Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

I know thanksgiving was a while ago but things are a little crazy right now in the Berry household between thesis writing and holiday prep, not to mention caring for a 2yr old.

This year was Thanksgiving with Sean's side of the Family.  This is really only the second time I've done Thanksgiving away from my parents, but I have to say I honestly feel just as much at home with the Berry Family Thanksgiving as I do at my own parents house, in fact it reminds me of going to my grandparents house for Thanksgiving when I was younger so it is very comfortable. (No mom this doesn't mean I don't miss you!) We hang out and watch the parade in out pj's while meal prep gets rolling. Potato's are pealed in front of the TV as we anticipate Santa's arrival and the official start of the Christmas season.  Colin really got into the parade on TV this year, the performances in particular. I really hope to actually take him to the parade next year, I think he would love it. Here are a few pictures of him dancing with the people on TV. He moved around so much it was hard to keep him in the frame!

I wish I had though to take a video... he was pretty cute!

A new development for Colin, he figured out where his thumbs were! Prior to Thanksgiving day if you showed and asked him to do thumbs up he always used his pointer fingers. In fact, even to sign turtle (which uses one hand as the shell covering the thumb of your other hand, other fingers closed, and then nod your thumb like a turtles head) he would use his pointer finger as if it were his thumb. 

Even he is impressed with himself!! The rambo look is thanks to Aunt Nin. She wears this in her hair when she plays soccer so of course Colin was ALL ABOUT IT! He also wears his socks 'like a soccer player' these days, pulled all the way up to his knees. This is fine since he is wearing pants, but come summer I will have to cut him off. Socks with sandals is one thing, but knee socks! No.

This year Colin was less traumatized by Chris and Oana calling to say 'Happy Thanksgiving'. For a reminder read Colin's first thanksgiving post here.

 We pulled out his santa hat when Santa made his appearance at the end of the parade. "Let the season begin..." Even though he stopped saying that about two years ago..

Another one because he is cute.

Before Colin's nap we took him out to play in the leaves for a bit. Something he old ever gets to enjoy at his grandparents houses.  Since Sean's parents house is surrounded by woods it was not hard to rake up a giant pile of leaves in about 2 minutes.
He loved it even more if he wasn't he only one in the leaves. I learned that jumping in leaves as an adult is a lot like using a slip and slide as an adult. Rather jarring and not nearly as fun as I remember. But hey, if it makes this kid crack up, rake me up another pile daddy-o.
Apparently we wore Colin out because between that, and the turkey popping an hour earlier than expected, he slept through dinner. Something Sean and I were delighted about, although I think his grandparents didn't feel the same way! We got to enjoy a hot meal with family.

Colin ate a little meal after he got up but since he isn't all that into meat, or potatoes...or anything but cranberry sauce, we let him mostly skip right to dessert.  And by dessert he ate whip cream. He was unimpressed by the pies and the ice cream was too cold.  That is my kid!
After dessert he played soccer with (Sean's) Aunt Kathy followed by baseball in the hallway where he couldn't knock anything off the walls. (Mom and Dad said no, Aunt Kathy found a work around). Everyone was impressed with his skills.

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Kristeen said...

Wait... Colin is nearly 2 and 1/2 and you're still not having hot dinners? No one told me about this when I signed up to have a kid... I thought my cold and/or reheated dinner-at-9pm nights were coming to an end! Sheesh.