Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Baby Bee is a Baby Girl!

As I said in the last post, during this pregnancy I am scheduled for a 16 week anatomy scan and another one around 20 weeks. Since I wasn't 100% sure we would be able to tell our little ones sex at this stage I didn't mention it. Here are some of the images they gave us after the scan.  Unlike Colin's anatomy scan we got the more typical profile shots. I'm pretty sure you can tell that her head is on the left and her belly on the right. That is her little hand above her chest.

This is basically the same image but here her hand is above her forehead and her elbows is above her chest. You can also see that her mouth is open a bit. 

Here is the telling image! This is a little harder to tell but there is a helpful arrow pointing to the 'hamburger' that they say to look for when looking for a girl. It isn't simply the absence of a penis you are looking for but the presence of those three little lines.

If you would like to contrast this with what Colin's ultrasound looked like I've included it here.

We learned that she weighs about 7 ounces right now and according to most of her measurements she is measuring about a week ahead of schedule! I was thinking since I was smaller this time that I might be blessed with a smaller baby to push out...doesn't look that way at the moment!


Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

great pics---glad she was cooperative to let you know her gender. A lot of my friends told me they knew I was having a boy from my ultrasounds although I still don't see it (but gladly since I want the next one to be a surprise too).

JJ said...

I agree "are" carrying totally different this time. 1- you are higher than last time and 2- no junk in the trunk! lol :)

Erin said...

Yeah for a girl! I'm excited for you guys!

Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

to JJ----if junk in the trunk means you are having a boy----then perhaps I have been carrying octuplets for 15 years????

It is great that you are so in tune with your body. I never knew if I was carrying high or low but perhaps with my next I will notice similarities/differences.

Crystal said...

Yay for a girl! Thanks so much for sharing. :)