Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cute things Colin says

I have to get the 14-week pregnancy picture taken but Sean was away all weekend so we haven't done it yet. Hopefully I'll get to it tonight. Until then I wanted to give some blog 'time' to my first born too.

Lately the cutest things have been coming out of Colin's mouth. I'm not sure exactly where all these phases are coming from but it is so funny to hear him say unexpected things. He also randomly will start speaking gibberish which I think is because when other kids talk at school he doesn't understand them and thinks they are just saying weird syllables so he repeats them. Here is just a sample of the cute things Colin has been saying.

"We have to catch them up"
         he means we have to catch up to them but I hate to correct him because it is so cute)

"May I have that please?"
         I'm guessing they must we working on manners at school, because while I've made some a attempts at polite language this is above and beyond what I would expect at this age.

"That would be a great idea!"
         He says this for situations when I have an idea and for when he is trying to 'sell' me on his own idea. It's adorable.

"I would love to!"
         I think this one comes from "Handy Manny" Colin's current television obsession.

"My belly is getting bigger and bigger too!"
        We introduced the idea of the pregnancy simply in terms of the fact that "mommy's belly is going to get bigger and bigger" and of course he wants in on that action.  We are just starting to get around to the idea that there is a baby in there...but it isn't something we are spending much time on. Mostly we only discuss it when he gets too rough with me and we have to remind him why it is important to be gentle. He has seen the sonogram images but it is a lot to grasp at this stage of the game.


Kristeen said...

I love Handy Manny!! We've been watching it non-stop because TV seems to be the only thing to soothe a sick little Carter. I find it to be the most tolerable of the kids' shows at this point.

Daisy and Ryan said...

I love the manners! For a while now, Aiden has been asking for things by saying "Please may I have [such and such], please?" I love the double please. ;) We started working on this with him back in the early fall - they catch on to things so quickly!

Isn't it amazing when you stop to notice how they are speaking at this age just compared to a few months ago? Aiden's speaking in much longer sentences now. The other day he explained that he couldn't have something and then added "because" and explained in great detail why he couldn't have it. It blows me away sometimes! Where are the babies?? They're suddenly so much older!

Julie said...

awe! he is such a little cutie. annabelle tries to sell me on her ideas too by "planting the seed" and then saying "okay" immediatley after.

for example she will say, "color? okay, color!" like i agreed to it. these kids are just too much sometimes!

Kristy said...

Lukas still thinks the word is "I forgot" instead of just plain "forgot." So he still says things like "Mommy, you I forgot to put my hat on." It kills me.

He also will say "I love you too Mommy." Even if I haven't said "I love you" to him first. Too cute.