Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Colin is 2 and 3/4 yrs old.

Another three months down. Colin is now 2 and 3/4 yrs old. People keep telling me how tall he is, and I'm not sure if that is just because he is tall or if he has gotten even taller recently.  Relatives who haven't seen him in a while are surprised by how much talking he is doing these days, particularly how many funny or strange things he says.All the pictures from this post come from our recent trip to Myrtle Beach since that is where we were in the days surrounding his 'anniversary'.

Hugging 'baby carter' who isn't as enthusiastic as Colin is.
 Sleeping: A few bumps here and there with skipping naps but right now he is going down around 2 and will sleep until 5 if we let him... although we generally don't since it messes with bed time. I really don't like waking him up because there is a good chance he'll be absolutely miserable for the next 3 hrs, but putting him to bed later just isn't a good option with Sean and I so busy with school work. We need that time right now.
Over night is good. He typically wakes up once around 11 or 12 to go to the bathroom but since we haven't typically gone to bed yet it isn't a problem for us. He will on occasion wake up in the middle of the night upset, and sometimes I think he has had a bad dream but he generally doesn't have trouble falling back to sleep after a brief visit from Mom or Dad...usually Dad these days as the sciatica is at its worst if I try to walk in the middle of the night.
Enjoying the sand... at least he was dry.
  • Daddy. Having just spent a week straight with Sean, Colin is really loving on his daddy right now. Which I have to say both Sean and I are enjoying.. I have to just laugh on the mornings Colin wakes up after Sean has left the house and when I show up after he has been calling for Daddy he just throws himself back on the bed and 'cries'.  
  • Sports. 'Have balls will travel!' seems to be Colin's current motto. As long as we have balls Colin is a happy camper. He isn't very good at playing with kids his age but he often will try to play with the older boys or other fathers while we are at the park. He has started to identify himself as a boy in this sense I think, he doesn't say anything about it, but he doesn't seem to want to play with me and he never asks other women/girls to play with him.
  • His police car. All of a sudden a little car we have had since his second birthday is his favorite toy. He will lay on the ground and roll it around for long periods of time. Since the doors open and close (including the trunk) he has all on his own chosen a craft pom pom to represent each member of the family (mine is pink, Sean is white, Colin is red and the baby was purple be he put her away and lost interest in having a baby one). He puts them in the car (himself in the trunk) and pretends we are going to a 'big trip'
  • Music. Colin requests music all the time now and has a few songs that he really gets excited about. Five little monkeys jumping on the bed, twinkle twinkle little star, any of the songs from his music together class, the hello song, and some song about Victor and Freddie eating spaghetti that they play at school.
  • Chocolate. I finally gave Colin his first real taste of chocolate for Easter (other than in a cookie)... oh man the boy is hooked.  I can't wait until this little box is all gone. As hard as I have tried to avoid it, Colin seems to have my pallet. That is karma for you.
  • Miniature Golf. Easily one of Colin's favorite things to do on vacation. He enjoyed the beach and he got used to the pools but golf is his true love. Seems that being pregnant has thrown me off my game... I normally dominate but not this time. 
  • Money. Coins really, Colin loves finding the loose change that Sean has left lying around and either putting it in his piggy bank or in the 5gallon water jug that has loose change in our room. He also likes putting it in the collection basket at church and will often ask to take money OUT of his piggy to give to church.

Jumping into a huge pit in the sand.  We were all a little surprised when he just jumped right in it.

  • Getting dressed. Woa nelly it is a struggle every day. He wants this shirt but as soon as it is over his head he doesn't want it and then he wants another shirt..of course you get blindsided the first time it happens and figure okay what is the big deal...then after three weeks or changing his shirt 3 times you finally realize this is NOT OK. We are working on correcting this behavior by only allowing him to reject one shirt.. after that the next one goes on and stays on regardless of how big a fit he throws.  Still not easy but it is getting better. To even get him started I've had to set a timer which is currently novel enough to be interesting and it is working for now.  I've heard this is pretty typical of this age. 

 New and Notable:
  • New phrases. "Hey *name*"  If you don't acknowledge him fast enough Colin has figured out that saying "HEY DADDY" gets your attention a bit faster.. not sure I like this trend, and since it started with daddy I'm thinking he must have gotten it from Sean, but to be honest I haven't noticed either of us saying "Hey Colin" so I'm still not sure where this came from.  "Last weekend" anything that occurred in the past Colin will indicate has having happened "last weekend" as in "I went on a carousel last weekend" which could mean yesterday or four months ago... it's pretty cute. He no longer says "lee-oom" but now can actually say "living room" which is kind of a bummer although I knew these cute phrases wouldn't last forever. "That would be a great idea" in response to just about any suggestion, except sitting down to eat (he prefers to eat on the run, but this isn't allowed) or getting dressed. Colin gets very enthusiastic about even the most mundane things, i.e. putting a dish in the sink, hoping on one foot, doing laundry etc. 
  • Colin thinking he is also pregnant and will often discuss the baby in his belly. He has adjusted well to the idea that mommy is pregnant and that eventually a baby will come out. He doesn't seem too anxious for the baby to actually come out but does want to discuss all the things that he can do with a baby, like tickle her, and let her hold his finger and help change her diaper and pat her back... I think it will be a big adjustment for all of us but we are trying to prepare him the best we can. I have bought him a doll but we haven't put it into play yet. I was thinking I would have his baby come out and be the doll but then I'm not sure if he will think that I will also give birth to a doll.. I'm likely over thinking this one.
  • Singing. Colin sings quite a lot now and knows the words to quite a few songs. Sometimes I can even make out the correct melody if I can't figure out what the words are he is trying to sing. He put a stick in the sand while we were on the beach and proceeded to sing the Happy Birthday song and then blow out his candle. Cute kid.
  • Imagination and/or dreaming. He will sometimes tell us 'stories' about things that clearly did not take place and I'm honestly not sure if he dreamed them or if he just has an active imagination..or both... but he told us all about the dinosaur in the elevator that was chasing him, or the time he fell out of the car and couldn't find his mommy. These are definitely not themes he has seen directly in any books we have at home, but it could be something at school. More likely I think he is combining ideas from books and real life.
  • Writing his name. I've mentioned this previously but figured I would put it here too. The letters still aren't always in the correct order or all facing the same way but it is very cute to watch him try. 
  • "What does _  _ _ _ _ spell?  He will read me letters from whatever he is looking at and ask what it says. He has the concept that these are trying to communicate something but he doesn't really have the tools to figure out how to read it himself. Eventually it will click but we aren't pushing too hard for this one yet other than occasionally helping him with sounding out letters.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter

We cleaned up pretty well considering we arrived home at 2am and had no outfits planned for Easter (although to be fair we went to the noon mass, not 8:30!). Thankfully I purchased those matching ties on a whim for both boys at Christmas and just happened to have a semi-dressy coordinating dress. Our little family of three will next year be four.. seems so strange right now.
Not a bad photo for setting it up on auto timer on a garbage can!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

22 Week Baby Bump.

 Whoopsie! Due to our recent vacation this picture was actually taken a week late. I had intended on taking it a day early but it slipped through the cracks as we packed up and left the house.  So the comparison isn't exactly fair, but still I think I've finally 'popped' so to speak. My weight is still about half of what it was, which you can kind of see in my face this time around. I certainly have not started retaining much water yet, but I'm not exactly sure when it started last time.
The baby is moving and shaking a lot now and the movements are obvious enough to be seen from a few feet away. She is getting stronger every day, and it seems like she is rarely resting still. The picture was taken after my Prenatal Yoga class so I'm still in yoga clothes. The yoga is really helping keep the sciatica under control, I've missed my class twice and both times the sciatica got worse that week and then progressively better in the following weeks.

The contractions are still present and they are rather annoying but not overly painful, although it is difficult to walk quickly while one is occurring. I would say they are less frequent these days than they were a few weeks ago. Still nothing anyone is concerned about.  I have a lot of posts to get up but not a lot of time to devote to blogging in the next 6-8 weeks. Stick with me and things should get better after that. I'll try to make sure the pictures get taken on time even if the posts don't go up on time. Colin's 2.75 yr post is due so I'm hoping to piece that together here and there.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Baby Bump 20-Weeks

Yikes these posts come fast. Its been a bit of a crazy week and it is only Tuesday.  If what they say about children having stronger immune systems if mom was sick while they were in utero, this child will be extremely healthy! I have been struck down by another horrible cold.  Once again it is a chest cold which means with all the coughing comes vomiting.  I had an appointment with my doctor on Monday morning and after telling her I hadn't held food down in 24 hrs she was about 5 minutes from sending me to the hospital. I told her that wasn't necessary at all, that I wasn't showing any signs of dehydration at this point. She liked that my weight was up, for a total of 10lbs of weight gain to date so she gave me 24hrs to keep food and fluids down and prescribed an antibiotic (which I am not convinced will help at all but I'm not a doctor).  I have not thrown up again since before that appointment so I called her and let her know everything is a-okay.  We also had another ultrasound this morning (I'll post those pictures another time) and they two more people confirmed that this child is without a doubt a little girl and a healthy one at that. We were able to see that her little feet were kicking me directly in the cervix which explains the shooting pains I've been having in my pelvic floor.  If you needed more proof of how efficient my weight gain has been during this pregnancy here is the photo comparison of this pregnancy to the previous.  At this point in P1 I had gained over 20 lbs. I have to say I like it better this way!