Thursday, January 13, 2011

Potty Trained-ish

 This blog post is all about poop and pee... I've debated posting it but figure I might as well finish the story (and maybe get advice).. if you don't want to read about my kids bodily functions (and I don't blame you) come back later.

Christmas eve morning marked Colin's 2nd successful poop on the potty. His response to this was "Now I can wear Mickey Mouse underwear!!!" So despite the fact that it was Christmas eve, off we went to Kohl's to find them. I just figured we had better move on this before the novelty wore off and he went back to preferring to go in a diaper. He has worn them daily ever since (wearing diapers still at night and training pants to school) and has had less than a handful of accidents. For the most part he is doing really well but there are still some kinks that need to be ironed out but I'm figuring this is just a slow process. The most obvious problem is that he rarely cues us about pooping directly, if he uses words they can be anything from "Hi Mommy" to "change my diaper" but more often then not it is the facial expression and panic sounds that give us the heads up (he almost always raises his eyebrows) and if you ask him if he has to poop he will say "No not yet" but more than likely he has already started by that point. Depending on how tuned in we are depends on how much gets started before we get him on the potty but for the most part it isn't much. I'm not calling those accidents (most of the time they don't require new underwear) but rather I think it is just part of how he is learning to control it. In fact he does the same thing when he pee's. He can hold it for pretty impressive lengths of time between going pee, so often I will make him go before he actually asks to go. When he does tell me he has to go he generally goes just a little bit in his pants either before we make it or before he told me. I'm guessing it is part of his determination that he has to go, he lets some out and then stops it.  The wet spot is usually smaller than a nickel and I don't change him in the faint hope that the slight discomfort will teach him not to do that.

Has anyone else experienced this before? I haven't had the time to do my usual research before starting something like this so I am totally in the dark about how the process is supposed to work. In fact I already did it 'wrong' by telling Colin he was naughty when he pooped in his pants (only happened once thankfully), which you apparently aren't supposed to do.

He has done remarkably well with this transition so far, even at school he rarely has an accident, although he has yet to do any pooping at school so that will be a real test.Overnight he has been a little damp on 2 occasions, I figure I will wait for underwear overnight when he is out of the crib...which is the next big thing we have to tackle but so far he isn't showing any signs of being ready for that. In fact, the other day he asked if he could climb out of the crib after his nap and I said I didn't think he could but I figured since I was sitting right there I would see what he could do so I didn't stop him. He put one leg up and then put it back down and said "No I might fall and myself". So he apparently has a healthy fear of climbing out. He actually has rolled off the couch a few times recently while watching TV so I'm going to stick with not ready for the toddler bed yet.


AbbeM said...

It's not easy to figure out! Every kid is different, so one person's advice may not work for you. Pooping in the potty definitely took longer for Natalie than peeing. She would repeatedly say "i need to go poops" and we'd check, and she'd already gone (this was in a diaper or pull up). I would just tell her "ok, but next time tell us *before* you have to go". We did that over and over, and after about a month I'd say she got it. She's been in underwear full time (during the day) for at least 3 months now, and we haven't had a poop accident that whole time. She has had a couple of pee accidents, but that is the exception, and only because she forgets sometimes. We still need pull ups at night, and the dr said that might happen until she's close to 4 - they just can't control it that long while asleep. However, she's dry every day now after her nap, so she can hold it for 2 hours asleep! It just takes time, and reinforcement, but you get there.

Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

sounds like he has made big strides in a short time.

can you do a toddler bed with sides on it??