Tuesday, March 8, 2011

16 Week Baby Bump

Has it been two weeks already? Seriously these posts seemed a lot further apart during P1, now I feel like I'm putting up a new one every other day. As of Sunday, I put away the last of my non maternity pants. Turns out I don't really have that many pairs of non-working maternity pants, between my own and the clothes I've acquired from others 90% of my maternity pants are dress pants. Looks like I need to make a trip to the store, I'm not going to be able to survive this pregnancy on only one good pair of jeans. Funny how one pair of jeans would last so much longer between washes when I didn't have a toddler.  This picture I feel like is the first time I feel like I have some proof that I'm carrying this pregnancy higher than I carried the last one. I have much less of a belly but it seems like the weight is more centered up on my belly button this time.

In other BIG NEWS! We found out this morning that we were correct all along. This baby is for sure a girl! This time around the doctor has me scheduled for two anatomy scans one this week and one around 20 weeks (nothing personal just the new standard of care in my practice). There was a possibility of finding out the gender today but I knew it wasn't 100% so I didn't mention it to anyone so we wouldn't get peoples hopes up only to have to wait another 4 weeks.  I have images from the ultrasound to post but I don't have time to scan them in right now. We had a student doing the ultrasound first and she wasn't saying anything about gender but Sean and I got a good look and I elbowed him to ask if he was seeing what I was seeing and he was.  The actual ultrasound tech came later and confirmed what we had seen. No doubt about it, this one is a little girl. Sean and I have been referring to her as a she for quite sometime so now I feel like I can stop trying to catch myself in public. Another time I'll share all the reasons that made me think we were having a girl, they are numerous (and yes one was that I was carrying the weight much differently).   Here are the pics:



Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! I'm the first to say CONGRATS on having a little girl. I'm so happy for you Becky. Are you going to share your girl name ideas? Or do you already have the name picked out and are going to share that with us??

Becky said...

No names really to share yet. We haven't discussed it much. I like Tessa, Sean likes Aoife (pronounced ee-fa apparently) So far we don't have any names that "we" like. I'll play it the same way I did with Colin. I will discuss our ideas but the final decisions won't be made until we look at her.

Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

YEAH----maybe you will start the trend of girls since almost everyone (except Julie) has boys. We need some strong women in this world!!! (to be noted, I would have said YEAH to a boy as well).

Colin got his wish!!!

Julie said...

girls rule! i am so happy for you guys.

you are good at interpreting sonograms because i had NO idea what sex annabelle was even when the technician froze the frame. i just knew i didn't see a penis. i cannot believe that you found out this early!

AbbeM said...

Congratulations Becky & Sean! Little girls are the best. You'll love it! So happy for you guys.

Kristy said...

I think you should name her Beezus Kristina. :) So excited to go PINK CRAZY!!!!


Erin said...

Wait, I thought it would be Siobahn?? Or not? :)

I agree, Kristy, let's purchase lots of pink stuff -- including PINK for Becky to wear. That will be fun.

Nicole said...

Congrats! You really are carrying differently!