Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Typical Busy Weekend

We are coming off of another very action-packed weekend.  I'm having a bit of trouble getting back into the 'working' routine so I figured I would take a minute to post this and hopefully help my brain put a period on the weekend and transition back to our routine.We'll see if it actually works.

The weekends events started Friday afternoon, Colin's buddy Leo was over for few hours so his mom could get some work done. We had a good time, Colin was very happy to see Leo after a couple of missed opportunities.

For dinner I served one of Colin's new favorites: Onigiri or 'rice balls' (here made with peas). I hope to explain these is more detail in another post.  Leo was less than impressed with my rice balls, but ate his whole spinach patty, something I have yet to get Colin to eat.

Leo really enjoyed dessert! Some mango coconut fruit pops I picked up at whole foods. Yummy!

Leo got picked up at 7. Sean and I marched Colin through his bed-time routine and quickly turned the house over (two toddlers can do a number on an apartment) for our next guest Jayson, who arrived around 8:30.

Saturday morning we went over to Astoria Park. (Another beautiful place to view the Manhattan skyline!) and then got some bagels before Sean and Jay went to see a Yankee game. I took Colin home to nap, but he had other plans and just talked in his crib for two hours.

"Uncle Jay Jay" teaching Colin how to ride a turtle. It wasn't long after this picture that Colin fell (in an un-pictured location) and got a bloody lip. Colin handled it surprisingly well considering the inside of his lip was (and still is) really cut up. 

Jayson left early Sunday afternoon and first thing Monday morning Colin and I drove to CT to visit Erin, Sam and Ben.  Erin had a job interview Tuesday morning and was unable to get a babysitter so her options were me come up, or drive the boys to her parents (4 hrs away).   Colin and I love visiting them so it was an easy decision! Sean stayed home and went to Columbia for the day to get some school work done.

Playing with water and sand resulted in some messy boys, so we tossed them in the shower for a good rinse. We just couldn't bring ourselves to hose them off with that icy Ben took a nasty fall and was bloody so he needed something a bit more sanitary.

Colin is saying 'Cheeeese!' Notice he is the least wet. Water over the head is still not his thing.

Tuesday am: I get to see what having triplets would be like! Here we are warming up to the day with a little blues clues and Cheerios. Shhh don't tell Erin I let them eat in the living room! (Actually only Ben and Colin ate, Sam wanted no part in it)
Their "real breakfast" included some Strawberry soup which was a huge hit! (It came pre-made from the grocery store but is essentially a strawberry yogurt thick smoothie)

Erin's interview went well and after lunch Colin and I headed home.

We arrived home at 2:30. I rapidly threw some meatballs in sauce and changed our clothes for Colin's preschool pot luck/orientation. I took no pictures during that event, so I'm including one of Colin posing with his new backpack for school. (It is a Kiddie Play Backpack by ORE originals if you are wondering). The orientation went well. As expected Colin spent the first hour clinging to me but did eventually warm up and play away from me for the second hour. He also became much more outgoing after Sean arrived... Because of his schedule Colin doesn't actually start school until next Thursday so you can look for our 'first day report' after that. I have a 'flexible plan' for easing Colin into preschool, and hopefully our attempts to prepare him will help with the transition (more on that later).


Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

wow that is quite a busy, but super fun wknd!!! I can't wait to hear about pre-k

Kristeen said...

Pre-K already? Holy cow!

Erin said...

It IS a big deal that you and Colin were willing to take the trip to CT to hang out with the boys while I went on my interview. You handled having triplets very well -- maybe you'll have triplets next time around -- then you would only have to be pregnant one more time!!

Julie said...

looks like colin had a lot of fun with his friends!

you are always keeping busy... i guess matt and i are too but our time is usually tied up in house projects.

nice pics:) i can't believe colin is going to school already! how many days? for how long?

Sarah B. said...

Sounds like you had a fun filled weekend!!!! I can't believe he is starting preschool already!?!?!?!?! Love the backpack by the way. Super cute!