Thursday, July 7, 2011

Doctors Appointment and Weigh In.

No internal exam today much to my surprise, I had a different doctor because mine has finally left for maternity leave and got the bomb dropped on me that she isn't returning until September. Needless to say I am very disappointed as my entire reason for considering delivering in the same hospital was how much I loved MY doctor. I do like two of the other doctors in the practice but one I don't like at all and this new one definitely did not make a good first impression. Going to my OB was like visiting a close personal friend, I'm pretty bummed to have to deliver without her. Of course I want her to spend time with her baby but she was so sure she would be back that I'm feeling a bit blindsided. I'm thinking about switching practices but it doesn't feel like the best time since I only have about 7 wks left and sometimes the enemy you know is still less scary than the unknown. I'm still mourning.
Everything with the baby is normal, this dr was totally unconcerned about the contractions. I have to go to a different lab for some special blood tests due to a recent discovery of a gene mutation in my extended family, this doctor also seem very unconcerned with this but I kind of insisted on the test anyway. (At one point she said, its so uncommon that unless you have family history it isn't necessary, to which I responded 'I just told you I have family history!' duh...) I think I might have intimidated her or something by coming out with technical gene mutations first thing that she clearly wasn't familiar with (I didn't really expect her to be it was just a code after all). She just didn't rub me the right way...I guess I have high expectations that a new doctor to the practice would take some time to review her patients charts before walking into the room. Colin was with me and she asked me if he was delivered by the practice. Now this seems like a normal question except clipped to the inside of the chart (as in the inside cover right smack in your face) are all the xmas cards I've sent them! Seems like the obvious conclusion, but maybe she was just trying to make conversation.

ANYWAY.. what you really want to know...+29 this week, compared to +46 in P1. Comparing overall weight (not weight gain) I am -10 lbs lighter compared to this point of P1.   


Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

I am sorry your doctor will not be returning, perhaps she had a c section and needs more time to recover?

I knew up front my doctor would not be delivering as it is a rotation with doctors from multiple practices in various sites. For me it was fine because I do not have a close relationship with him. I went to my appointments but never had a close relationship. I though value those that have a close relationship with their doctor. Perhaps if mine was more touchy/feely I may desire that relationship.

Julie said...

i understand your disappointment. giving birth is scary and it is comforting to have a doctor you trust. i definitely want the same ob who delivered annabelle. he gave me an epidural at 1cm and let me keep it the whole time!!

i am keeping my fingers crossed that i will be able to schedule my delivery in order to have my ob deliver baby #2. we will see when the time comes.

Jen Sneks said...

Your new doctor might be OK, but she may just take a while to get used to the fact that you are an informed scientist mom. I have noticed with my doctors in the past that they react weirdly to patients that understand biology. Recently, my doctor asked if I knew my blood type and I said "AB+". She was shocked that I knew and said "That's not a common one, so we'll do a test to check". Umm... seriously? But now she gets that I understand a lot of medical things and is much better with my questions and concerns and explaining things to me. Maybe your new doctor will warm up to you during the next few visits??

Kristy said...

It isn't a rare gene mutation, it is fairly common... And I have an art background and an AB+ blood type.

I would ask the doctor to read your file more in depth the next time you meet one for the first time and tell them that you want a better relationship, one that isn't casual.

Erin said...

I don't know why you're concerned about it, I thought you were delivering your own baby in the front seat of the car?? :)