Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Video-of-the-Month Summer Backlog

Once again I've been remiss in posting the "video of the month" so I'm going to add June July and August all in one post.
Most of our home videos get recorded in the hours before bed, after dinner.. Probably because that is when there are two of us around and therefore it is easier for me to grab the camera when something cute is happening...for this reason I am not responsible for Colin's attire. Often after dinner we have to remove soiled clothing and sometimes Colin insists it get replaced, other times he'll go without.   So I apologize for the mismatched outfit and the lack of pants in these videos.

June: Wild Pitch
This is a long awaited video of Colin pitching. He leaned these moves from watching the game on TV on in the stadiums. He is much more concerned with form than with where the ball actually goes.  It is pretty funny.

Wild Pitch from Rebecca Berry on Vimeo.

July: Fi-a-wooks
I apologize for the low visibility of this video but it is too cute not to share. Colin spent the first five or so minutes of fireworks with his face buried in my arm, but he eventually peaked out enough to start enjoying it so I turned the camera on him.

Colin reacts to fireworks from Rebecca Berry on Vimeo.

Bonus July: Swinging with Natalie.
I mentioned this video previously so I wanted to post it for you. It is hard to hear the kids over the bugs, but their delighted squeals are pretty cute.

Swing with Natalie from Rebecca Berry on Vimeo.

August: Clean and Dance.
Every night before bath time we have clean up time. On this particular occasion we had been listening to an album we purchased that is on Sean's computer. We were about to turn it off when the computer automatically continued to the next album alphabetically in his music library. I think this particular song must be in the sample music they give you when you get a new computer because neither Sean or I have any idea where it came from. Colin heard it and just started busting some new moves so we let him "clean and dance" it was too cute not to grab the video camera! Prepare to start laughing out loud, he has some funny dancing skills. To quote the song "it doesn't get any better than this"

Clean up and Dance from Rebecca Berry on Vimeo.


Kristeen said...

Clearly, he got his dance moves from mommy (which you should take as a compliment, you know how I feel about your dancing, friend.) Actually, it vaguely reminds me of Sean's "Flailing arms dance" as well. Very talented kid :)

Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

I totally agree that he dances just like Becky. Immediately I thought, I totally see Becky through Colin's dancing.

AbbeM said...

Love the dancing video! And of course the swinging video. :) I also like that he's running around in a shirt and diaper again.

Julie said...

LOVE the fireworks video....especially the last, "it'". that is just so sweet. does he really think that or is he just repeating something that you guys said earlier? sorry, i have no idea what children that age are capable of.

and i like how colin has figured out that "clean up and dance" is really, "daddy cleans up while i dance and look cute"! very smart.

Becky said...

The short answer to your question is that he is repeating my 'prep-talk' from earlier in the day. I warned him that fireworks were loud but that they were also 'so pretty'. However, he does use the phrase in novel situations though and fireworks isn't the first time he used it.

I'm not sure where he learned this but if I wear a skirt he will say "Mommy is so pretty" I'm guessing Sean must have said it to him at some point but he does say it unprompted. Now however, he liked the reaction I gave him so much that whenever I get dressed for the day he will say it.. Not that I mind!
He also recently saw a butterfly and said it was "so pretty" something we have not said to him previously. So in this instance he is repeating but he has since learned to apply it in novel situations.

Anonymous said...

I love the pitching moves. Couldn't help but think of Colin the other night as we were watching an old Kevin Cosner movie where he plays a 40 year old pitcher, lots of leg kicking in that movie. I just get a real charge that he does not throw the ball without first lifting the leg. So sweet. GG

Nicole said...

I love the pitching video! He is too cute!

Eileen said...

Hilarious! Is that the first time he saw fireworks?