Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Family Staycation.

 In celebration of the completion of my draft, we spent the weekend together as a family, something we haven't done in quite sometime. We started the weekend going to Governor's Island, and for the second year in a row we bumped into a memorial day fly over. I thought I blogged about it last year but I can't find a post. We were waiting in line for the ferry and this just flew over. Very cool.
 My boys watching the Manhattan skyline go by. I must have a half dozen pictures of the two of them in similar positions, I love watching Colin's features change as he grows, particularly in reference to his fathers. I love these boys.
 Once on the island, which used to be a coast guard facility is now a public park open only on weekends when the city runs free ferries back and forth from Manhattan and Brooklynn.  It is a big attraction for bikers who can bring their bike for free or rent one on the island and ride around without having to worry about cars. It is a very pretty space with sculptures and open space and some pretty old buildings. We have been talking about going for a while but never had time. Colin enjoyed the open space to run around, and this bell which is was just strong enough to make ring. 
 I wore a summer dress which apparently makes me look very pregnant because at least 6 people offered me a seat on the ferry as I was walking to find Sean and Colin after I stayed behind to secure the stroller while Sean carried Colin up the stairs. This is the only shot of me in the dress, and Colin took it. Not exactly my best angle but I thought it was funny.
 Colin now likes to be silly or uncooperative in photos. Here he is being a monkey with lower Manhattan in the background.
 Trying to get a picture of him and I on the ferry ride back across the river... Not as many pics of the two of us as there are of him and his daddy since I'm a camera hog! He wasn't interested in having his picture taken.
 He really wanted to be looking out at the water. A cancer like his mother we are drawn to the water.

All the excitement of the afternoon paired with the fact that we didn't get home until 3 meant a late and long nap for Colin (and us too)! He woke up just before 6 so I pushed it a bit and we decided to go to the Mets game.
 Colin had a slice of pizza at the stadium (the only 'fast food' that the boy will eat). We got seats in the new 'BJ's Clubhouse' which has special pricing for kids, although the guy at the window insisted Colin didn't need a ticket despite the fact that he is 6 inches over the max height for free admission. Even though it is marketed as a family section the seats tend to sell out quickly because they are some of the least expensive seats in the ballpark and they aren't bad seats. One of the attractions of this section is that Mr. Met comes to visit once during the game. I was just trying to get a photo of Colin eating his pizza when all of a sudden Colin starts pointing and getting excited...
 ...Mr Met showed up right at the start of the bottom of the 1st inning! Colin was SO excited.
 He was moving so much it was quite difficult to get a good photo of him. How happy does this kid look! That lady behind us actually followed us out to take a picture of us all with Mr. Met as we mobbed him with the rest of the young fans.
 The best shot we got. Colin got very nervous the closer we got to Mr Met so I wasn't too sure if we would actually get a photo! So glad we did since we have one with Mr. Red legs from the Cincinnati game too.
 After being out until 11 on Saturday, Sunday was a day of rest. Colin did very very well at the game but woke up a few times overnight and Sean found him wandering around his room confused. Typical of his overtired routine. Oops! He was pretty cranky on Sunday so we just went to church and out to breakfast then got him down for a good nap. After dinner we decided to end the day with a trip to Carvel. Colin tried chocolate ice cream for the first time. 
 On Monday we had talked about going to Belmont to see the races but I wasn't really up to walking around again. Instead we went to our favorite playground on the water over looking midtown. All kids should have a chance to play baseball in the shadow of the Empire State Building!
 Colin bravely sitting in the crazy spin cups. I've seen countless kids get in these, get them spinning and not be able to stop them! Just that day I stopped a little boy a little older than Colin because he started to cry and no one seemed to be responding to him. The second I touched him three parental figures (parents and grandparent) came out of the woodwork..better late than never.

We didn't have the time or energy to plan a trip for memorial day but we had a pretty nice weekend regardless. After all, NYC is a vacation destination for many people, although on Memorial Day weekend the city is pretty empty (comparatively speaking). Best of all, no huge traffic jams trying to get home and then having to park blocks and blocks away.


Julie said...

we were in the city for memorial day too! (post soon to come)

i am glad you had such a fun weekend and that the crowds were at a minimum (for the area).

colin looks very interested in baseball...does he understand the rules? or does he just like to watch the players move around?

Kristeen said...

This many pictures of NY (not to mention some of my favorite people) makes me ITCH for a trip down there. I miss the city. Soon, soon.

And, is it me or is pregnancy 2 going insanely fast?? I read your other blog and sat here absolutely stunned... third trimester already??

Becky said...

Colin understands some aspects of the rules but not all of them. He watches the players very closely and is quite the mimic. He tries to pitch the way they do with the leg kick and arm movements, and he taps the bat on the 'plate' while he prepares to swing. All without any input from us. He doesn't get the concept that just because the ball was hit doesn't mean the player got 'a hit' since often they are thrown out, basically if someone makes contact he gets excited no matter which team it is. He is started to get the two team thing, and will cheer when the other team gets a big strike out. Mostly he just loves the atmosphere, if people clap he claps and gets excited. At one point during this particular game the umpire made a bad call at first and the woman in front of us put her hands out as if to say "What are you doing?" and Colin did exactly what she did and made a really confused face as if to convey the same message. So yes and no, some things he understands, somethings he doesn't. He certainly understands that when you hit the ball you run... although he generally runs straight to the pitcher and beyond if given the option...

Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

Looks like you had a super fun, and well deserved weekend!