Friday, December 24, 2010

We wish you a Merry Christmas.

 Keeping with the tradition I'm posting some of our holiday card out takes. This year I heard about a great park with lots of pine trees which would have been the perfect backdrop for our holiday photo. On the last nice day in November I tossed Colin in the car and off we went to find the pine trees. When I got to the park I walked around for 30 minutes and never found them. Colin was getting antcy and it was getting close to lunch time so when I saw a cute light pole I figured that was about as 'Christmas-y'  a backdrop I was going to find while I still had a happy kid so I went for it.  Sean was a little disappointed it had such a fall feel but sometimes you have to roll with it. Here are some out-takes for your enjoyment. 
Getting warmed up.

Not too sure about this hat.

Sometimes he gets giggling too hard.

The hat was clearly too big for him!

In full costume ready to go. Colin says "ho ho ho'

Notice the light pole didn't always stay in the photo!

So much for the light pole, but the expression is perfect!
And the winner is:


Nicole said...

I loved the card!

Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

super cute. the out takes are GREAT!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love them all, they are way to cute and yes you picked a gooood one but I think No. 2, 1, 3 and where is Colin in 4 are winners, yep I think they are all winners. GG

Sarah B. said...

All the pictures are great!!! Your Christmas card was awesome!!! Super cute and creative!