Friday, November 5, 2010

Bienvenedo a Miami

If you were paying attention you'll remember that we had a trip to Miami planned for this fall. We have already returned, and we had a great time. Sean's brother and his wife were wonderful hosts and despite Colin not napping for 3 of the 4 days we were there things went very smoothly. Even the flights weren't a big deal. Here is the story of our trip, photo essay style.
 We arrived Saturday afternoon, so we just settled in, had dinner and put Colin to bed. Sunday morning Chris took us to the Coast Guard base (where he works) so Colin could get an up close and personal look at the air planes and helicopters. A little boys dream!
 Colin takes her for a test drive!  Sean and I were pretty nervous he would touch something and cause a problem but Chris didn't seem to be concerned about it in the least. Found out later that someone accidentally set off the internal fire extinguisher in one of the cock pits a few days later. Very VERY glad it wasn't us.
 Colin was very impressed with this little truck. He enjoys steering wheels right now so I guess it was a bit more appealing than the airplane. Plus he is staring right at the airplane from this angle so it probably was a better view.

 Now to test out the helicopters! Get this boy a flight helmet he is ready for take off.
 Do you think it is a problem that the co-pilot can't see over the dashboard?
 Ok last one. I just really like how Colin's face is in the little window.
 After the planes we took Colin to play mini-golf. He saw a picture of himself playing on Saturday morning and that was all he talked about for the next 24hrs. We promised him we would find a place to go golfing in Miami. Thankfully once it was over, he was over it. I was nervous he would just keep asking over and over again.. Oana and I tied for 1st place if you were wondering.

On Monday we took Colin to Zoo Miami (I'm a sucker for a zoo so it is so great to have a kid who loves them too!) I don't know why I had low expectations but this zoo was really good! Large well designed exhibits, where animals had lots of room to roam but were never too far from the public to be impossible to see. The zoo was empty that day since it was a school day, but I couldn't imagine going in the summer. It was uncomfortably hot and it was late October!  Here Colin is feeding the pelicans. He really enjoys feeding the animals and the raw dead fish didn't seem to phase him in the least.
The boys somehow ended up a little matchy matchy that day. Funny how Colin ended up was a mix between Sean and Chris' outfits.
This is one of my favorite pictures from the trip. Nothing overly special about it but it really captured the moment for me.
 Colin of course loves the statues as much as the live animals. I'm a sucker for a photo op! Say cheese Uncle Chris!
Can you believe it? We got to feed giraffes AGAIN!  (See the first time here) This time it was real leaves instead of crackers and there was no one there but us. I could have stayed all day. You have no idea how hard it was not to push Colin out of the way and do it myself. What a great experience for all of us.
 Check out that tongue! When I asked if we were allowed to touch them, the keeper said "they are pretty head shy so they will likely move their head away" which I took to mean "go ahead and try" so I did! I thought they would be soft like a horse but it is much more bristly as tiny hairs stick out all over their heads. Not as soft as they look.
Oana got to touch one too, although at this point we got yelled at by the non-keeper-helper but it was so worth it to touch a giraffe.  I love them.
 Sometimes it was easier just to pick up the stroller than to get Colin in and out at every exhibit. They actually had mulit-person bike pedaled carts which I didn't realize had a baby seat on them. I was very jealous of them until we got back to the front and saw that they were $125 to rent. Never mind.
 Having lunch with Uncle Chris before taking another non-nap. We finally had to just stay home the next day to make sure we didn't miss Colin's 'window of opportunity' after three days in a row with no nap he was a mess.
 Napping day wasn't a total waste though, we quick packed him up after he woke up and headed down to Miami Beach (or maybe it is South Beach, I don't remember).  Colin this time enjoyed the sand but after putting his toes in the water he said he was " all done with the ocean" and since it was already 4pm (so we wouldn't be staying long) I was happy not to have to cart home a wet kid.
 He and I had fun collecting sea shells and running in the sand while Sean and Chris went swimming.  When we arrived Colin had two crackers in his hand that he was hoarding from his snack. Since it was clear he had no intention of eating them I told him to throw them to the birds. Newbie mistake! We got swarmed! Which, for obvious reasons terrified Colin (although it didn't help that Uncle Chris showed VERY REAL fear and I scoped him up and ran away.) I spent much of our time there showing him that the seagulls are actually afraid of him. He eventually got up the courage to run toward them and watch them fly away. Not something I wanted to teach him, but I also don't want him to go up and be terrified of birds (like Uncle Chris!?)
 My baby's footprints in the sand. If only they would stay that small forever.
 He did actually nap that day, but spent a lot of time at the beach like this. He kept telling me he was still tired and was going to sleep (he didn't). That is what you get kid for sitting up and talking for and hour and a half and not napping for three days!!

 Watching the birds fly.

He smiles with his whole body sometimes!

In the hours before our flight home we let Colin run around and play at a nearby park. Unfortunately he was a bit of a crank-pot (understandably) so we ended up heading back early to get him down for a nap (which he woke up too early from anyway) and then headed back to the airport for our flight home.

We had a lot of fun and enjoyed some relaxing (albeit rather windy) nights on the balcony after Colin went to bed. Thankfully Colin's night sleeping wasn't affected in the least, in fact he was sleeping in until after 8 the whole time we were there(which was likely part of the problem). It looks like Chris won't be in Miami much longer so we are very glad we got to squeeze one last trip in before he got a new assignment.


AbbeM said...

Becky, it looks like that trip was tons of fun! I love doing things like that with the kids - as much as it can be a lot of work for you, having those memories with them is amazing.

Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

one of the last pictures when he is standing by himself at the beach he looks so grown up. Looks like it was a GREAT trip. I have never been to Miami but when I see house hunting shows, it looks like such a cool place to visit.