Sunday, February 27, 2011

Adventure day.

I purchased some playground passes for an indoor play space back in October. I underestimated how busy we would be with Colin in school so we didn't use any of them in the fall, and then I got pregnant and even the idea of trekking into Manhattan with Colin made me sleepy. So we just got to use the first one on Friday. Unfortunately the fine print was unclear and I am not allowed to bring other little friends along so now we have to figure out how to use four more passes in the next 7 weeks. I originally planned on going on Monday but it snowed so I canceled and rescheduled for Friday. Friday comes and when I saw the torrential down pours out my window I knew we couldn't take the subway, but I didn't want to cancel again.  So I decided to brave the wild world that is driving into downtown Manhattan and off we went. It took us a lot longer to get there than I had expected (the GPS predicted 20 mins, I figured at least 45... it took 90), so we didn't arrive until 11:30. I was not expecting to find that all the street parking in that area is reserved only for commercial vehicles so I had to park in a lot ($26!! for an hour and half!!) needless to say I was pretty annoyed by the time we actually arrived.  Colin was a great sport in the car but was super clingy at the playground. He warmed up a bit when we found the "basketball hoop" but still kept pretty close to me. He started resting his head on my legs after an hour or so (of just playing with the basketball hoop mind you, the room was full of fun things but this was all he was interested in) and I figured it was time to head out, it was nearly 1 and he hadn't had lunch yet so I was pushing it big time as it was.  He makes it home awake having eaten a few crackers but not his sandwich, and the entire ride home he is saying "Mommy I'm really tired". I get him on the potty and in the crib quickly and he passes out. I didn't notice it at the time but he drank the entire contents of a full sippy cup on the way home. An hour later he is crying hysterically and I go in to figure out why and he isn't stopping when I talk to him and try to tell him it is still nap time. Finally I notice that he is SOAKING wet (literally I think I could have rung out his jeans there was so much urine, front and back soaked all the way to the ankles) and I pull him from the crib and change his clothes but he is so upset I don't want to try to change his sheets to get him back in the crib so I just pick him up and lay down with him on my bed. Within seconds he is back asleep, but he only stays that way for about 40 mins. I figure the nap is lost and move on with our day.. I swear he must have said "Mommy I'm really tired" about 20 more times. I kept asking him if he wanted to lay down but he didn't.. To wrap up a long story quickly Sean notices that he is warm at bath time and we take his temp...yep 100.9! Well sheesh the poor kid is sending me signals all day that he isn't feeling 100% and I'm not picking up on it. He was overly clingy, not interested in playing, not eating much at all, drinking a lot of water, sleeping so solidly he wet the bed... someone nominate me for parent of the year award! I am sure he wasn't feverish at nap time because he was laying on me and his fevers are pretty unmistakable, even just a mild 99.5 and he is hotter to the touch.

Anyway, not the best adventure we have had but here are a couple pictures I took.

Just taking it all in..

Hindsight is 20-20! It's obvious from his face he isn't feeling well.

Running up and down a ramp for about 10 seconds before returning the the basketball hoop.

He dribbles before he shoots.

Slam dunk!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

14 Week Baby bump

Here are the picture(s) you are waiting for. Once again, still smaller this time around than I was last time (and can I say how crazy young I looked last time? Is it just me or what? Maybe it is the slightly surprised expression...) I am now wearing my up a size pants, but don't need the maternity wear pants yet..(although I did pull them out in a laundry pinch and have now re-washed all the maternity clothes so I'm ready when I do need them). I think I'm probably up about 3 or 4 lbs from pre-preg right now but I'll have an official number after my rescheduled after an emergency (the drs not mine) doctors appointment next week.  Big news this week? Colin and I took a nasty spill on Tuesday morning on the ice in front of Leo and Dawn's building. I saw what looked like a puddle and didn't even consider it until my feet were no longer under me. Thankfully I was not holding Colin (which is very typical these days as it makes the sciatica worse if I carry him), but I'm pretty sure he only fell because I pulled him down since I was holding his hand. I landed on my elbow and hip, Colin landed on his face...when does the instinct to protect the face kick in, not a scratch on his hands at all?!?  I called the dr and they said as long as I didn't have any cramping or bleeding not to worry, 14 weeks is a good time during pregnancy to fall since baby is so well protected. 
That aside I am feeling much much better this week. I've been working a lot toward getting my thesis written and am feeling much more energetic than I was last week. I think I've kicked the cold and the pregnancy 'comma' that is the first trimester has lifted.

Anyway, here are the photos.

Someone else wanted in on the fun too. And yes is is wearing his hair in a pony tail of sorts on the top of his head. He likes it like that and when he finds a hair thing will ask me to do it. Would I encourage him to walk around outside the house like that..probably not but if he is happy I'm happy. (If you look closely you can see the scratches on the left side of his mouth/cheek from the crash)

Colin then wanted to play photographer so we have some other fun shots from the evening.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cute things Colin says

I have to get the 14-week pregnancy picture taken but Sean was away all weekend so we haven't done it yet. Hopefully I'll get to it tonight. Until then I wanted to give some blog 'time' to my first born too.

Lately the cutest things have been coming out of Colin's mouth. I'm not sure exactly where all these phases are coming from but it is so funny to hear him say unexpected things. He also randomly will start speaking gibberish which I think is because when other kids talk at school he doesn't understand them and thinks they are just saying weird syllables so he repeats them. Here is just a sample of the cute things Colin has been saying.

"We have to catch them up"
         he means we have to catch up to them but I hate to correct him because it is so cute)

"May I have that please?"
         I'm guessing they must we working on manners at school, because while I've made some a attempts at polite language this is above and beyond what I would expect at this age.

"That would be a great idea!"
         He says this for situations when I have an idea and for when he is trying to 'sell' me on his own idea. It's adorable.

"I would love to!"
         I think this one comes from "Handy Manny" Colin's current television obsession.

"My belly is getting bigger and bigger too!"
        We introduced the idea of the pregnancy simply in terms of the fact that "mommy's belly is going to get bigger and bigger" and of course he wants in on that action.  We are just starting to get around to the idea that there is a baby in there...but it isn't something we are spending much time on. Mostly we only discuss it when he gets too rough with me and we have to remind him why it is important to be gentle. He has seen the sonogram images but it is a lot to grasp at this stage of the game.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Baby Bee -12 Weeks

Sean and I got to check in with Baby Bee again this week for the neural tube/downs syndrome scan. I don't have the results for those tests yet but I'm not worried. Both Sean and my mother (who was here visiting/helping me survive) instantly said how much this baby looks like Colin... I am slightly less sentimental and figure it has more to do with the fact that all fetus' look the same than a family resemblance..feel free to call me a humbug. We did hear the heartbeat again which was a very fast 160 bps. I think this is faster than Colin's was, although I didn't write it down so I could be making that up. For some reason I feel like Colin's heart rate was closer to 140 but that could be a measurement from later in the pregnancy.
People are asking if I have any feelings about the sex of this baby. From the get go Sean and I have both said it is a girl. We both acknowledge that a boy would be a lot easier since 1) we have absolutely everything we need for a boy, particularly since their birthdays will be so close (July and August) that the seasons will match up completely and 2) we are both terrified of parenting a girl during her teenage years. I think raising an emotionally healthy daughter in this society is a much bigger challenge than raising and emotionally healthy son. Therefore it has been noted that our initial hunch that this baby is a girl could be in someway an attempt to prepare ourselves mentally for a girl.  I'm not sure I believe that that is the case but it is a possibility I can't ignore. I had a strong feeling that Colin was a boy, and I have a strong feeling that this child is a girl.I will admit that I faltered a little when I saw the ultrasound and instantly thought 'boy' but at this point I'm writing that off as a old connection to Colin's ultrasound images. I could be wrong, but a boy will surprise me, a girl will not. That said, we don't find out for sure for a while so there is plenty of time to speculate. Regardless of the sex, this baby will use the same bedding Colin did and will share a room with Colin (that is blueish gray) for as long as we live in this apartment. The only difference is we will have to buy a lot more clothes for a little girl.

The next question people ask is have we picked out a name. Sean doesn't even want to have this discussion until we find out the sex so no we haven't.  Once again I won't make any final name decisions until  baby bee is born, but I'll be happy to share my favorites as the come and go throughout the pregnancy. Right now my favorite boy names are: Seth, and Aaron but Sean has previously said no to both of those. For a girl I like Tess and Meg (possibly as diminutives for Theresa and Margaret respectively but they could stand on their own too). Sean and I haven't discussed girl names as much so I'm not really sure what he is thinking. I know he prefers traditionally Irish names, where as I feel like the whole 'Irish heritage' thing has been done ad nauseum by anyone who is remotely, or has ever wanted to be, Irish.  (I should say that Sean does have a more significant claim to Irish heritage than most but still...)

(The origin of Colin differs depending on where you look, some sources say Gaelic/Irish some say English and some say it is a short for of Nicolas which is Greek, therefore it was a good sell for both of us because Sean likes to think of it as Irish and I like to say it is English)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

12 Week Baby Bump

I'm being punished! Presumably for complaining about my first pregnancy. These last 6 weeks or so have been pretty miserable for me health wise. Nothing like the first pregnancy and with no sign of improvement yet. Right now I have a nasty cold that Colin brought home from preschool.  The combination of  a bad cold +1st trimester is a really really bad one. Let me see if I can illustrate (keep in mind I can't take anything by Tylenol for my symptoms).. I'm absolutely exhausted because I'm pregnant, however because I'm sick I can't breathe well, particularly while reclined, therefore I don't sleep well, which means I'm even more exhausted than I should be. Oh and the crown jewel, the cold is not only in my head but also in my chest, which makes me cough, sometimes really hard and for an extended period of time. This much coughing leads to gagging, and gagging leads to vomiting. FUN RIGHT?  So not only am I vomiting because I'm pregnant but I get to vomit twice as much thanks to this cold.
I really hope this phase ends soon. For fun I'm re-posting the 12-week photo from P1 for a side-by-side. I did not wear the same shirt on purpose it just worked out that way (Sean pointed it out right away when he took the photo I told him he was wrong oops!). Looking at the other clothes I was wearing in some photos I will not make the attempt to wear the same shirt every time.. for 1) why was I wearing short sleeves in January?? and 2) I don't have all those shirts anymore. However if I think of it and the shirt is around I'll try to match them up. We have had to switch walls for the backdrop because there is now more furniture along the wall I originally stood in front of. They are the same color but lit very differently so it might look a little different. I knew before seeing these photos next to each other that I am not as big as I was the first time around yet. I had to go up a size in jeans at 10 weeks during P1, I have only a few pairs of pants (that I didn't own the first time and that actually fit me they way pants are supposed to) that are getting uncomfortable now at 12 weeks but most of the pants I owned back then I have no problem fitting into, and I have yet to break out the 'up a size' stash.