Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

 Colin all dressed up and ready to go to the Halloween parade. His pose had a lot of motion in it so he was very difficult to photograph this year.  It was a bit chilly here but nothing compared to what it would have been like in Syracuse. Colin was wearing a onesie, turtleneck, and then the jersey and two pairs of pants!
 Colin marching in the parade with his trick or treating bag. Turns out we never actually went trick or treating this year, but the bag was good for holding his baseballs.

 The view from the back. 

Colin wasn't too sure about the parade at first but he eventually 'warmed up' to the idea and got down and walked, pointing out all the kids in costume watching the parade route.

Leo and family all dressed up for Halloween as the little rascals. I would love to dress up as a family, unfortunately Sean does not share my enthusiasm for Halloween.

Later in the afternoon we took Colin to a Halloween party/fundraiser held at his school. Colin's favorite part was the pony ride! I wasn't sure how he would feel about it but he took to it like a duck to water.

All smiles on the pony. By far my favorite picture of the day even if you can't see his costume or the pony.  We have so much Mets gear that even with a coat on, Colin was still 'in character'.

 Dawn and I collaborated on some Halloween Cake Pops for the bake sale of the Halloween party. This was not my original idea, nor did we pull it off as well as the original but we had fun and as long as you didn't inspect too closely they were cute. These were ghosts, although I'm willing to admit they came off more like storm troopers.   Ghosts had a chocolate cake base and the pumpkins had a yellow cake base.
Here are the pumpkins, with their tic-tac stems.  The idea came from Bakerella.  I've made cake balls before but these were a bit more challenging. They were originally going to be jack-o-lanterns but the edible ink pens I bought (wilton brand) do not write on chocolate. So they got to be plain pumpkins and we had to run out last minute to get mini chocolate chip eyes for the ghosts.


Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

Was the parade for your neighborhood or for his school?

The baked goods look GREAT, you are SO crafty.

Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

I think Brandon might dress up if it was not something embarrassing, but we are SO not creative so we can never think of anything to dress up as. Although at a Halloween walk I did find a cute costume for Nolan if we ever run out of ideas that even I can make.

JJ said...

He just looked darling Bec...and you did a wonderful job on those little "treats" Great job Mom!!