Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Baby Bump 20-Weeks

Yikes these posts come fast. Its been a bit of a crazy week and it is only Tuesday.  If what they say about children having stronger immune systems if mom was sick while they were in utero, this child will be extremely healthy! I have been struck down by another horrible cold.  Once again it is a chest cold which means with all the coughing comes vomiting.  I had an appointment with my doctor on Monday morning and after telling her I hadn't held food down in 24 hrs she was about 5 minutes from sending me to the hospital. I told her that wasn't necessary at all, that I wasn't showing any signs of dehydration at this point. She liked that my weight was up, for a total of 10lbs of weight gain to date so she gave me 24hrs to keep food and fluids down and prescribed an antibiotic (which I am not convinced will help at all but I'm not a doctor).  I have not thrown up again since before that appointment so I called her and let her know everything is a-okay.  We also had another ultrasound this morning (I'll post those pictures another time) and they two more people confirmed that this child is without a doubt a little girl and a healthy one at that. We were able to see that her little feet were kicking me directly in the cervix which explains the shooting pains I've been having in my pelvic floor.  If you needed more proof of how efficient my weight gain has been during this pregnancy here is the photo comparison of this pregnancy to the previous.  At this point in P1 I had gained over 20 lbs. I have to say I like it better this way!


Daisy and Ryan said...

Wow - what a difference in those pictures!! It's funny b/c usually your belly pops out there sooner with the second one. I know that was *definitely* the case for me. I'm sorry to hear you've been so sick, too. :( No fun!

Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

I too am so sorry to hear that you are sick again. WOW--what a difference from last time. Without pictures it is hard to remember what you (or anyone) looked like at a certain week pregnant. Taking pictures throughout is so wonderful.

You look great...hoping spring takes away all the germs.

Julie said...

holy crap!!! i cannot believe that those are the same weeks of both pregnancies. that is unreal!

i hope you feel better soon:)

Crystal said...

I'm sorry to hear that you're sick! Hope you feel better soon. The pics are amazing. Nick says "That's ridiculous" and I said "I hope I look like P2 when the time comes for me ;)"