Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Rewind-Part 1

As is typical right now I'm a bit behind, but better late than never. Here are some of my favorite photos of our first Christmas celebration at my mom's house (including the days preceding).
Unfortunately Colin came down with croup right before we got here so none of our usual Syr friends wanted to/were able to see us. 

I introduced Colin to the joy of making sugar cookies for the first time this year. He never once made a move to eat the dough but the sprinkles were another story (he did ask first in his adorable way "Me eat this?")
 Having a good time working the dough.
 Eating the sprinkles that didn't make it on the cookies. I guess when you are two you can't make cookies without getting some flour in your hair.
An impromptu family photo. It reminds me a little bit of this one although Colin is obviously much older now.
 I have to say I have the best husband ever. I was senorita crabby pants on this particular morning, and instead of ducking for cover he rolled up his sleeves and helped me chop potatoes. He looked good doing it too!
 Colin proudly modeled his Mickey Mouse underpants for us on his first time wearing them. This also happened to be the first time he saw his cousin Lukas. They were happy to see each other as you can see.
 A more composed family photo on Christmas eve, right before heading off to church.
 The boys are in their Christmas eve jammies and almost ready for bed. Here we are reading (well listening to) a recordable story book that my parents did for them of The Night Before Christmas. Colin loves that he can be read to by Grandma and Grandpa even when they aren't around.
 Cousins loving on each other. Both boys are into the fake cheese smile now so getting a good shot of both of them can be tricky.
Colin discovered Lukas' remote control train set that went around the tree. He totally fell in love with it, especially the fact that he had control over it.

 I have to say this was not the face I expected when Colin first laid eyes on the tree with so many presents under it. He was either totally confused or totally unimpressed.
 Still not so sure about the mysterious appearance of all the gifts. I'm not sure he was too keen on the idea of a strange man coming into the house and leaving gifts behind. It was funny because if you asked Colin want he wanted for Christmas the most likely answer was 'green and red presents' without any regard for what was inside them. So when we delivered lots and lots of green and red presents I thought he would be more excited.. Maybe next year.
 In the Jones house, stockings are done first and are allowed to be gone through without the full crowd present (in other words, as kids we could go through our stockings before we got mom and dad up, I think this was just a ploy to get more sleep)
 Colin really enjoyed the stocking full of goodies. Possibly more than opening presents. Its not that he didn't like opening presents he just didn't like opening them consecutively. He enjoyed playing with each thing as he got it so it took us quite a long time to get through everything. In fact I think I opened his last four for him (I should note that Sean's mom was also with us so that contributed to the abundance of gifts.)
 Enjoying a gift from Grandma Mo.

This toy wins the prize for noisiest toy of the day. Thankfully Colin hasn't shown much interest in it since coming home because when both Lukas and Colin had them going (think jet engine noises) it was a bit much.

A nice shot of Grandpa and his boys.


Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

how did using underwear and another toilet seem to work? You stated when he went to his friend's house he seemed unsure about using a toilet in another house.

I also thought the same thing about your pic that it was similar to the one from when he was an infant before you stated that...great minds think alike (ha ha)

Glad you had a super time visiting your family.

Nicole said...

We had 2 of the Hess trucks at our Christmas eve too. They are SO loud! I love the pictures!

Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

All I heard at the lunch table at work prior to xmas was about Hess trucks...guess I will need to find out what they are in case Nolan's wants them in a few years.

Sarah B. said...

I love all the pictures! But, the impromptu family photo is my favorite!

Kristy said...

They are getting so big! Next time I hope everyone is feeling better!

Crystal said...

I love the photos - especially the "impromptu" family one. I'm so behind on reading your posts! Hope you guys had a great holiday :) xo