Sunday, April 24, 2011

22 Week Baby Bump.

 Whoopsie! Due to our recent vacation this picture was actually taken a week late. I had intended on taking it a day early but it slipped through the cracks as we packed up and left the house.  So the comparison isn't exactly fair, but still I think I've finally 'popped' so to speak. My weight is still about half of what it was, which you can kind of see in my face this time around. I certainly have not started retaining much water yet, but I'm not exactly sure when it started last time.
The baby is moving and shaking a lot now and the movements are obvious enough to be seen from a few feet away. She is getting stronger every day, and it seems like she is rarely resting still. The picture was taken after my Prenatal Yoga class so I'm still in yoga clothes. The yoga is really helping keep the sciatica under control, I've missed my class twice and both times the sciatica got worse that week and then progressively better in the following weeks.

The contractions are still present and they are rather annoying but not overly painful, although it is difficult to walk quickly while one is occurring. I would say they are less frequent these days than they were a few weeks ago. Still nothing anyone is concerned about.  I have a lot of posts to get up but not a lot of time to devote to blogging in the next 6-8 weeks. Stick with me and things should get better after that. I'll try to make sure the pictures get taken on time even if the posts don't go up on time. Colin's 2.75 yr post is due so I'm hoping to piece that together here and there.


Julie said...

looks like you have caught up to your P1 pic (in bump size, not weight) i cannot believe how fast that happened! and are you wearing leggings? that is very sassy.

i am glad that yoga is helping with your sciatica. don't miss anymore classes!

Becky said...

No they aren't leggings just yoga pants...although I did notice that they were tighter this week then they had been previously. (they aren't maternity pants, just stretchy and low rise.)