Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lots to do...

As usual my to-do list runneth over. I apologize for the lapse in posts. After week one, the novelty of pre-school wore off and we are attempting to deal with Colin's total melt-downs in my absence. I'm not really ready to talk about it until I am on the other side of the issue. We havn't had a weekend off in I don't remember how long and things aren't looking any better in the near future. We have trips planned to Boston and Miami and probably DC area over the next 6 weeks or so before we even get to the holiday season. I am still hoping to finish up with school by January.  If I make it through all this alive I'm going to sleep for a month.
Here are a few random pictures from this past weekend at homecoming in CM to keep you interested. 

Lauren and her friend Emma on their homecoming float (the winning one!)
 Katie during the halftime show at the football game
 Coming down.
 Sean and Colin watching the parade.
 The resulting 'sunburn' from being outside all afternoon on a sunny October day.

We also watched Lauren's soccer game but my battery died at that point. I have some good video of it but I'm not uploading that tonight.


Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

Oh poor Colin with the sunburn. Also, sorry to hear that pre-k is not going as smoothly as it was.

Are your trips for weddings or work related? Just curious---you all are the busiest people I know.

Sarah B. said...

Sorry to hear that preschool is not going well right now. It looks like homecoming was fun. I hope you and the family get a much needed break soon to relax and enjoy some quiet, family time. Maybe we all can get together while you are in Boston.