Saturday, August 7, 2010


While I spent my days at the Animal Behavior Conference, Sean, Colin and my parents enjoyed Colonial Williamsburg. As expected, Colin had no trouble adapting to my absence. He would occasionally ask about where I was, but that probably has more to do with toddler repetition than actually 'missing' me.  Since my husband wasn't specifically instructed to take photos, all the pictures that were taken while I wasn't around were taken by my mother. (Thanks mom!) Here are a few of the pictures from our week in Williamsburg:

Eating out with a toddler is always an adventure. Colin presents a unique challenge since he doesn't eat meat. Generally the most healthy meal you can find on a kids menu (that he will eat) is pasta.  That table cloth will never be the same.

After the pasta, Colin enjoyed his first DQ ice cream cone. Then it was back to the condo for a BATH.  Whenever possible when traveling, we make sure we get accommodations with a kitchen. Eating out every meal is just not healthy, and finding breakfast every day before a meltdown but after a shower is very challenging.

I risked waking him up to take this photo, but it was worth it. He is totally relaxed, and probably getting too big for the pack and play.

At least Grandpa is enjoying watching Martha Washington talk. Colin is distracted, Sean is keeping an eye on him and my mother is taking pictures. I think this is probably how most days went. =)

Who doesn't love a fountain?!?

I'm pretty sure Colin's favorite part about this trip was riding the buses!! He is still talking about it and asking to go on every bus we see. I must hear "that my bus mommy?" three times a day.

I joined the family on the last day of our trip. This was the day it was 104 (literally!) degrees outside. I don't think I'll go back to VA in July again. No thank you.

 Can you tell we are northerners? I think we should enter a contest for the palest family in America. I can't even blame the sunscreen, the new kind I purchased doesn't leave the white glow!

 Grandpa treated us all to a carriage ride, pulled by Matthew and Mark the horses (another thing(s) Colin has yet to stop talking about).

Colin loved watching the horses pull the carriage. Days earlier he also met John the horse. Unfortunately, Luke must have had the week off.. Apparently biblical names are very common in Williamsburg.

Waiting for the bus to take us back to our car. A storm hit just as we were pulling back into the condo. The cars external thermometer before the storm was 104 after the storm it was down to 78! Downright chilly!

This is Colin giving us a thumbs up while wearing the hat Grandma bought for Lukas.  He can't seem to figure out that even though his pointer fingers are longer, its really his thumbs that we are looking for. It's endearing.


Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

looks like all had fun.

Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

If you enter the palest family contest, I will vote for you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love that boy, he so enjoys the world and all that is in it. GG