featured four types of sports ball cupcakes made by yours truly.  The baseballs and the soccer balls were chocolate cake and the basketballs and tennis balls were yellow cake.  They came out pretty well.

Colin enjoyed blowing out the candles.

And eating the cupcakes of course.

Some of the other party guests with their cupcakes:
Colin's 2nd cousin Hayley

Colin's second cousin once removed Danny

The Duffy Family (The kids are Colin's 2nd Cousins)

Colin taking his new tricycle for a test drive.

This is the extent of photos from this party, but stay tuned for more pictures from some fun adventures over the last week and a half.


Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

Was he sad to leave his bike there?

Becky said...

No, we brought the bike with us. We have a sitting area where tricycles are allowed. He can't really ride it well yet so we don't use it much. It is a little difficult on the back to push him around.