Thursday, January 20, 2011

Colin is 2 1/2 years old!

As I look back at previous posts I am amazed at how much 'older' Colin seems now compared to even a few months ago. His speech is better, his voice is and a little lower pitched, and he just seems so much more developed. Obviously this is supposed to happen but every once it a while it just hits you over the head. I'm so used to the way his is now that I'm shocked by how far he has come.

Sleeping: For most of this three month period naps have gone well. They started off shaky at Colin's 2 1/4 mark but after two or three weeks of missing naps he fell back into a routine. Up until this past week he has slept 3hrs consistently. We are in another patchy period right now but I'm not too worried. With the weather we just aren't as busy so he likely isn't as tired. Overnight is okay. Potty training has caused a few bumps with Colin waking up and getting used to being attended to but we've instituted a new 'rule' that if he isn't saying he has to pee, we wait 3 minutes before attending to him. That seems to have decreased his calling out to us. I haven't been feeling well so Sean was going in overnight and it seems Colin was requesting things that aren't necessary like 'turn on my music' (we only let the CD play once through these days) or 'tuck in my feet' or one of his other ritual bed time requests. We are attempting to get him out of the habit of waking up and requesting attention in the middle of the night. If he has to pee, fine we will deal with that, but most of the time lately it was something else he wanted.
He likes headbands too.

  • Bowling. I'm not sure why but this is a new obsession for Colin. He loves to play with his bowling set over and over and over. 
  • Trains. Colin got some new trains and tracks for Christmas and he has really been enjoying them. I wish we had the space to keep them up but building new designs is part of the fun I suppose.. Fun for us that is, Colin doesn't seem too interested in building the track unless there just isn't one to play with. He will try to put it together to get started but he is so desperate to put the train on it that he doesn't get very far before he wants help to make it bigger (bigger than three pieces!)
  • Football. This is a newer sport for him, but Sean has been putting football games on for a bit on Sunday and Colin is catching on quickly. He can actually throw a pretty good spiral, and will imitate the quarterback backing up a few steps, tapping the ball and then throwing. It is so funny to watch him imitate things like that.
  • School. We are in a really good place right now with school. Colin is a gem at drop off and talks about school all the time when at home. One little girl in particular seems to have captured his attention and he was very excited to tell us all about how he held her hand at school. Cute stuff.
  • Books. Colin's attention span is really growing and we are able to read longer and longer books, with more words per page. I'm very excited to be able to start reading chapter books with him but I think we are still have a way to go. This month Colin has really started to enjoy having Thomas the Tank Engine Story Collection read to him while he plays on the floor with his trains. Although to be honest he doesn't actually have the 'Thomas' trains but he doesn't seem to notice.
  • Dragons. Randomly Colin is asking about dragons a lot. I'm not sure where this new interest came from but he seems to enjoy the concept.
  • Toys that talk or move unexpectedly. If he encounters a new toy he will often ask if it makes noise before he will touch it. If he can get familiar with the pattern of motion or the sound he is fine, but if it moves unpredictably forget it. Lukas got this crazy huge moving dinosaur for Christmas and was very excited to show Colin, but we had to keep it off. That is what nightmares are made of.

    New and Notable:
    • Potty Trained. Colin is doing great with potty training. He still occasionally has accidents but they are few and far between.
    • 'Reading'. No Colin is not reading yet, but he is showing lots of signs of reading readiness. He knows probably 20 sight words, and he totally understands the concept that letters together form words and each letter has a sound is part of the word. He spends a lot of time looking at the words in books as if he wants to figure it out but it just isn't fully there yet. He will often make up words to go with the pictures, pointing to the actual words as if he is reading. If he bumps into a word he knows he gets very excited, and will often substitute a similar word in a book. For example, he knows the word 'with' but if he comes across 'word' then he will often say 'with' but look at it a little bit longer knowing it isn't quite right. He got these greatMelissa & Doug See & Spell
       puzzles from my parents and they really drove home the concept of letters making up words. He loves puzzles anyway so this was right up his alley. 
    • Vocabulary sponge: Colin loves learning new words for things and will often say "whats this called?" or "whats the name of this?" and he will even try to translate what I say to be sure he understands me. For example if I say "Colin do you want more mini wheats?" he will say "You mean, more silly guys?" (what he calls them because of the character on the box of the traditional brand. It seems "you mean?" may be his favorite phrase right now. 
    • Mind Changes. This has been his most annoying quirk to date. Although we are starting to come out of it now for months if you asked Colin a question he would say "Yes.....NO....yes....NO" until you wanted to loose your mind. I began dealing with this by counting down from 5 and forcing him to make the decision or I would make it for him. That didn't work very well and now at the first sign of flip-flopping I remove his choice and tell him I don't like when he "plays games".  This is likely confusing language since it can mean so many things but he is getting it. He will now say "is this playing games?" and then we talk about what kind of 'playing games' is OK and what kind is not OK.
    • Aggression: Colin is just now starting to show signs of anger motivated aggression. We are hoping to nip this in the bud but it is quite a shock after having such a sweet and gentle kid for so long.  
    out of focus cuteness


      Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

      so glad that school is going well and sounds like he is growing up quickly===putting words together and having a site word vocabulary. Can't wait to see him again. Brandon misses him and talks about him all the time saying "he is one of the coolest kids he has ever met."

      Kristeen said...

      Football, eh? Do you plan on teaching Colin the "Step, kick, FLING!!" method of throwing the ball? Don't forget to remind him to pray to the football gods before he punts. :)