Tuesday, March 1, 2011

15 Week Check Up for Baby Bee

Nothing too exciting to say about the doctors visit. Everything looks good, baby's heartbeat was 146. All my blood tests came back normal, and they took more blood for the second part of the neural tube screening.  The official weight gain is now at 3 lbs (which means I gained 5 in between visits) and the doctor was very pleased with this. We both agreed that it doesn't look like I'll hit 60lbs of weight gain this time. Although I should probably hold out judgment on this until I start retaining water. Looking back through old posts water retention seemed to start around 23/24 weeks so I have some time yet. At 13 weeks in P1 I was up 8 lbs and by 17 weeks I was up 20 (and yes I do have a spread sheet with this information in it), so I may have a big jump coming. Although I'm guessing the cruise we went on when I was 14 weeks attributed to that jump.

My next appointment is in 5 weeks.


Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

I am not on twitter to respond to your message but I do not like that they change the strawberry shake during holidays. At our local McDonalds, the strawberry shake gets dropped and the holiday shake takes its place. I only like strawberry. I only know because it was 60 a few weeks ago so I wanted one (which I get 1-2 shakes a year) and grrrrr....no strawberry because they still have eggnog.

Glad you are starting to gain weight and the visit went well.

Julie said...

do you think as much about baby bee as you did with colin? or do you think you are more distracted with watching a toddler and working on your thesis?

i felt like my P1 dragged out for so long because i was obsessively thinking about the baby's devolpment and reading books about daily milestones.

it will be nice for P2 if i just don't think about it and then one day, "pop" out comes the baby!

Becky said...

I am so much less preoccupied with this pregnancy that I sometimes forget that I'm pregnant. I don't think ten minutes went by in during P1 when I didn't think about the baby, now I can go 8 hrs without thinking about it. I had also probably logged over 1000hrs or research at this stage. Now I need fewer things and I know what I'm looking for so I spend less time worrying about those decisions. We also haven't spent much time at all discussing names...I guess we realize that we have lots of time for that yet.
My school work has me way more occupied this time too. I'm mentally stretched a little thin right now.

Erin said...

I was wondering that too, Julie, but I assumed that she was probably much more distracted this time around and not thinking about it as much.

I am going to do some baking and send you treats, Becky -- I need to make sure you gain at least 48 pounds so I can win the baby weight pool!

Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

Erin---you are too funny!!!!