Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weigh in- Doctors appointment.

I had a doctors appointment this morning. I confessed to having some pretty intense contractions last week (more than 4 in an hour and more than a minute long) after an incredibly stressful day. I figured I was just dehydrated and stressed but I wanted to mention it anyway. Well it got me a one way ticket to an internal exam, hip hip hooray! Cervix is still tightly closed so nothing to worry about at this point.. my doctor is incredibly understanding about my situation, and is very sympathetic. I always worry that she will make me feel guilty for putting a fetus through this kind of stress but since she is also pregnant and working so I suspect that she gets it. I'm sure delivering babies must be extremely stressful at times! She worries about me, but she doesn't seem to worry about the health of the baby. She prescribed naps this week at every opportunity and that is advice I can easily follow.  She also did some kind of pre-term labor test (internal swab) to see if I'm likely to go into labor in the next two weeks. I also had my glucose tolerance test today but won't get the results back for a few days for either test. This was my last appointment with her before she goes on maternity leave... Fingers crossed she is back to work in time for my delivery (she expects to be but it really depends on when she delivers).

My weight is currently +21 lbs, in P1 at this point I was up about 40lbs. That seems like a bigger difference than it is in reality, considering I started from different points (recall I was actively trying to gain weight before getting pregnant). Overall I was about 12 lbs heavier at this point in P1 which may be the better comparison than weight gain. I honestly think the water weight was the difference, I have only minimally started retaining water as evidenced by some tighter shoes in the last few days. It has been unseasonably cool in the last month here in NY so I wonder if that has contributed to the fact that I haven't started retaining water yet. Time will tell.


Julie said...

good luck! reading your post made me feel a little at ease with my p2.....you and i are both "super water retainers" and i know how it feels to carry that much water weight! hopefully, i won't gain as much either....but i am sure i will be starting at a higher weight as well....ugh.

Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

I hope you take the doctor's advice and get many, many naps.

Julie--congrats. I did not know you were expecting #2.

Was it a hotter year when you were pregnant with Colin?

Julie said...

thanks elaine, but no i am not prego....just thinking ahead :)

Anonymous said...

I had that "internal swab" done too Becky because my cervix was dropping and I was having excessive discharge. And it came out positive! So glad I had the test done because it caused my doctors to be super attentive to my cervix measurements and prompted them to put me in the hospital on bed rest to get steroid shots. Totally saved my baby's little lungs when he made his arrival a whole month early. He's in the 93% for height now. I've so been slacking on updating our blog but we've been so busy lately. I plan to update it again in the next few months. Hang in there girl - you look great!

Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

Julie--when you said "with my p2" I thought that you were...I apologize!