Monday, August 2, 2010

We're back! Starting from the end....

 Hello again! Sorry for the long absence, things have been insanely busy here for all of July.  I can finally breathe again.  Since I'm still waiting on other people for pictures for some of the early vacation events, I'm going to try posting the last few weeks in reverse chronological order.  This post is pictures from the last day of our trip to Virgina. We went to Virgina so I could present some of my work at the Animal Behavior Conference, and on the way home we stopped and visited a friend of mine from grad school and her family. She relocated after grad school and has since had two children, the oldest of which is Natalie and she is  about 7 months older than Colin, her second is Henry and he is not yet 4 months old. Here are the massive amounts of pictures I took in a 24 hr period. The kids just kept giving really great photo ops so I just kept snapping away.

Colin and Natalie at the playground playing in a firetruck. This was definitely Colin's favorite. If there weren't other kids to have to share with, he would easily play on this all day. Colin is all about 'driving' right now.

A close up of Colin playing on the slide. You wouldn't know we were on the last day of a two week trek from his attitude! He is always up for an adventure.

Natalie being super cute in the fire truck.  She was a pro at smiling for the camera.

Both Natalie and Colin loved the swings. Abbe and I hung back in the shade and let the dads do all the hard work pushing the kids.

This is what Henry did the entire time we were at the playground. He is probably one of the easiest babies I've ever been around.  The more I see other babies the more I realize that Colin was not an easy baby at all.

Colin and Natalie both loved having their dads do 'under-doggies' at least that is what we called them when I was in grade school. I have a video of this I'll have to upload later.

Spontaneous moment of adorableness. Colin and Natalie played together pretty well for two-year olds. Colin wasn't exactly a skilled 'sharer' (if that is a word) on this occasion, but the prospect of toys he has never played with before (i.e. dolls) made him a little 'grabby'. Once we were out of the house he was better.

Going on a little walk through the park.  Natalie asked to hold Sean's hand (I swear he is the pied piper of 2yr olds) while Colin took off in front of them.  Its funny how having a 2yr old makes me much likely to stereotype.  I kept seeing key examples of the difference between boys and girls and here is one of them.

The kids and their dads. I'm not in any of the pictures because as usual, I was behind the camera.

We couldn't resist taking a little walk into the stream.  I had Colin's crocs in the diaper bag, but I wasn't wearing the right shoes. Sean went in bare foot and it was a pretty stone filled stream! The things we do for our kids. Abbe wore flip flops and Natalie, while not in the ideal footwear didn't hesitate to walk into the water so they went with it.
I was very pleased to see Colin enjoying this little adventure so much. I grew up near a creek and have many happy memories of walking through the water and looking for crayfish or salamanders.

Of course it was only a matter of time before this happened! As it turns out, the quickest way to get Colin in the water is NOT have a bathing suit on him... Oh well, we had a car full of luggage so it wasn't a big deal to get him new clothes.

Daddy held on a little tighter after that!  Colin didn't seem phased by the wet clothes.

A few steps from getting out, Natalie got a wet bum as well. She stood up too fast to catch it on camera. She did well having wet pants, but was clearly uncomfortable.

Colin attempting to put Henry's pacifier in. Henry wasn't all that interested in it but was a good sport about it.  Colin did very well with baby Henry and is clearly more ready than I am for a sibling!

Colin and Natalie couldn't wait for Henry to get up so they could play with the baby gym too.
After the kids nap we took them over to the local pool.  This was supposed to be a simultaneous jump, but Colin jumps on 'three' and Natalie jumps on 'go' so I couldn't get them both in the air. Natalie's face is too funny in this picture.
Swimming lessons are really paying off this year. Colin is doing really well with kicking and 'reach and pull'-ing his arms in a swimming motion. 
We put Colin in the only dry clothes we had in the diaper bag to take the short ride home. He looks very 'risky business' in his diaper and collared shirt. The two of them look deep in conversation about something. They look like teen-agers talking more than two year olds.
Another photo of their walking and talking.

Another spontaneous moment of adorableness. The adults were unpacking the car and they were just standing by the door being adorable.

Moments before we left, kids in pj's making faces through a glass door is just too cute!

I can't look at this photo without cracking up! You can see Sean being friendly with some other guests out back.

One last funny face.  Then it was into the car and drive home. Colin was really a very good traveler for being gone so long. We spent upwards of 30 hrs plus in the car over the course of two weeks and I would say he may have cried/fussed for an hour total so I have no complaints.


Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

so happy you all had a wonderful vacation, can't wait to hear all about it. And selfishly, I am so happy to have you back on blog-land!!! I missed the blog posts this month!!!!

Kristeen said...

Seriously, these kids could be models for children's clothing... so cute! Colin is such a character. The picture of them walking is priceless, although let's hope when he really IS a teenager he puts some pants on before walks with his girlfriend :)

Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

Kristeen---as a teen on a date, I am sure he will not allow his mom and dad to photograph it so I guess we will never know how the date really goes!!!!

AbbeM said...

Yay for photos of our kids! I'm so glad they had such a good time, and I hope you and Sean did as well. It was really great to hang out with all of you guys. Next time we'll have to do it up in NYC!