Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My baby is saying goodbye to his babyhood.

I originally titled this post "Bye bye baby" but realized it might give people a minor heart attack considering I also have a 'baby' in utero. You're welcome (mom).

This past weekend marked two big milestones in Colin's life
  1. We (and by we I mean Sean and Colin) converted Colin's crib into a toddler bed.
  2. We (and by we I mean Sean) turned Colin's car seat around. 
The first was milestone was moved up from our original timeline because I have started having trouble getting Colin out of the crib in the morning. It isn't the pregnancy directly that is the problem but the sciatica which is at its worst when I walk around between the hours of 9pm and 9am, particularly if I try to pick up or carry anything over 20lbs (aka Colin). So I have been having Colin climb out of the crib with my assistance when Sean isn't home to life him out. We have been talking about this move with Colin for a while, and at first he seemed a little nervous about the change, but the more we discussed it the more he came to view it with excitement. Add in the idea that Colin would be able to help dismantle the crib with his own tools and he was ready to go! Here are some pictures of the event, (Thank you to my wonderful husband for realizing that this was something I would want documented in photos, since I wasn't home when it happened)
One last nap in the crib

Bye bye crib!

Time to deconstruct this puppy!
Colin figures out the allen key and tosses the plastic tools aside.
A quick check with the instructions. (Some things are worth saving for three years)

Look what I can do now!!
Brave Mama, sneaks in for a picture of Colin's first night in his new bed. I should note this is EXACTLY how Sean sleeps half the year, or how he would prefer to sleep if I didn't insist he limit his angle to only half the bed. The other half of the year he sleeps on his back with a pillow balanced on the bridge of his nose covering his eyes. Apparently in the summer it is too hot to sleep on ones stomach.

After two nights and one nap in the new bed Colin has adjusted well. Certainly not nervous, but possibly a little disoriented a few times the first night. He slept horribly waking up at least 6 times but was never hard to calm down. The few times I went in he asked me to tuck in his feet. Sean found him wandering aimlessly around the room a few times, not quite awake and unsure of what to do with his new found freedom. We were very stern in telling him that he had to stay in bed until someone came to get him but he has completely disregarded this warning. We still have the baby gate on the door to his room and we are making a point to actually close it at night so he can't get out and wander around the apartment while we are sleeping. After he woke up from his nap he came to the gate and started calling for me, but he didn't seem to get out and play in the room while he was supposed to be sleeping. The second night was much better than the first only waking once to use the potty. All in all we are pleased with the move.

Is it me or does he look huge in this picture?
According to a rough estimation Colin is about 33lbs and therefore we thought that it was time to turn his car seat around which maxes out at 35lbs rear facing.  Since the typical child turns around at 1yr and 20 lbs we have been greeted with many confused looks as to why we would keep him rear facing so long. I'm not sure I ever discussed it on the blog but the long and short of it is it is safer. I believe the current American guidelines need to be revised. Erin blogged about it quite some time ago, and when I first read it I thought it was just tiny kids who would need the extra time rear facing. Then I actually looked into it and read a story and watched video of an 18 month old who weighed 28lbs and was internally decapitated in a car accident (his spinal chord was severed by the force of his head moving forward while his shoulders remained restrained in the straps of his car seat). This is a horrible injury (that can lead to permanent paralysis) that is very easily prevented by not turning the car seat around until the child is heavier. Frankly, I've quite enjoyed having Colin rear-facing for 2 and a half years and I am a little sad to have him be able to see me now. 1) I can no longer sneak junk food on long car trips (or short car trips!) 2) He likely won't sleep as well since he will be more involved and 3) I don't really need the distraction of being able to see him clearly. I think we will likely end up putting him behind the driver when the baby is born but I failed to mention that during the re-install so he will stay where he is behind the passenger for a while (our car has no middle seat). I was pretty shocked today when I turned around to see him staring at him. His car seat is a beast so turned around he sits very high up, instead of reclined partially (another reason he probably won't sleep as well). Sure, his legs were getting very cramped but he never once seemed to notice and I would take a broken leg over a broken neck any day!  We had a good run rear facing and now we are in a new phase. I'm not sure I will ever stop thinking of him as my baby, but his babyhood is long gone.


Kristy said...

He does look big! I love the Strawberry Shortcake pillowcase!! I feel like I can still see you sleeping on it with Charmer... or is the a picture somewhere... :).

Becky said...

Funny I didn't even notice it in the pictures. Yes a photo like that does exist and I think it is on the wall in my old room. Is it strange that both Sean and I have childhood pillowcases that get rotated onto Colin's bed. He has no matching sets so we just use whatever other misfit cases are around. He does prefer this one because of the dog and cat on it.

Erin said...

What a big boy -- is it easier for you to make these transitions, knowing that there will be a newborn in the picture in the not too distant future?

Julie said...

i love colin's toddler bed! annabelle's crib converts as well but the ends of the crib stay high and i think just the sides come off. it will be a strange looking bed when that day comes.

he DOES look so big in that car seat. probably because of the puffy jacket. thank you for writing more about the carseat. it is definitely uncommon to keep kids rear facing for so long, and i appreciate the reassurance that i am doing the right thing...especially once i start getting comments about it.

have you ever heard that song "lengthwise" by phish? the pic of colin sleeping in his bed reminds me of that song. lol!

Becky said...

Good question Erin..I don't know. I didn't expect to be all that sentimental about these changes. Mostly I think they are annoying and it my inability to deal with change that makes it more difficult that the idea of Colin growing up. School got me weepy for sure, but these two moves I'm less sentimental about.

Julie- The look of the converted toddler bed was what made me want this particular crib so much. I loved the look of the crib and that it was low to the ground and I loved the look of the toddler bed. Plus there is no yucky stuff since it is Ikea.

JJ said...

Growing "up" the ladder of life. I can say being a Mother of only "two" it was my first and then my last...so each stage was hard but "good"...some had more challenges. But now being a "Grandmother" I look forward to having a new baby in the family..so girls just keep them coming!!:)