Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm MAD at Britax

I have a rather large post drafted but never finished where I weigh the pro's and con's of various double strollers and while writing it I came to the conclusion that the best option for us was probably the Britax B-Ready, particularly when I saw on Baby Gizmo that they were having a Free Ride Event so that I could get the car seat free (or the bassinet or second seat, but the car seat is the most $$ of the three, so..) when I bought the stroller ($180 for the car seat) I was sold! The event was scheduled to last until June 30th (or while supplies last) and since I'm not due until August I filed that one as a decision made and put my head back in the proverbial sand that is my thesis. Well! Not 30 days later (while my head is down) they changed their minds (claiming that supplies were not lasting, but it sounds like fancy pants lawyer wording to me) and put a new end date on the promotion of April 30th! Guess who just saw that TODAY?!?! The good news is that they are bringing back the free ride event in September but the bad news is it is going to cost me an extra $50 (at least) now because while I can wait until September for the stroller but I can't wait that long for the car seat! If I decide to go with this option I will be forced to get the car seat early and then get the less expensive second seat for free. I know I know, first world problem here, but I'm MAD! I am ALL about the deal, and this deal is part of what sold me on the product...humph! Phil and Teds is starting to look better and better!


AbbeM said...

I know how amazing Britax seats are rated (safety, comfort, etc), but the reason we didn't get one is the price - they're just too much for us. I'm sorry they've kind of screwed you on this! Good luck on getting what you want.

Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

Sorry to hear that. We have 2 britax roundabout (I know not the same thing) but in Brandon's car it seems to just not work well. For whatever reason the shape of his seats makes it impossible to use it. We may have to get another carseat but unsure what to get.