Saturday, May 21, 2011

Baby Bump 26- Weeks.

The picture was more or less on time even though the post isn't. Life is crazy... My little family hasn't been in the same place at the same time for more than probably 6 hrs this week (not counting the time we spend asleep). I am burning it from both ends but this should be the last week of this as the document is due to be given to the committee next week. Next month won't be easy as I prep for the defense, but it certainly should be as crazy as the last two months have been. I am so ready for this to be over I can't even express it in words. Thankfully the pregnancy is still easy breasy and aside from some sleeping issues I have no real complaints, even the sciatica hasn't been bad the last couple weeks. Next time I'll try to wear a more fitted shirt I think this shirt likely makes me look smaller than I am. Still no water retention to speak of.. my feet certainly look normal still and my ring still fits (although this isn't exactly a fair comparison as I had to have it sized after my fingers never returned to my pre-pregnancy size). I just noticed that this picture from P1 is the first one where I'm wearing my black pearl ring and not my wedding ring, so I was well into water weight already here.  That's all, back to work, I guess the rapture isn't happening today as no one in Australia has reported earthquakes or people floating away as predicted, so I actually have to finish this thing.



Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

Are the pics reversed in P1/P2..only because you know I am (slightly) addicted to your blog and I remember the P2 shirt but not the P1 shirt... either way...I hope you get some much deserved R&R soon!!!!! You SOOOO deserve it.

You look great and glad to hear that this pregnancy is going easy on you since you are one of the busiest ladies I know.

Becky said...

I fixed it. One of the many indications that I am mentally overtaxed.

Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

I was not trying to be mean just from your post of the not tight fitting shirt and my rememberance of the brown one....

I hope you treat yourself to a fun ice cream or something fun this weekend.

Nolan and I send hugs..just a quick one since you are busy.

Julie said...

wow, sounds like you have been super busy. once the defence is over, you should treat yourself to a pedicure or pregnancy massage. you've earned it!

that's funny that your fingers never went back to pre-pregnancy size. kind of like my stomach and hips..haha. i would take the fat finger over the wide hips any day!

i was very self conscious when i couldn't wear my wedding ring while pregnant. it felt scandalous to not have "proof" of a husband while pregnant. is that why you wore the pearl ring for p1?

btw, you look great :)

Becky said...

Yes Julie that is the main reason..although by the end even that one didn't fit! I don't wear my black pearl as often as I would like to because it sits so high and all alone that I'm afraid it will pop off..since my engagement ring also sits high I was used to working around it on that finger so I wasn't as nervous about the pearl. (although my diamond seems a lot more secure than the pearl does)

And no Elaine I didn't think you were being mean. I'm a space cadet these days.Even Sean is catching 'baby brain' which is SO unlike him it is hysterical.

Kristy said...

Ha! I liked not wearing my wedding ring and having people think I was a ho' fo' sho'! Especially while waiting tables pregnant and "unmarried!" Sympathy tips! :)

I still feel like I have preggo brain. Ugh!