Thursday, October 14, 2010

College Search

We have decided that Colin is way too smart for preschool and we are currently seeking to enroll him in a 4-year college...just kidding! We are, however, currently helping out with the college search of the oldest of Sean's two younger sisters Lauren (aka Nin to Colin). Last weekend we made a fairly impromtu trip (we booked a hotel literally 2 days before we left, we don't roll like that usually)  to Boston to visit two schools. To say that the drive up was long would be an understatement. We left here around 8:30 after picking Lauren up at the train station and drove to Boston. We expected to arrive around 12:30, we did not actually arrive until after 3am. We hit traffic on the Whitestone Bridge due to construction, then on the 'Hutch' due to a car accident. Then 84 was just closed in Danbury and the traffic trying to manuever around this was beyond insane. Just when we thought we were in the clear, around 2am three cop cars pull in front of us (literally, one car in front of us) and just slow WAY down until we are all stopped. Another (very bad) traffic accident.  Thankfully we started moving again within a half hour so this was probably the least of the torments, plus we had a up close and personal view of the emergency response (but not of the accident) so it was interesting. It is hard to stay too annoyed when reality slaps you in the face that it could have been your car in the accident but it wasn't exactly a fun trip. Colin woke up with all the sirens and lights and we aren't really sure if he actually fell asleep again at the hotel or not. Both Sean and I passed out long before he stopped talking, and he was up again at 6:00 when light started peaking in the curtains (yes we were thankful for those three hours).  I did sleep in the car a bit, Sean really didn't...maybe a half hour. Our hotel was 40 mins out of Boston due to cost and logistical constraints (When traveling with Colin I will not get a hotel room that isn't a suite, more on that another time) so we had to leave fairly early to get to the colleges (not that anyone was sleeping anyway!) We saw BU the morning and BC in the afternoon. Sean and I took traded off parental duties, I went to the info sessions (since he would just fall asleep!) and he played with Colin outside, then I wrangled Colin during the tours and he stayed with Lauren and the group.  All in all both colleges would be a fine choice, but neither would be her first choice. Because Sean and I have been around the college scene for some time now and seen it from all angles, we have a lot of opinions about things to look for in a college. We try, however, to not be too pushy with our own opinions because it is her opinion that really matters (that and the ever important financial aid package). I took no  pictures of the college tours because I had my hands full, but did take some the next day while we showed her around Boston. 

I apologize to all our friends living in the area whom we didn't get to see! This wasn't a pleasure trip, so we weren't able to plan extra time for visiting.  We know you will understand, and we promise to try harder next time.  We were able to see Jayson (Uncle Jay Jay to Colin) and Kat on Sunday for a few hrs, which was good because we had  missed them on the two previous trips through the area.  Here are a few pictures of our trek through Boston.
We stopped at Fenway Park, but since the Red Sox's season is over we didn't see a game. We will go next year for sure.  We did take a few minutes to pose with the statues since there weren't many other tourists to get in the way.  This is a statue of Ted Williams who was apparently an extremely tall man not to mention an exceptional baseball player (according to Jayson the best that ever lived... my baseball fan-ship doesn't' go back far enough to appreciate him, I should be embarrassed to admit I didn't recognize the name, but I'm not.)

 I know I know! I cut off Ted's head in this one (he should be shorter). But Colin's pose is too darn cute to leave it out (I saw that face and focused too much of my attention on him and not enough on composing the shot). I have a friend who I think can fix it since I have other pictures that have the full statues... If it does get corrected I'll probably frame it with some of the other baseball statue pictures we have of Colin. Come on tell me he isn't the cutest little baseball fan ever!
Last week, looking at Nin made Colin cry. This week she was his favorite person in the world. He is a fickle character our boy. I do hope he grows out of it.
I give this dog some serious kudos, Colin was still pretty much covered in glazed donut frosting (yes he does eat donuts on occasion) and I thought for sure he would get his face licked but he didn't! The dog licked Sean but not Colin.  Maybe he doesn't like glazed donuts...
 For my sister. She used to work here (well actually it was across the street) when she lived in Boston so I took a picture for her.

Have boy. Will travel with sports equipment. The 
boys play baseball in 'the commons'.
This was day 2 of crazy disrupted schedule. Nin was the only one allowed to hold him around his typical nap time.  We were BEYOND impressed with his resilience and flexibility. Normally I hold nap time sacred but it just wasn't possible on this trip. He feel asleep in the car on the way back to the hotel after the college tours (around 3) and I had to wake him up at 6 to go eat dinner (actually I had to wake everyone up!).  Day 2 he slept the ENTIRE drive home 3.5 hrs in the car. He got up at 6:30 and was in bed again by 9. He was as good as any 2 yr old could have been on a trip like this. This boy loves 'big trips' and hotels, loves 'em!
On the carousel. He is the happiest boy in the world, and Sean and I will thrilled not to have to ride with him! All that round and round stuff is for kids! Nin was more than happy to join him.
 Best seat in the house for watching some street performers.
Riding the trains and still loving on Aunt Nin. I started to get the impression that the Berry siblings are in a friendly competition for Colin's affections.  Lauren was beyond thrilled by Colin's reaction to her and equally excited to tell  (Uncle) Chris about all the love.  I'm sure Uncle Chris is ready for his turn when we go to Miami in a few weeks. Don't worry Nin, you'll always have Boston! =)  (note to Uncle Chris, if there is birthday cake with candles involved, Colin is easily 'bought')


Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

sounds like you made the most out of the trip and came during great weather to be able to enjoy the area.

Erin said...

Sounds like you guys had a great trip, minus the horrible car ride. I think that was the same night that a police officer pulled over a car in Danbury -- and ended up getting into a shoot-out and shooting and killing the driver. That could explain the delays ... I think it is really, really kind of you and Sean to take on this responsibility -- and although I doubt Lauren can really appreciate it at this point, I'm sure she will some day!