Sunday, March 6, 2011

Video Backlog

I have a few minutes to upload videos this evening and realized I was pretty far behind.  I blame the pregnancy, but this isn't the first time I've been three months behind so I suppose there is a trend here that goes beyond my pregnancy. We are just busy bees over here. It is what it is I suppose.  Enjoy!

Colin, Sam and Ben piled into Ben's crib during a visit to CT and just got silly. This was the result. 

Three little Monkeys from Rebecca Berry on Vimeo.


After receiving these flash cards for Christmas, Colin was quite obsessed with 'playing' with them for a while and got very good at 'reading' the words.  Many of the words are the same ones that are on his "Meet the Sight Words" DVD's that he was also crazy about at the same time. I'm not sure he would remember all these words today since we haven't practiced in a while but if nothing else the kid has my memorization skills! I stitched two videos together so you wouldn't get the impression that he always gets them correct!

Sight Words from Rebecca Berry on Vimeo.


I only pulled out the video camera once in February so while this video isn't all that interesting, it keeps the streak going so I'm including it. Leo was over for a playdate so we took out Colin's Elefun game. In my opinion this game is fun for only a pathetically short period of time and then has to be re-set up. At 2.5 the boys don't seem to mind. Here they are enjoying themselves.

Colin and Leo Play with Elefun from Rebecca Berry on Vimeo.

Sean has been referring to January and February as the 'lost months' since for the first time in Colin's life I have rarely pulled out either camera. Hopefully this isn't a trend and just a side effect of a difficult season in my pregnancy and academic life. 


Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

great videos!!!!

he has quite the site word vocabulary.

Erin said...

As a random aside, is the loveseat now on the opposite side of the room? I am impressed with Colin's sight-reading -- just like "Your Baby Can Read" but without the $500 cost, or however much it is. That's a great skill for him to have developed so early.

I love the crib-jumping video. They were having so much fun -- Colin is so much taller than either of my shrimpsters.

Getting pictures at the Portrait place on March 19, in case you want bunny pics!

Julie said...

wow! i cannot believe that colin can read all of those words! very impressive.

that cracks me up that all the boys seem to be saying the rhyme "three little monkeys" at all different times...but they are so excited about it!

leo and colin look like really good buddies. they are so cute with their nets, jumping, and cheering each other on.