Thursday, August 25, 2011

What's in a name?

Sean and I went into the delivery room with a list of 6 possible names that we had agreed on.  It really took us a long time to come up with this list and there were many debates over it as I got more and more invested in the names I liked that he didn't like. I did share this list with anyone that asked but I never got around to listing them on the blog... I guess because no one asked... These were our choices kind of in order but not really (more like top three and bottom three):
  1. Meghan/Megan
  2. Tess
  3. Natalie
  4. Emma
  5. Leah
  6. Allison
 We both wanted to look at her before we choose the name.  After she was born things were so crazy that to be honest we didn't get much of a chance to really LOOK at her until we were up in the room and by that point it was getting late and we were tired so we didn't even begin the discussion at that time.  Then in the morning Sean left pretty early to go get Colin and I thought we would discuss the names while Colin was there, but 101 other things happened, we had pictures taken, the lactation consultant showed up, the nurse came by, the pediatrician came by, lunch was served..and we had a three year old running around! So before we knew it it was time for Colin to go back home with Grandma Mo (he didn't really bat an eye at leaving both Mommy and Daddy at the hospital again). We didn't even start talking about names until almost 2:00pm on Saturday, and it was mainly because we couldn't be discharged until she had a name. So we basically stood over her playing with all of our names trying to find one that fit. To be honest, none of our names seemed to fit right away, she was pretty swollen from her rapid trip down the birth canal and she was a bit of a fussbudget those first 24 hours.  All our names seemed airy and light while she seemed so sturdy and disgruntled. As the swelling went down and she started to actually look more like herself it got a little easier. The even bigger problem was that we never really had a solid front runner. Colin was my favorite name on our list but someone else used it for their own child three days before ours was born. I was sure Sean wouldn't want to repeat (as the overlap is on his 'side': a childhood neighbors child) but even Sean couldn't deny that he looked like a Colin. I think what finally tipped the scales was that Meghan has the same origin as Colin, it is an English name that people often think is Irish/Celtic but technically it isn't (obviously if we have more children the chances of finding yet ANOTHER name like that is pretty rare but I'm okay with that).  Anyway probably around 4:00 we agreed that we both liked Meghan best even if we weren't entirely sure it fit this baby at that point. Now we had to choose a middle name and that was an another debate.  We had decided that since Colin's middle name was after Sean's brother that this child's middle name would be a nod to one of the women on my side of the family. So our choices for middle names was narrowed down to:
  1. Kristine/Kristyn (after my sister Kristy)
  2. Suzanne (also after my sister, as it is her middle name, but it is also a nod to my aunt whom my sister was named for)
  3. Carolynn/Caroline/Carolanne (both my mother and grandmothers first names are Carol but my mother goes by her middle name, Joanne, which for the record is also my middle name)
Basically for Meghan we liked Meghan Kristine or Meghan Suzanne.  Here is where we got a little tripped up.. To me Kristine should be spelled Kristeen because that is how MY Kristeen spells it, however I didn't want to spell it that way because I wanted my sister to be the person we were honoring by using this name (since Kristy doesn't make a good middle name before Berry). I also was having a hard time with the asthetics of Meghan Kristine, the K was really throwing me off. I just wasn't a fan of MKB.  The final name in the coffin on that one was that we didn't really like the idea of both kids having middle names with essentially the same root. Plus I really really liked Suzanne as a middle name as it is so familiar to me as such.  So that was that.
Sometime around 5:00 pm we finally wrote it on the paperwork and announced it to the world. I apologize for the stress and missed sleep our delay caused people, it just wasn't immediately obvious to either one of us what her name was. Five days later she is definitely a Meghan, so no buyers remorse.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Weight Pool

I was weighed at the hospital upon admission which makes the final weight gain +39!  Which means it is a tie between Aunt Kathy and Julie!  There is no prize, just bragging rights! Congratulations!

In other stats: my final weight was only 9 lbs less than my final weight in P1 despite being 21lbs less of actual weight gain! However, those extra lbs I had to start were not a failure to 'loose' the original weight, I was actually attempting to gain weight in order to maintain a more healthy weight before getting pregnant. According to our unofficial bathroom scale I have lost 13lbs since delivery but since Meghan was almost 9 of that, it isn't very impressive! It wasn't just water weight this time so I don't think it will come off as quickly.

Meghan's Birth Story.

Well that was certainly a whirlwind few days.  Thursday I finalized everything for my Ph.D. and Friday I had a baby! Talk about timing. As you probably read in my last post I had no real expectation that I would go into labor without assistance so you can imagine my surprise when the very next morning it happened. Here is the story of how Meghan Suzanne Berry came into the world.

Friday early morning (5:55am) I was about to make my fourth trip to the bathroom of the night when, upon standing, my pants become saturated. I made a sound of surprise which altered Sean to ask what was wrong. I told him I wasn't sure but I think my water just broke, either that or I wet my pants. He obviously assumed the later and rolled over to go back to sleep. After checking everything out I was 90% sure I had NOT wet my pants but put on a pad to see if I continued to leak fluid. The 'gushing water' that you see on TV and in movies, was certainly not what I was experiencing and over the next few hours I was certain I had a slow leak. I called the doctor and was told to come to the hospital after 6 hours or if the contractions got regular. We also called Sean's mom so she would have time to come and take care of Colin before we had to go.  So I just 'labored' at home (not much was going on so it is hard to really call it labor) doing various chores to prepare to be gone for a while, getting a grocery order together to be delivered after we got home, you know the usual!
 We called the doctor back at 12 and she said to eat a good lunch and then come in. So we left for the hospital around 12:45. We were in the waiting room for a while chatting it up with another couple being induced with their first child. Her due date wasn't for another week but she was dilated and 100% effaced so they decided to move things along I guess. We got admitted to labor and delivery around 3 I think and I was checked by the resident. I was 3cm dilated 80% effaced and having contractions every 3 minutes but they weren't all that strong yet. We got comfortable, Sean started making me laugh about something and with every laugh more and more of my 'water' was coming out, not the most comfortable of feelings. We were sitting chatting (probably about how I was hungry!) when Dr. #5 walked in... in street clothes and a coach bag and not looking very dr like. In fact she looked more like someone visiting who got the wrong room. She says "Do you know me?" and I must have looked at her strangely because she eventually introduced herself as Dr #5 and I said oh of course it has just been awhile since I didn't go down to that office during this pregnancy. So she decides to check my cervix (still in street clothes mind you, seemed very odd to me), however she doesn't wait for the contraction to end and just goes to town, I didn't know it at the time but I she decided that was a good time to strip my membranes which was not painful at all when I had it done in the doctors office with Colin but was extremely uncomfortable mid contraction. Things went nuts and I was practically trying to crawl up the table to get away from her. She asked me if I was opposed to an epidural and I said no and that now was a good time! At this point it is 5pm and I am 5cm..Sean was looking forward to that text (5 at 5) but there was no break in the action for him to even get out his phone. The contractions were coming on top of each other, particularly when the baby started moving around. So a little while later my nurse comes in to tell us that the epidural has been requested but that the anesthesiologist is next door and will be over as soon as he is done. I think 20 minutes went by and things are going from bad to worse so much to Sean's dismay I push the call button and get the nurse back in the room to find out why I haven't seen the anesthesiologist yet. She reports back that it shouldn't be much longer... I am in some SERIOUS pain, pain I have never felt before, pain I never even got to when I labored with Colin. Sean is being a great coach and helping me remember to breathe through it. For one reason or another one of the hospital logo's on my gown became my focus point and I just kept trying to blow it off the gown with my breathing. I have NO idea where that image came from but it gave me something to concentrate on so I kept with it.  Another 5 or so minutes and I feel the contraction monitor slip off and I fear they will think I'm no longer contracting and not rush the guy so I push the call button again, the nurse comes back in ready to tell me it will only be a few more minutes and I'm quick to explain that I want her to fix the monitor..she just laughs at this but fixes it.. I think it was about this time that I really felt Meghan move and twist and engage in the birth canal. I think I was asking her to please not move and then looked at the nurse with what can only be terror on my face and tell her shes moved and she is LOW.. She leaves and comes back seconds later with the resident who checks me and says, yeah shes 9cm, we might not have time for that epidural, someone call Dr. #5. Turns out she LEFT to go get something to eat and had to high tail it back to the hospital. All of sudden 5 doctors are in the room, one of whom says "Don't worry I'll deliver you if Dr #5 isn't back" I'm thinking who the heck cares about the doctor WHERE IS THE ANESTHESIOLOGIST?  All I'm thinking is that there is no way I can push for three hours feeling like this without drugs. One very sweet dr (I have no idea if she is a resident or attending) is right by my head trying to assure me that the worst is over and that the rest is nothing compared to what I've just come through. And I'm trying to just communicate with a look that no you don't understand I'm going to push for three hours and I'm not going to make it because I have absolutely no ability to talk. Eventually I tell them I have to push and the resident checks me again and says, "its just a lip" I have no idea what that means but apparently it means I can push.. Dr. #5 now rushes in and I hear her ask if she can change first and everyone tells her NO get ready now. People do a wardrobe change and for some reason I never put that together as baby coming out, I just assumed it was 'pushing attire' at this point, particularly because she is still in street clothes!
I honestly don't think I pushed more than 5 times and the baby was out (everyone said "Woa that is a big baby" and various versions of your so small how did you have such a big baby) and immediately placed on my chest. It was 5:49pm. Again, Sean was amazing, while I was still thinking it was going to be hours he said "It is almost over I can see her, I can see our little girl" I must have looked at him like he had three heads because he said it again.  Even the resident as she was giving me the baby said "You should see the look on your face, you are in shock".  Then the baby goes to the warmer and they start getting her cleaned up and foot printed and all that jazz.  Now this is the part I have no real memory of from Colin's birth, but I now had to deliver the placenta and get stitched up without an epidural. They kept telling me to push again and I kept telling them they were nuts if they thought I was capable of that. At this point the resident and Dr. #5 disagree about the 'readiness' of the placenta and the resident is getting annoyed with Dr. #5 for thinking I should be pushing before it is ready. I just had a good little internal chuckle about that one since I'm apparently not the only one who isn't a fan of Dr. #5.  We finish with that miserableness and then they give me the baby to nurse. Sean starts now to get the info out to everyone and begins taking photos with our camera. None of these photos are for public view since I'm overly exposed, without actually exposing anything. We never really got a good shot of Meghan because we could only see half her face.  She nursed for almost 45 minutes and Sean held her for another 2 before they took her up to the nursery. Sean went with them but had to come back to transfer me to a room. I actually was standing up and getting into a wheelchair an hour after pushing that baby out, I thought they were kidding when they brought in the wheelchair. Somehow we got a private room again without having to pay for it, and shortly after the baby came back from the nursery and we were able to take the first photos of her entire face, on our phones so that they could be distributed.

The rest of the hospital stay was pretty uneventful, and we were discharged a short 28hrs after her birth. In the next post I will explain our name choice and why it took us nearly 24hrs to decide.

Indroducing: Meghan Suzanne

Meghan Suzanne: born 8-19-11 at 5:49 pm weighing 8lbs 14.3oz measuring 20.5 inches

Minutes old.
Colin meets his baby sister for the first time.

He was so excited! Such a sweet moment.

Grandma Mo meeting her for the first time.

Sean and his baby girl.

Colin with his new doll to take home since Mommy and the baby have to stay at the hospital.

We have a nearly identical photo of Colin I will have to look for it.

What you can't see is the shirt says Ph.inisheD. My graduation gift to myself.

Our first morning home.

I thought I would put up her birth story first but it is taking me longer to write out than I hoped so I wanted to get some pictures up.  I realize that I am on facebook now and can put pictures there but I expect the blog to remain my primary mode of information distribution. I have just started putting a book together of all the blog posts from Colin's first two years which will hopefully include all of your comments as well. So for posterity sake I want to do the same thing for Meghan.  Facebook still feels foreign (and a little schizophrenic) to me since I was only signed up for about 11 hrs before I went into labor. I've had to turn off notifications since my inbox absolutely exploded. Lots more to come I promise. Sean and I are doing remarkably well managing our new family but as you can imagine sleep is hard to come by so we have been trying to take turns napping with the baby. I am feeling better everyday but the 1.2.3. punch of sciatica (worse than pre-delivery oddly!), being tattered and torn from a very quick delivery, and really bad postpartum uterine contractions (they were not this intense the first time!) have left me only operating at about 50%. We are getting there but 'free' time is still pretty limited. Sean is doing a great job, and even Colin is coping with this change amazingly well..the only jealousy we have see is minor (e.g. Daddy can you give the baby to Mommy so you can .....) and he is really mostly excited about having a baby around..sometimes over exuberant about it but this is better than the alternative. 
Lots more to come..

Thursday, August 18, 2011

39 Weeks- Bump and Drs Appt

Another twofer! This weeks doctors appointment was a little more interesting than the last although just barely. I'm a full 2cm dilated and the baby has apparently dropped further into the birth canal because I am measuring smaller (I did the same thing with Colin but I have to go back and figure out if it was the same week or not).  I have gained another pound bringing me to +37. I also found out that doctor #2 is on vacation next week so my plans for having her induce me are out the window. Now my earliest induction date is 8/26 when doctor #4 is on call. Doctor #2 is sending me for another ultrasound on Monday to check weight again... this seems very odd to me but apparently she is a big fan of the ultrasound while Doctor #1 never was. Its actually kind of annoying to go to the hospital all the time but I don't really have a good reason to say no...I'm curious to see how big she is measuring now (although grated they aren't 100% accurate). I will then go back and see Doctor #4 later in the week and she is supposed to put me on the schedule for Friday.  This is all assuming I don't spontaneously go into labor.
I have pretty much have zero expectation of going without assistance, but that is mainly because I can't live in the 'it could be today' mentality all the time. Sean is a little less convinced and told me today that we can't make plans for Sunday in case I'm in labor.. I would rather make plans and cancel them personally, I can't sit around the house just waiting all the time...Our bags are packed, the car seat is installed, Colin is totally prepared (although Dawn mentioned that I might want to have a bag packed for him in the event I go in the middle of the night and have to drop him off at her place). The only thing we have to do now is get the house put together a little more. I wrote up a 'house schedule' of our typical routine for Sean's mom or whomever else might need it. This was Sean's idea and a very good one. Silly stuff like what Colin likes to eat for breakfast, when the cats get fed, what time he should be in bed, where the closest pharmacy is etc. I still have to write out the TV instructions for using the dvd player or on demand shows but I'll get to that tomorrow. 

In other news... I DEPOSITED MY DISSERTATION TODAY! It is officially official, I have a Ph.D. Crazy! I can't wrap my head around it yet... I'm actually done! I'm also very very sore from all the walking I had to do today not just for the deposit but to drop off and pick up Colin from Dawns. I better not go into labor tonight, I'm not sure I have the energy for it! Anyway, here are the pictures..Enjoy.



Monday, August 15, 2011

38 Week Drs appointment and weigh in

Nothing to report from this doctors appointment. Once again no change in weight no change in dilation. I have to admit I was a bit dissapointed by the no change in dilation. The sciatica is getting pretty bad and yoga is pretty much out of the question now. I'm just not able to maneuver anymore, and any kind of inversion (e.g. downward facing dog) makes fluid move to my head so much that it is painful. I also loose feeling in my hands in the poses where they are above my head... yoga didn't seem to be helping as much lately anyway so it isn't so bad. I have an appointment to deposit my dissertation on Thursday. While I hope the baby waits until after that to make an arrival, I almost don't care if she doesn't (I can get another appointment and the true deadline is Sept 15th). Now that I have the go ahead I can deposit anytime. Obviously it will be 'simpler' to deposit before she comes out, although traveling to midtown Manhattan 2 days shy of my due date doesn't sound like a good time to me. But gosh, if I can go through the process pregnant I can certainly get myself to the building and drop it off (there is some paperwork involved where I have to get signatures from a bunch of offices saying that I don't have any outstanding debts). Dawn has graciously volunteered to take Colin for the morning even though Leo will be at day camp that week. I owe her big time, it isn't ever her turn in the rotation to watch Colin!
Oops I got off topic. This doctor (probably my 4th choice, if i have a choice) said if I go a week over my due date they will discuss inducing but the other doctor (my 2nd choice) previously offered to induce me on the 17th so I think I'll split the difference.. if she hasn't shown up by the 23rd I'll likely ask to be induced then, for a 24th delivery (when my 2nd choice Dr. is on call).  I'm pretty sure 2nd choice will be happy to do that. (if it isn't clear my 1st choice is my real doctor, my 3rd choice is another dr in the practice who works out of a different office but she did Colin's circumcision and I really enjoyed her during the last round, my 5th choice is also at the second office and honestly I would rather deliver in a taxi cab than deal with her again.)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

38-Week Baby Bump

As promised, the photo comparison in the same outfit! To me the belly is similar, maybe a bit bigger this time around, but the face, neck and arms are bigger in P1 (My high school friend Jen M. told me to measure my belly circumference in P1 and I didn't do it, now I wish I had!). Surprisingly I look less tired this time around, which honestly has to be an illusion. I had a horrible night, the night before the photo and Colin was quite taxing all morning before finally taking a nap for the first time in almost a week. Not that I could sleep too, we had our new oven delivered today (nothing like the last minute for getting things accomplished) so I was dealing with that while he was asleep. I have no idea how he slept through the delivery and instal, they were not exactly quiet.Things have really become difficult for me over the last week and a half, the sciatica is much worse, and I'm sleeping a lot less. Cranky and in pain does not make for a patient mama with a non-napping, getting sick 3yr old. Thank God for Sean not having to stay at work late recently!  I keep telling Colin that Mommy will get better after the baby is born, I just hope I'm not lying to him.

I have officially gotten to the stage where people are checking in frequently. I have gotten four different "have you had the baby yet?" (or variations there of) texts over the last 48 hours. I figured I should outline a plan for information distribution so people can worry less, I promise I won't forget to tell you!  Presuming I have cell service in the hospital (which I'm pretty sure I do since I did last time) I will attempt to 'tweet' updates (which if you aren't on twitter, you can read in the little side bar here on the blog) as things progress. This is assuming I don't go from 0 to baby at light speed. If I go into labor spontaneously, we have a 30 minute car ride at least to get to the hospital, so family will be notified at that point that we are on our way if we haven't already given you a heads up. Sean's mom is 'on call' to come in and take over with Colin so she will probably get the first phone call, however we do have a more local contact (Dawn) if we have to move quickly, and of course we can always just bring him with us if things go absolutely nutty. I honestly do not expect to go into labor without help, although I am prepared for that just in case, my bags are packed and I even picked up spare toiletries today so I don't have to remember to pack anything else if we have to move quickly. Sean will be with me for labor and delivery but we assume he will have to come home and check in with Colin afterwards depending on the time of day.  The longer it takes to deliver the baby the more likely Sean will have to get home to reassure Colin that all is well. We have prepared Colin for coming to visit the baby and I at the hospital and that we won't come home right away, but he is really questioning and resisting the later part, fingers crossed we come home quickly. I have his doll (which we purchased a while ago but has never been put into play) packed in my suitcase for him to take home with him after that first visit. I'm hoping the novelty of that will help with the transition and then he can put his baby in the crib or swing or whatever and pretend until the actual baby comes home. I also have a bunch of presents tucked away to help distract him from our absence (I'm thinking I should wrap these for added effect but I haven't gotten there yet). I was also given the advice that I shouldn't be holding the baby when he comes to visit us for the first time, since he will likely be less 'put off' if he can greet me separately from the baby.
I think you are now up to date. I have a couple doctors appointments nearly back to back again so I'll let you know if there is any new info afterwards.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Colin is 3 Years old!

In the few months preceding Colin's third birthday a few new behaviors walked up and slapped us in the face. Intentional defiance and Attitude/back talk. Aside from a couple months of indecisiveness, two was pretty straight forward and actually a very enjoyable stage not terrible in any sense.. Three on the other hand looks like it is going to be much more challenging. Hopefully these new challenges will be as short lived as the indecisiveness was.Having your three year old tell you "NO, I'll tell YOU when you can cut it" while we are practicing with scissors is quite alarming, not to mention the public embarrassment issue when you ask him to please get up off the floor, it isn't a good place to sit and he lays down instead, prompting 50yr old single gay man with no children to give you parenting advice about getting children under control at an early age.

Enjoying his subway cupcakes at his birthday party.
Height and Weight:  34lbs -74%ile    38" - 54%ile  a bit reversed in terms of percentages from his earlier numbers.

Surprise! I new bed for Colin. Think he likes it?
Sleeping:Colin moved into the twin bed on his birthday and has done very very well. He also started insisting on wearing underwear to bed and I figured I would just follow his lead. We have had a couple accidents in the first few weeks when he was especially exhausted but for the most part he has done very well, waking up once around 11 or 12 to pee. Pretty much the same story at nap time, he either takes a 2-3hr nap or he just sits in his room and plays.. Occasionally I have to go in and scold him for pulling on the curtains. If he gets upset that is a sure sign he is going to fall asleep, or maybe just a sign that he is very tired. 

His actual birthday.

  • Daddy! This late in pregnancy it is hard to me to get on the floor and play with Colin for extended periods of time. When I have to get up and sit on the couch he typically asks when daddy is coming home.He loves having his daddy around and definitely misses him while he is at work.
  • MyGym/Swimming Lessons/The museum. Since Colin has been out of school we've had more time for classes and fun excursions. Generally it is easier for me to bring him somewhere else to play right now where I can sit back and watch. At home he definitely needs more interaction from me which is getting harder by the day. I have pictures from MyGym and swimming lessons to share when time allows.
  • Subway Trains. My goodness this child gets excited to watch the subway trains go by. He is likes to identify which train it is and then scream it out at the top of his lungs...this is usually amusing to other people the first time he does it but by the 11th time it starts to get old. Its all I can do to keep a lid on his excitement. 
  • Train tracks. Colin adores playing with his train tracks and trains. He got quite a few new trains for his birthday and loves them all. 
  • Strangers. Colin still takes a long time to warm up to new people. He isn't the child who will easily have a conversation with a stranger, in fact he is unlikely to even say his name or age when asked.. I try not to make a big deal about it. He is still young.
  • Scary or Emotional movies. I have been trying to find some movies that Colin will watch without getting upset and honestly it is harder than I expected. Disney movies are filled with parents dying or other frightening scenes. Poor kid gets very upset even at subtle emotional scenes. So far "Babe" has worked out the best. Since the scary parts are wrapped up in the idea of eating pigs generally they use terms like pork or bacon and he doesn't put that together with a pig so it goes over his head. Plus he finds the duck hysterical.
Getting ready to go to bed in the new bed for the first time.

New things:
  • "What are we going to do after my nap?" Colin uses the word nap to refer to both his nap and bedtime, which we are trying to help him differentiate but in the meantime we hear this question about 400 times a day. By the time Sean gets home I've typically lost my patience for answering it and will either turn the question back around to Colin or tell him we are not going to discuss it anymore.  Sean doesn't seem to appreciate my lack of patience but I can only take so much.
  • "But why" I told myself I wouldn't be the parent who says "because I said so"...I lasted about a week and then it was out of my mouth without even thinking. For the most part I'm still answering about 5 or 6 rounds of "but why?" before I can distract him from it but yikes this is not a fun game either.
  • Phonics. Colin is doing very well with phonics and is now starting to understand how words are made. He put up the bath letters C and T the other day and said "look mommy I wrote cat".. obviously he didn't but it is a good start. He also will try to read things in the environment. This past weekend he read the word "exit" off a highway sign.. Neither one of us has tried to teach him that word so I think it is true reading instead of memorizing.  It won't be long before we have to stop spelling in front of him...

First night in the new bed...approximately 2:00am

Colin is generally very excited and interested in the birth of his sister, although if you ask him outright he will say he isn't. We have read quite a few big brother books and he is very excited to hold her and help us feed her and bathe her.. I'm sure he is going to be rather disappointed with the abilities of a newborn but hopefully he won't get too discouraged. It won't be long now.  

Thursday, August 4, 2011

36/37 Week Baby Bump + 37 Week Drs. Appt

Two for one on this post since a) I'm trying to be efficient and b) my 36 and 37 week drs appointments were only 4 days apart so nothing actually changed. My weight is the same (+36) and my cervix is also the same. The doctor encouraged me to 'be careful' in the final weeks because baby's do a lot of bulking up at this point so no ice cream every day. This isn't actually a problem since the heat combined with the pregnancy has me nauseous just about every other day so I often can't eat much at dinner time. She seemed to be focused on the fact that I hit that magic 35lbs number (which they would actually have a higher calculation since there 'starting weight' is much lower than what I would say the starting weight was) and doesn't want me gaining much more weight. When I reminded her that I gained 60lbs in the first pregnancy she literally took a step back and said, 'oh well then this looks good!'

In terms of how I am feeling at this point... not so great. Mostly just really really tired. Erin commented last weekend that I seem to not be hating this pregnancy as much and I would have to agree with that.  My perception of this pregnancy is that I have been much more comfortable than I was during P1. Sure, the first 16 weeks were a LOT worse but since then it has been more manageable. Likely because I've gained less weight and am retaining a LOT less water. The actual weight I am at not I hit when I was 29 weeks pregnant in P1(if you want to compare weight gain than it was 26 weeks).. I can tell you that if I still had over 10 weeks 'to go' I would be miserable right now. The only thing keeping me in the game is that I only have about 2+ weeks left.
I think if you asked Sean which pregnancy was 'harder' he would probably say this one.. mainly because of the early weeks and the sciatica which was totally new to this pregnancy. However, my hips and tail bone were much much more uncomfortable during P1 than this time so I can deal with the sciatica. Plus I think for Sean, this pregnancy has been worse because of the complication of me finishing up with grad school. For me, school was a major distraction from the pregnancy but I think for Sean they feel more compounded. I think HE had a much harder experience during this pregnancy because he had a lot more 'balls' to pick up so to speak that I kept dropping along the way. Colin being a significant contributor to that. I just hope that labor and delivery doesn't prove more traumatic for either of us (although I'm not the slightest bit worried about that part).

While I see the water retention in the mirror at this stage, it still doesn't compare to P1!! Is it just me or does the belly look lower this week comparatively? Could just be the difference in outfit. I might be able to pull off the same outfit for next weeks photo comparison (which I will try to actually take during 38 weeks instead of 39 since I have a 39 week photo from P1) . The shirt from P1 is no longer in around so I couldn't match this week.


Monday, August 1, 2011

36 week Drs appointment- weigh in

I had my 36 week appointment late last week and I have my 37 week appointment early this week. Rather annoying but since I'm seeing different doctors all the time they have different days that they are in the office. Last week I got all the blood work results and I am negative for group B Strep which is good, no need for antibiotics before delivery! I'm also negative for the genetic mutation that has recently shown up in my family tree and could be dangerous during labor and delivery so that is also good news. I was positive for the coxsackie virus which I got exposed to a few weeks ago but since I'm completely non-symptomatic it likely came back positive because I've had it before about 6 yrs ago (its like the chicken-pox you typically only get it once). It could be dangerous to the fetus, particularly if I pass it to her after she is born but as of now it is a full two weeks past my exposure date and I'm not showing any signs of having it so I think it is fine. This appointment was with the doctor I wasn't such a fan of last time but she was much warmer this time so I'm sure I would be fine if she was around during labor and delivery.
I have started retaining water which you will likely see in the picture this week and further evidence of that is seen in the fact that I've gained 3lbs in one week. The total is now +36lbs. The picture should follow tomorrow and then another visit to the doctor.
Seconds ago, I submitted the revisions to my dissertation to my advisor. I'm not sure what exactly will happen from here, I guess it depends on how satisfied he is with the revisions I have made. Fingers crossed any other changes are very minor and I can put this baby to bed before the real baby makes an appearance!