Sunday, December 19, 2010

Potty Training.

I have a confession to make. I have absolutely no desire to potty train Colin right now, and by that I mean go 'balls to the wall, no turning back potty training", we've been doing 'potty awareness' for almost a year. I know he is capable of being fully trained right now but I'm in no hurry to move forward with this. I have two main reasons for my hesitation. 1) I'm too busy right now. I should be defending my thesis in the next couple of months so things are totally crazy right now. I can't even find time to vacuum anymore let alone deal with all the extra laundry and messes that go along with potty training. and 2) YUCK, have you seen the public restroom options in NYC? Ugh the idea of having a toddler who has zero germ awareness in a public restroom just grosses me out, and to be honest I'm not really that germ-a-phobic! They are just that disgusting. Thank God I have a boy and he doesn't actually have to sit most of the time! Frankly diapers are easy and familiar and I'm OK with it right now.
Well guess who has other plans?? Nope not my husband, he will follow my lead on this one! COLIN! He has taken it upon himself to completely stop peeing in his diapers, and will either go when we request it or will ask to go so he doesn't have to pee in his diaper. We only have had a wet diaper once in the past week when he was playing at Leo's house and he immediately asked me to change it. In fact, he looked at me with a panicked expression, so I asked if he had to go pee, he then got very nervous and looked around and said "I'm just going to go in my diaper and then you can change it". He has never used the bathroom at Leo's house and I'm not sure he knew what to do, the fact that there are toilets in other peoples houses may not be innate knowledge.
Funny story: This morning at 5am Colin could be heard screaming from his room "Daddy come! I have to go pee pee!" I gently nudge Sean awake and repeat Colin's request for him. He bounds out of bed (being very supportive of the little guys efforts to hold it overnight) and takes Colin to the bathroom. Now I'm thinking 'why isn't he (Sean) being very clear that Colin will be going to back to bed afterward??? ...wait he is going to do hand stamps at 5am?... MARCHING TOO??' Then it occurs to me, Sean doesn't realize what time it is and is assuming it is time to wake up. Knowing there is a clock in the living room that Sean will likely notice I figure I've got about 3 seconds before they both end up in here and I get yelled at for not telling him it was 5 am (because lets face it that was CLEARLY my responsibility (n.b. the clock is on HIS side of the bed))...3...2...1.. "Becky it is 5AM what is going on?" Meanwhile Colin is chattering away happily that he went pee pee in the potty and it was a big one with bubbles! I tell Colin he did a great job, but that the sun isn't up yet and it is still 'night-night' time. He needs to go lay down again in his crib until it is time to get up. Sean scoffs and says "there is no chance of that happening" (ye of little faith!) to which I reply "we have to try! This is not an acceptable time to wake up!" So Sean picks up Colin who immediately lays his head on Sean's shoulder clearly still very tired and they go do whatever it is they did before Sean comes back. Around 5:45 we hear another peep out of Colin, but I think it was a request for something that Sean (who was still lying awake himself having gone through the motions of getting up for the day) dealt with efficiently, and then we all slept until 8!

I should note two other things about Colin's potty behavior. 1) he is afraid to poop on the potty. Down right freaks out whenever it is suggested and if pressed to poop on the potty while pooping in his diaper he will instead hold it (for two days in a row, after which I gave up fearing a worse outcome). 2) He also is afraid of the underwear I bought him! My boy isn't a fan of change (yes mother I know he gets this from me). I think they are likely too big anyway so it doesn't matter even if he wanted to wear them. However, he did show some interest in having Mickey Mouse on some underwear having borrowed a diaper from Leo that had Mickey Mouse on it. So now I'm on a quest to find mickey mouse underwear in a teeny tiny size. (I hear Kohl's might have them but I won't have a chance to check for a few days yet). I'll keep you posted
An attempt to poop on the potty, Colin stands to pee.
The moral of the story here is Ready or not...Colin does what he wants.


AbbeM said...

I'm glad to hear that he's taken to the potty! I get what you mean about the public potties - I repeatedly have to tell Natalie not to touch anything while we're in there. With girls, the other issue is teaching them to wipe - it's very difficult to get her to do it herself! But after 6 months or so, she's finally going potty all by herself, and I'm so proud of her. So it does happen, it just takes time!

Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

5am is totally acceptable in our house----but we are the wackiest people around.....