Thursday, January 27, 2011

Timeline for Baby Bee

Nov 13 2010- LMP (Last menstrual period) arrives a week earlier than expected. Exasperated by cycle wackiness I decide to begin tracking my basal temperature to determine if I'm ovulating.
Nov 24 2010- Ovulation occurred as indicated by a temperature rise the following morning. Turns out this is cycle day 12 which puts my highest days of fertility from cycle day 9 to day 13, which is a bit earlier than a 'standard' prediction would indicate.
Dec 2/3 2010- Experience some significant shortness of breath and light headedness (apparently not a word) mention it to Erin (since I was at her house) who wonders aloud if it is a sign of pregnancy.
Dec 5 2010- Another temperature rise, followed by higher temps on the next 3 of 4 days...this is a pretty good indicator of pregnancy.
Dec 8 2010- As Sean is putting Colin to bed I take a pregnancy test. It is positive. Share the news with Sean and my sister.
Dec 20 2010-Go to OB's office for blood test.
Dec 21 2010- Blood test confirms pregnancy.
Dec 24 2010- My father point blank asks what our plans are for a second child and I just say we are working on it.
Dec 25 2010- (6 weeks pregnant) Share the news with my family and Sean's mother after all the gifts are opened. Colin wore a t-shirt under his pj's that said "I have a Christmas surprise" on the front and "I'm going to be a big brother on the back" Sean texts a picture of Colin's back to his family and the rest of our immediate family is let in on our secret. I have to say my Grandmother's reaction was the funniest, I'm not sure I've ever heard her squeal so much, I wish I could have seen it.

The Shirt

The reaction

I think everyone was excited don't you?
Dec 27 2010-Noticing a serious decline in energy and appetite.

Dec 29-Jan 13 2011- Experience constant nausea and extreme fatigue that makes it difficult to simply care for Colin, I'm sleeping between 15 and 19 hrs a day and rarely eating more than ~500 calories a day. Completely amazed by how different I feel from the first pregnancy.
Jan 13-Jan 24-Nausea lifts but vomiting remains, still extremely fatigued but starting to eat better.
Jan 26th- First appointment with doctor, confirm baby is healthy. Share our news with the internet.


Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

love the reactions captured on camera. Do you chart your basal temperature as a means to know your fertility regularly? Perhaps a personal question so don't feel obligated to answer.

Julie said...

great pics! did you make that t-shirt? how long did it take for everyone to notice?

i would be a little nervous if i were you. judging by your parents' reactions it looks as if they are planning on kidnapping your children. :)

Kristeen said...

Love the reactions, what a cute way to tell everyone! (Actually sort of jealous that you thought of it and I didn't) :)

Good luck with the next 7-8 mos!!

Kristy said...

I love how I am the highest...oopsie.

Becky said...

Elaine- no I don't. This was the first time.
Julie- no I didn't, They have a million variations on that theme.
Kristeen-Not really my original idea, I've seen big brother shirts all over the place and did and internet search for one. has a million.
Kristy- I assume you are referring to the weight pool. I hope you lose, no offense.

Erin said...

You little stinker, I remember saying something to you about that with your light headedness. Perhaps I am indeed psychic. :)

Erin said...

Although I think that I actually used the classy expression "knocked up" when I asked you ...

Daisy and Ryan said...

We did some similar things when we were pregnant w/ Aiden - works out nicely when it's at Christmastime. ;) We had the "big brother" shirt for Camden, and it was an easy way to announce at some very large family gatherings - got the word out quickly and was so much fun. The grandparents all got gifts that announced it, which also made it easy for us to decide who we told first...happened based on where we were and when at Christmas, so there were no hard feelings about who found out first. ;) I'm not sure how we'll do it next time (b/c we're not waiting that long!), but announcing at Christmas is so much fun!

I do hope the yucky stuff you're dealing with goes away soon!

Anonymous said...

Becky! Congrats! I am so very excited for you that you have number two on the way. Any feelings about gender?? I too like the T-shirt idea (original or not, it's really cool) and the reaction pictures are one in a million. I'll bet there are so many people that wish they could go back and capture that moment. I'm one of them! Best of luck to you and I'll be following along like I did last time. LOVE reading your blog!