Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Baby Bee -12 Weeks

Sean and I got to check in with Baby Bee again this week for the neural tube/downs syndrome scan. I don't have the results for those tests yet but I'm not worried. Both Sean and my mother (who was here visiting/helping me survive) instantly said how much this baby looks like Colin... I am slightly less sentimental and figure it has more to do with the fact that all fetus' look the same than a family resemblance..feel free to call me a humbug. We did hear the heartbeat again which was a very fast 160 bps. I think this is faster than Colin's was, although I didn't write it down so I could be making that up. For some reason I feel like Colin's heart rate was closer to 140 but that could be a measurement from later in the pregnancy.
People are asking if I have any feelings about the sex of this baby. From the get go Sean and I have both said it is a girl. We both acknowledge that a boy would be a lot easier since 1) we have absolutely everything we need for a boy, particularly since their birthdays will be so close (July and August) that the seasons will match up completely and 2) we are both terrified of parenting a girl during her teenage years. I think raising an emotionally healthy daughter in this society is a much bigger challenge than raising and emotionally healthy son. Therefore it has been noted that our initial hunch that this baby is a girl could be in someway an attempt to prepare ourselves mentally for a girl.  I'm not sure I believe that that is the case but it is a possibility I can't ignore. I had a strong feeling that Colin was a boy, and I have a strong feeling that this child is a girl.I will admit that I faltered a little when I saw the ultrasound and instantly thought 'boy' but at this point I'm writing that off as a old connection to Colin's ultrasound images. I could be wrong, but a boy will surprise me, a girl will not. That said, we don't find out for sure for a while so there is plenty of time to speculate. Regardless of the sex, this baby will use the same bedding Colin did and will share a room with Colin (that is blueish gray) for as long as we live in this apartment. The only difference is we will have to buy a lot more clothes for a little girl.

The next question people ask is have we picked out a name. Sean doesn't even want to have this discussion until we find out the sex so no we haven't.  Once again I won't make any final name decisions until  baby bee is born, but I'll be happy to share my favorites as the come and go throughout the pregnancy. Right now my favorite boy names are: Seth, and Aaron but Sean has previously said no to both of those. For a girl I like Tess and Meg (possibly as diminutives for Theresa and Margaret respectively but they could stand on their own too). Sean and I haven't discussed girl names as much so I'm not really sure what he is thinking. I know he prefers traditionally Irish names, where as I feel like the whole 'Irish heritage' thing has been done ad nauseum by anyone who is remotely, or has ever wanted to be, Irish.  (I should say that Sean does have a more significant claim to Irish heritage than most but still...)

(The origin of Colin differs depending on where you look, some sources say Gaelic/Irish some say English and some say it is a short for of Nicolas which is Greek, therefore it was a good sell for both of us because Sean likes to think of it as Irish and I like to say it is English)


Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

So glad your mom was able to come and stay to help out.

I have started thinking of boys names (I am not pregnant) because it took us so long to come up with Nolan's name that I feel I can't start too early.

Can't wait to hear more details.

Erin said...

I thought "boy" when I saw the sonogram.

Daisy and Ryan said...

Ryan and I both just KNEW Aiden was a girl before we went for that ultrasound... Obviously our gut feelings were way off! Haha! Not that we wanted him to be a girl, but we both really just felt he was (until we knew he wasn't, of course). I would love to have a girl b/c of the thought of having a close relationship to an older daughter (like my mom and I are now), but I'm also scared of the teenage years w/ a daughter (like my mom and I were when I was a teen...scary!). And the clothes... I've said many times God knew we couldn't afford a girl this last time. Haha!

Can't wait to find out what you all ARE going to have. ;)

And yeah, we've already talked names a bit. Partly b/c the girl name I had picked out for Aiden and kept in case we had a girl later on...we've had a couple friends use it and have noticed it's becoming more popular. We made the mistake of assuming Aiden's name wasn't popular (obviously we did not check any charts, etc!) simply because we didn't know anyone our age, etc w/ the name - until we had settled on the name and then realized it was TOO popular. :( We won't be making that mistake again! Nothing in the top 100... Ha!

Kristeen said...

I like Aaron a lot. Brian's cousin's name is Aaron and I like HIM a lot, so I give that one a go.

Also, Margaret is one of my favorite names, but considering Maggie's place in our past, it's been vetoed many times over, so I will allow that one too :)

Sean said...

I think that you're silly! I spend half of my time telling people "no, Colin isn't Irish, it's actually an English name".

And for the record - when you say traditionally Irish we're not talking "Maureen" or even "Siobhan", we're talking Aonghus and Aoife (pronounced EE-fa), Baine (pronounced BAWN-yeh) and Bairrfhionn (pronounced Berrin).

Julie said...
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Julie said...

try not to worry too much about the teenage years..they are a long ways away. that's how i see it anyway. denial. big time.

in the meantime, if you have a girl, you can dress her up in cute little dresses, peacoats, headbands, and mary janes! you can have tea parties, play with dolls, and gingerly skip around the apartment. doesn't that sound pleasant?

Julie said...

so, i though of a plan b for you. if i have a boy (which i am afraid of)and you have a girl, we can make an even trade. does that make you feel better?