Wednesday, July 20, 2011

35-week Doctors Appointment

I'm way behind on the baby bump picture but I will try to get it tonight. I had a doctors appointment yesterday and I am 1cm dilated! So things are starting to move forward. I was 3cm with Colin for a while and still didn't go into labor on my own so don't get too excited. Because of Colin's size they are sending me for an ultrasound next week to check her weight and presentation (which reminds me I never scanned the 20 week ultrasound images.. maybe you'll get a two-for-one!).  Everything looks normal, they took blood for a coxsackie test since there is a small chance I was exposed this past weekend (not a big deal), and Colin and I also traveled down to the lab so they could take more blood for the genetic test. Needless to say after 6 vials of blood drawn I was exhausted (or maybe just because I'm 35 weeks pregnant) so one of us napped after getting home, Colin just played quietly in his bed (more on that later). I am now up 33lbs and I'm at the once a week visits to the OB stage! Generally I drop Colin off at the playground across from Sean's office and Sean takes him while I'm at the appointment that will likely get trickier if we have to do it every week, not to mention it is getting rather hot outside.

The revisions are going well but I still have another week and a half of work to do on it. Once that is done I'll have more time to post.. lots of pictures are ready to go up I just have no time to do it.

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AbbeM said...

I'm glad to hear that things are going well...can't wait til she's here! Again, congrats on defending and I know you'll get your revisions done. I totally understand about not having time to post pics...I'm slowly catching up on my backlog, but there's never enough time!!