Saturday, November 27, 2010

Silly Dancing and Singing

Last night Colin got silly after bath and before I got him into pajamas. I quick grabbed the camera and while it wasn't exactly the same as before it was still pretty cute. I figured out how to stitch the videos together so I made three videos into one. He starts off counting and then sings the ABC's again. Prior to getting the camera he was singing a nonsense song but he never went back to it.

Since I still had the set up all out to upload I figured I would just post it now, it doesn't qualify for Decembers video anyway.

Colin Dancing and Singing from Rebecca Berry on Vimeo.


Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

I think he is trying to figure out the macarena!!! =)

I remember the days of being excited when it was bath time.

can't wait to see him again. We talk about another visit down to visit you all but we want to wait until Nolan is a great sleeper.

Crystal said...

I love this. Sean dances almost as well as Colin. Heehee :)