Tuesday, February 8, 2011

12 Week Baby Bump

I'm being punished! Presumably for complaining about my first pregnancy. These last 6 weeks or so have been pretty miserable for me health wise. Nothing like the first pregnancy and with no sign of improvement yet. Right now I have a nasty cold that Colin brought home from preschool.  The combination of  a bad cold +1st trimester is a really really bad one. Let me see if I can illustrate (keep in mind I can't take anything by Tylenol for my symptoms).. I'm absolutely exhausted because I'm pregnant, however because I'm sick I can't breathe well, particularly while reclined, therefore I don't sleep well, which means I'm even more exhausted than I should be. Oh and the crown jewel, the cold is not only in my head but also in my chest, which makes me cough, sometimes really hard and for an extended period of time. This much coughing leads to gagging, and gagging leads to vomiting. FUN RIGHT?  So not only am I vomiting because I'm pregnant but I get to vomit twice as much thanks to this cold.
I really hope this phase ends soon. For fun I'm re-posting the 12-week photo from P1 for a side-by-side. I did not wear the same shirt on purpose it just worked out that way (Sean pointed it out right away when he took the photo I told him he was wrong oops!). Looking at the other clothes I was wearing in some photos I will not make the attempt to wear the same shirt every time.. for 1) why was I wearing short sleeves in January?? and 2) I don't have all those shirts anymore. However if I think of it and the shirt is around I'll try to match them up. We have had to switch walls for the backdrop because there is now more furniture along the wall I originally stood in front of. They are the same color but lit very differently so it might look a little different. I knew before seeing these photos next to each other that I am not as big as I was the first time around yet. I had to go up a size in jeans at 10 weeks during P1, I have only a few pairs of pants (that I didn't own the first time and that actually fit me they way pants are supposed to) that are getting uncomfortable now at 12 weeks but most of the pants I owned back then I have no problem fitting into, and I have yet to break out the 'up a size' stash.



Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

sorry to hear you are still not feeling well and now have a cold on top of everything else. Feel better soon.

Daisy and Ryan said...

So sorry you've been so sick! :( No fun.

I'm surprised you're not bigger with the second one. I popped way out there w/ Aiden and showed a lot earlier, even though I was also much sicker.

Kristeen said...

You were wearing a short sleeved shirt in January because your house is the hottest place on earth. I start to sweat a little just thinking about it :)

I hope you've started feeling better, I can't imagine being that sick and still caring for Colin.