Sunday, December 12, 2010

Decorating for the Holiday

 Colin is old enough to now understand and get excited about Christmas. So for the first time since we lived in this apartment we got a full size tree.  This is the third full size tree Sean and I have purchased, and the choosing of this tree was by far the fastest (out of necessity). It took me about ten minutes to decide what type, we were hoping for a fraser fur but they just didn't look good so we went with the highly fragrant, super shedder, the balsam fur. Sean and Colin were running around looking at all the decorations and I grabbed the first tree that looked good. Sean approved and off we went. It worked out, this is probably my favorite tree.

The new car (which I have yet to discuss) really made tree transport less tricky this year. Although I have to go get the car washed and vacuumed to get the needles out.
Once we got the tree in place we had to let it settle for a few days to let the limbs drop back into place before I put on the lights and garland. In the meantime, Colin helped us put up our other decorations. Here he is asking what each piece of the nativity is. He has been really good about being gentle with this, in fact after the first day he has showed no interest in it at all. The tree is another story.
Colin helped Sean put up his Christmas village. Sean has a HUGE collection of houses, and I have a small collection. we have only accepted three house and a few accessories for our current living situation. The rest our parents are graciously storing for us until such time as we have a place to store them. Colin loved helping hand Sean the pieces because it was the first and last time he was allowed to touch any of it. As you can see it is WAY out of reach.

Colin continues to enjoy the stars we hang over the buffet. Here he is as an itty bitty trying the same move to get his hands on those shinning stars.

Colin enjoyed putting on a few ornaments but got bored with the process pretty quickly. We left some soft ornaments along the bottom of the tree within reach (a felt nativity set) and he does seem to enjoy them. Many of our most cherished and fragile ornaments didn't make it one the tree this year. Colin also got a small tree with colored lights in his room (not pictured) but we haven't finished decorating it because he just isn't interested.

A small celebration when Joseph was found, for a while we thought the shepard might have to stand in for a while. We are still missing a wise man, but are hopeful he will follow yonder star back to the tree.
You might notice that there are two different garlands on the tree (if you didn't look now) I underestimated how much garland I would need for our first tree and by the time I went back for more it was sold out and never to be seen again. So I went looking for something to compliment it and found the last two stands of the wispy-er one in all of NYC. Thankfully Kristeen was able to find more in Syracuse so I don't end up with not enough of yet another garland, if we get a taller tree next year.
The final touch. Colin puts the star on the tree. Sean and I aren't totally satisfied with this tree topper but have yet to find one that we (by that I mean "I") like. So we are continuing to use this one. I prefer a star to top our tree, my parents always used an angel and his parents used a Santa, so a star is neutral territory, we just both want to find one that is lighted.

I thought I took a final product picture but I think it is still on the camera. I'll add it later. Hope your holiday decorating was as much fun as ours!

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Erin said...

Very nice! We decorated our tree yesterday, but no pictures to show after my camera took a bath in a bag full of stuff from Thanksgiving (thanks to the boys' "leakproof" water bottles). Sam did pretty well with the decorating, but after about 2 minutes, Ben declared, "I'm really not having any fun" and went off to find trouble elsewhere.