Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Many Adventures

Over the last two weeks, while I have been trying to 'catch-up' on my blog posts, we have gone on a couple adventures! Unfortunately none of them have resulted in all that many good pictures so I'm just going to throw our multiple adventures into one post. Enjoy!

We start off with a trip to the 'play street' and play ground with Grandma Mo. All summer long, one road has been blocked off to traffic to allow kids more space to play without worrying about cars. We havn't been able to go nearly as much as I would have liked but Colin seemed to enjoy the extra space to play and the extra toys.

Checking out the new sprinklers in the park. Colin isn't much of a fan of the sprinklers in any of the parks.. Which to be honest is kind of nice, having a wet kid 10 blocks from home isn't the most ideal situation.

See I told you Granmda Mo was here!

I love both of these pictures so I couldn't just choose one to post! From an 'artistic' perspective I just love the movement in this second one.

A Berry Family Portrait for Poppy's Birthday!!

Much of the extended family gathered at Sean's cousins for a pool party, but no one ended up going in the pool.

There was cousin's and cake however!!

How cute is that face?!?

The day after the pool party was the Berry's Annual (although we've missed the last three years) Splish Splash Annex. This was Colin's first trip to a water park.. I think he would have had more fun if it was like any other sunday this summer and hot! We had the bad luck of the only 75 degree mostly rainy day all summer.

Colin loved the slide! The second we got off he would sign and say 'more' in rapid succession. You know he really likes it when he reverts to signing it as well.

This started off well, but I ended up halfway down the slide while Colin got stuck.. it took some pretty fancy (and unlady-like) moves to get myself back up the slide and pull him down with me.

He wasn't allowed to go down the green twisty slides (which you can see the end of in the above photo) with an adult and after watching a few kids end up under water for most of the slide we opted to wait until next year for those.

There was two family tube rides (not counting the lazy river which it was just too cold for) that he was tall enough to ride, but only one was age appropriate (i.e. not traumatizing!) Colin didn't look too impressed while we were on the slide but he asked for more at the end. We ended up doing it twice.  Good times.

And yes those are SillyBandz on my 2 yr old. He is super trendy what can I say! 
Colin and his Uncle Chris, visiting from Miami. Colin loves that helmet!

Here he is again with the helmet, posing with Uncle Chris and mătuşă. 

Down by the water with Uncle Chris and Daddy.

You don't have views like this at your local hang out?!? Bummer.

Family Photo Op!

Colin and I also took a quick trip up to CT and met Erin, Sam and Ben at a zoo halfway between our respective homes. 
I was thinking I would do another zoo review, but you know, when you don't have anything nice to say it is better not to say anything.

This was supposed to be a picture of all three boys but you can't really see Colin in the shadows. He liked that leg.

Our boys!

Of course we had to ride the Carousel! Sam is pretending to be unimpressed.

Erin took her boys for another spin, but Colin and I had to sit that one out... Daddy is better on rides that Mommy in this house.
Although to be honest, Colin was much more animated OFF the ride than on it. He loved waving to the boys as they went around.

This feeling seemed to be mutual. Apparently carousels are more fun when you have someone to wave to.

Somewhere in all that fun, Sean and I even got to go to a wedding. Number 36 if anyone cares!

The end. Is this enough pictures for you Mom?


Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

1. You are right that Colin does love sandals and socks.

2. I love your swimsuit you are wearing.

3. You are a VERY busy lady. I can't believe you fit all this in on top of your presentation and your trips this summer. How do you do it?

JJ said...

yesssssss...thank-you my darling!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I ditto Mother's comment. Love GG

Becky said...

Elaine- the suit is from Athleta, the new gap inc company. I LOVE this site, regular price is way out of my price range, but I've snagged a few good deals on clearance. So far i think it is internet and catalog only.
In regard to being busy, I function better with a full schedule, but nothing here was far away. We spent one weekend on LI at Sean's Dad's and the zoo we went up and back on a weekday. If the choices are driving an hour (each way) to see Erin and the boys or sitting home, I'm gone!