Monday, May 9, 2011

Britax made it better (for me anyway).

Thanks to the beauty of social media, some amazing timing, and Britax's twitter person being on top of his/her game, I was able to purchase the Chaperone infant car seat for 40% off, thus eliminating the extra cost I would have incurred because the promotion ended early. Here is what happened:

When I first leaned of the change in promotion I immediately emailed Sean because he was going to be directly effected but this new development (or at least his wallet would be). This was his response: 
  • "Can they really do that?  It sounds like cheating.  They didn't say that supplies ran out, they just said that it was getting too expensive for them."
To which I replied:
  • "What are we going to do sue?"
and then he said:
  • "Start a blog campaign to give them enough negative press to make them change their policy."
My first thought was "of course why didn't I think of that" which was immediately followed by "humph, like I have time for THAT right now!" so I went back to working for a few hours but the whole thing just kept eating at me. When I stopped working to get dinner I opened up blogger and threw together the previous post...thinking.. who am I to get a huge company like Britax to hear me... but I figured it certainly couldn't hurt... then to add fuel to the fire I tweeted it.

Less than 12 hours later, I got an email saying that Britax was now following my tweets. Seriously? MY tweets? I put in one @Mention and they immediately start following me. Wow. About 15 minutes later this comes through:
 I certainly couldn't leave it at that... I had BRITAX! paying attention to what I had to say!

After this the conversation went private, because the representative wanted to tell me that there was a promotion going on at that moment through the Ellen show that gave 600 people a coupon code for 40% off any one of a few of their items purchased from their website. Since there were only a few codes left they sent this info privately so I would be able to get one of them...They weren't kidding because moments after I submitted my info to get the code I re-clicked the link and it said "Sorry all the codes have been given out". I was skeptical of this deal and quickly ran a whole bunch of numbers to make sure I was actually getting a good deal (knowing that the Britax website was much more expensive than Amazon, and thinking maybe I should buy the stroller at 40% off since it was more expensive. However since Amazon sells the stroller for $100 less than Britax does and in Sept I'll get the $122 (on amazon) second seat free, it didn't come out to a better deal to buy the stroller, but it was coming out to a good deal to buy the car seat). The pattern I really wanted (silver) was not available through this promotion (or possibly at all on their website) so I ended up choosing a retired pattern (moonstone) for additional savings (I have a history of sacrificing appearance for savings). So I ended up getting the $229.00 car seat ($184 on Amazon) for $137.20 including shipping (which is similar to the cost of many 30-35lb capacity car seats!).  If it were not for the shipping this would have actually ended up being a better deal (by a few dollars) than the free ride event. Of course now I have to store the car seat for three months but such is life.

Thank you Britax, and thank you Twitter! The moral of the story is don't be afraid to ask...


Julie said...

awesome! i have the moonstone pattern (because it was a fraction of the price of other patterns) and i like it much better in person than online.

Kristy said...

You go! You work that deal! WORK IT!

AbbeM said...

That's fantastic Becky! You're almost making me want to start up on twitter :) I'm very proud of you!