Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weigh in- Doctors appointment.

I had a doctors appointment this morning. I confessed to having some pretty intense contractions last week (more than 4 in an hour and more than a minute long) after an incredibly stressful day. I figured I was just dehydrated and stressed but I wanted to mention it anyway. Well it got me a one way ticket to an internal exam, hip hip hooray! Cervix is still tightly closed so nothing to worry about at this point.. my doctor is incredibly understanding about my situation, and is very sympathetic. I always worry that she will make me feel guilty for putting a fetus through this kind of stress but since she is also pregnant and working so I suspect that she gets it. I'm sure delivering babies must be extremely stressful at times! She worries about me, but she doesn't seem to worry about the health of the baby. She prescribed naps this week at every opportunity and that is advice I can easily follow.  She also did some kind of pre-term labor test (internal swab) to see if I'm likely to go into labor in the next two weeks. I also had my glucose tolerance test today but won't get the results back for a few days for either test. This was my last appointment with her before she goes on maternity leave... Fingers crossed she is back to work in time for my delivery (she expects to be but it really depends on when she delivers).

My weight is currently +21 lbs, in P1 at this point I was up about 40lbs. That seems like a bigger difference than it is in reality, considering I started from different points (recall I was actively trying to gain weight before getting pregnant). Overall I was about 12 lbs heavier at this point in P1 which may be the better comparison than weight gain. I honestly think the water weight was the difference, I have only minimally started retaining water as evidenced by some tighter shoes in the last few days. It has been unseasonably cool in the last month here in NY so I wonder if that has contributed to the fact that I haven't started retaining water yet. Time will tell.

Memorial Day Weekend Family Staycation.

 In celebration of the completion of my draft, we spent the weekend together as a family, something we haven't done in quite sometime. We started the weekend going to Governor's Island, and for the second year in a row we bumped into a memorial day fly over. I thought I blogged about it last year but I can't find a post. We were waiting in line for the ferry and this just flew over. Very cool.
 My boys watching the Manhattan skyline go by. I must have a half dozen pictures of the two of them in similar positions, I love watching Colin's features change as he grows, particularly in reference to his fathers. I love these boys.
 Once on the island, which used to be a coast guard facility is now a public park open only on weekends when the city runs free ferries back and forth from Manhattan and Brooklynn.  It is a big attraction for bikers who can bring their bike for free or rent one on the island and ride around without having to worry about cars. It is a very pretty space with sculptures and open space and some pretty old buildings. We have been talking about going for a while but never had time. Colin enjoyed the open space to run around, and this bell which is was just strong enough to make ring. 
 I wore a summer dress which apparently makes me look very pregnant because at least 6 people offered me a seat on the ferry as I was walking to find Sean and Colin after I stayed behind to secure the stroller while Sean carried Colin up the stairs. This is the only shot of me in the dress, and Colin took it. Not exactly my best angle but I thought it was funny.
 Colin now likes to be silly or uncooperative in photos. Here he is being a monkey with lower Manhattan in the background.
 Trying to get a picture of him and I on the ferry ride back across the river... Not as many pics of the two of us as there are of him and his daddy since I'm a camera hog! He wasn't interested in having his picture taken.
 He really wanted to be looking out at the water. A cancer like his mother we are drawn to the water.

All the excitement of the afternoon paired with the fact that we didn't get home until 3 meant a late and long nap for Colin (and us too)! He woke up just before 6 so I pushed it a bit and we decided to go to the Mets game.
 Colin had a slice of pizza at the stadium (the only 'fast food' that the boy will eat). We got seats in the new 'BJ's Clubhouse' which has special pricing for kids, although the guy at the window insisted Colin didn't need a ticket despite the fact that he is 6 inches over the max height for free admission. Even though it is marketed as a family section the seats tend to sell out quickly because they are some of the least expensive seats in the ballpark and they aren't bad seats. One of the attractions of this section is that Mr. Met comes to visit once during the game. I was just trying to get a photo of Colin eating his pizza when all of a sudden Colin starts pointing and getting excited...
 ...Mr Met showed up right at the start of the bottom of the 1st inning! Colin was SO excited.
 He was moving so much it was quite difficult to get a good photo of him. How happy does this kid look! That lady behind us actually followed us out to take a picture of us all with Mr. Met as we mobbed him with the rest of the young fans.
 The best shot we got. Colin got very nervous the closer we got to Mr Met so I wasn't too sure if we would actually get a photo! So glad we did since we have one with Mr. Red legs from the Cincinnati game too.
 After being out until 11 on Saturday, Sunday was a day of rest. Colin did very very well at the game but woke up a few times overnight and Sean found him wandering around his room confused. Typical of his overtired routine. Oops! He was pretty cranky on Sunday so we just went to church and out to breakfast then got him down for a good nap. After dinner we decided to end the day with a trip to Carvel. Colin tried chocolate ice cream for the first time. 
 On Monday we had talked about going to Belmont to see the races but I wasn't really up to walking around again. Instead we went to our favorite playground on the water over looking midtown. All kids should have a chance to play baseball in the shadow of the Empire State Building!
 Colin bravely sitting in the crazy spin cups. I've seen countless kids get in these, get them spinning and not be able to stop them! Just that day I stopped a little boy a little older than Colin because he started to cry and no one seemed to be responding to him. The second I touched him three parental figures (parents and grandparent) came out of the woodwork..better late than never.

We didn't have the time or energy to plan a trip for memorial day but we had a pretty nice weekend regardless. After all, NYC is a vacation destination for many people, although on Memorial Day weekend the city is pretty empty (comparatively speaking). Best of all, no huge traffic jams trying to get home and then having to park blocks and blocks away.

Monday, May 30, 2011

28 Week Baby Bump

Ta da! Welcome to the third trimester (which apparently officially started at 27 weeks).  I have also finished and submitted a draft of my dissertation to my committee. I'm not 'done' yet but I'm certainly one step closer.  A hurdle I am happy to have completed before the pregnancy became too exhausting.  These last few months have been very very challenging for both Sean and I, Colin however seems largely unaffected. In fact, he is thriving and currently loving on his Daddy in a big way. It is just precious. Nothing really to report that is different about the pregnancy. People seem to be really noticing and reacting to my belly all of a sudden so apparently I look more pregnant now. People are picking up things for me, and in non-subway situations rapidly offering me their seats.  I have a few blog posts in my head that I want to get up, so hopefully I'll have time to take care of that this week.


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Baby Bump 26- Weeks.

The picture was more or less on time even though the post isn't. Life is crazy... My little family hasn't been in the same place at the same time for more than probably 6 hrs this week (not counting the time we spend asleep). I am burning it from both ends but this should be the last week of this as the document is due to be given to the committee next week. Next month won't be easy as I prep for the defense, but it certainly should be as crazy as the last two months have been. I am so ready for this to be over I can't even express it in words. Thankfully the pregnancy is still easy breasy and aside from some sleeping issues I have no real complaints, even the sciatica hasn't been bad the last couple weeks. Next time I'll try to wear a more fitted shirt I think this shirt likely makes me look smaller than I am. Still no water retention to speak of.. my feet certainly look normal still and my ring still fits (although this isn't exactly a fair comparison as I had to have it sized after my fingers never returned to my pre-pregnancy size). I just noticed that this picture from P1 is the first one where I'm wearing my black pearl ring and not my wedding ring, so I was well into water weight already here.  That's all, back to work, I guess the rapture isn't happening today as no one in Australia has reported earthquakes or people floating away as predicted, so I actually have to finish this thing.


Monday, May 9, 2011

25 Week Doctor Vist.

Baby bee and I had a doctors appointment this morning.. The official weight gain is now at 17lbs compared to 31lbs at the same time P1 (I happen to have a weigh in during the same week last time). So a little more than half the weight gained. I swear I'm not purposely doing anything differently..I'm just not the human vacuum I was in P1. Everything else checked out completely normally. My doctor finally told me she is pregnant (I suspected since my last visit but with the lab coat on all the time it isn't something I was just going to bust out and ask...just in case...). She said she is due in July but will likely deliver in June so she should be back by the time I deliver.. If not one of the other doctors will deliver me and while I certainly have a preference over which of the other doctors I end up with I'm really fine with that. I obviously prefer to have her be there since we went through this war together once already but I'm not going to tell her she can't spend time with her baby to come deliver mine. We also had a long conversation about my stress levels and she really said, stress is a fact of life and you can't do much about it but you can control sleeping so just be sure you are sleeping as much as you can when you can and that will help with the stress.  I will do the best I can for the next few weeks and then once this thing is written I'll be sleeping all the time! The worst part is just laying awake some nights trying to settle down after writing until midnight, then not falling asleep until 1:30 or 2:00 and of course being up with Colin at 7 or earlier. Sean has been AMAZING about letting me sleep in on the weekends so I think I'm doing okay right now. Her advise was to take benedryl to help me fall asleep.  That isn't something I like to do but she assures me it is completely safe for the baby and if it helps me sleep it is worth it. Certainly not something I will do every night but maybe on the nights I really have a hard time settling down.

Britax made it better (for me anyway).

Thanks to the beauty of social media, some amazing timing, and Britax's twitter person being on top of his/her game, I was able to purchase the Chaperone infant car seat for 40% off, thus eliminating the extra cost I would have incurred because the promotion ended early. Here is what happened:

When I first leaned of the change in promotion I immediately emailed Sean because he was going to be directly effected but this new development (or at least his wallet would be). This was his response: 
  • "Can they really do that?  It sounds like cheating.  They didn't say that supplies ran out, they just said that it was getting too expensive for them."
To which I replied:
  • "What are we going to do sue?"
and then he said:
  • "Start a blog campaign to give them enough negative press to make them change their policy."
My first thought was "of course why didn't I think of that" which was immediately followed by "humph, like I have time for THAT right now!" so I went back to working for a few hours but the whole thing just kept eating at me. When I stopped working to get dinner I opened up blogger and threw together the previous post...thinking.. who am I to get a huge company like Britax to hear me... but I figured it certainly couldn't hurt... then to add fuel to the fire I tweeted it.

Less than 12 hours later, I got an email saying that Britax was now following my tweets. Seriously? MY tweets? I put in one @Mention and they immediately start following me. Wow. About 15 minutes later this comes through:
 I certainly couldn't leave it at that... I had BRITAX! paying attention to what I had to say!

After this the conversation went private, because the representative wanted to tell me that there was a promotion going on at that moment through the Ellen show that gave 600 people a coupon code for 40% off any one of a few of their items purchased from their website. Since there were only a few codes left they sent this info privately so I would be able to get one of them...They weren't kidding because moments after I submitted my info to get the code I re-clicked the link and it said "Sorry all the codes have been given out". I was skeptical of this deal and quickly ran a whole bunch of numbers to make sure I was actually getting a good deal (knowing that the Britax website was much more expensive than Amazon, and thinking maybe I should buy the stroller at 40% off since it was more expensive. However since Amazon sells the stroller for $100 less than Britax does and in Sept I'll get the $122 (on amazon) second seat free, it didn't come out to a better deal to buy the stroller, but it was coming out to a good deal to buy the car seat). The pattern I really wanted (silver) was not available through this promotion (or possibly at all on their website) so I ended up choosing a retired pattern (moonstone) for additional savings (I have a history of sacrificing appearance for savings). So I ended up getting the $229.00 car seat ($184 on Amazon) for $137.20 including shipping (which is similar to the cost of many 30-35lb capacity car seats!).  If it were not for the shipping this would have actually ended up being a better deal (by a few dollars) than the free ride event. Of course now I have to store the car seat for three months but such is life.

Thank you Britax, and thank you Twitter! The moral of the story is don't be afraid to ask...

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm MAD at Britax

I have a rather large post drafted but never finished where I weigh the pro's and con's of various double strollers and while writing it I came to the conclusion that the best option for us was probably the Britax B-Ready, particularly when I saw on Baby Gizmo that they were having a Free Ride Event so that I could get the car seat free (or the bassinet or second seat, but the car seat is the most $$ of the three, so..) when I bought the stroller ($180 for the car seat) I was sold! The event was scheduled to last until June 30th (or while supplies last) and since I'm not due until August I filed that one as a decision made and put my head back in the proverbial sand that is my thesis. Well! Not 30 days later (while my head is down) they changed their minds (claiming that supplies were not lasting, but it sounds like fancy pants lawyer wording to me) and put a new end date on the promotion of April 30th! Guess who just saw that TODAY?!?! The good news is that they are bringing back the free ride event in September but the bad news is it is going to cost me an extra $50 (at least) now because while I can wait until September for the stroller but I can't wait that long for the car seat! If I decide to go with this option I will be forced to get the car seat early and then get the less expensive second seat for free. I know I know, first world problem here, but I'm MAD! I am ALL about the deal, and this deal is part of what sold me on the product...humph! Phil and Teds is starting to look better and better!

24 Week Baby Bump

You know how I always say that we are busy.. well busy just took on a whole new meaning! I am attempting to finish my thesis (the document) before May 25th and therefore I am currently burning the candle at both ends. I've joked about this before but now it is absolutely the case that if someone looked at our family they would think Sean and I were sharing custody of Colin instead of married. If Sean gets home at a reasonable hour from work, I instantly leave the house to go work. This past weekend he took Colin out to visit his family so I would have the entire weekend uninterrupted. I care for Colin during the weekdays and Sean takes weeknights. Things are crazy but hopefully it will all be over soon. Unfortunately, desperate to be given some kind of attention baby bee likes to hold dance parties the second I try to go to sleep, sometimes it feels more like I have a ball of writhing snakes in my womb instead of a baby. Sleeping is a bit elusive particularly as I don't get into bed until very late and I have never been good at shutting off my brain, all last night I was analyzing data in my sleep (and don't even get me started on Sadie, she hasn't left me alone since we got back from vacation).  Anyway, here are the pictures!