Monday, August 1, 2011

36 week Drs appointment- weigh in

I had my 36 week appointment late last week and I have my 37 week appointment early this week. Rather annoying but since I'm seeing different doctors all the time they have different days that they are in the office. Last week I got all the blood work results and I am negative for group B Strep which is good, no need for antibiotics before delivery! I'm also negative for the genetic mutation that has recently shown up in my family tree and could be dangerous during labor and delivery so that is also good news. I was positive for the coxsackie virus which I got exposed to a few weeks ago but since I'm completely non-symptomatic it likely came back positive because I've had it before about 6 yrs ago (its like the chicken-pox you typically only get it once). It could be dangerous to the fetus, particularly if I pass it to her after she is born but as of now it is a full two weeks past my exposure date and I'm not showing any signs of having it so I think it is fine. This appointment was with the doctor I wasn't such a fan of last time but she was much warmer this time so I'm sure I would be fine if she was around during labor and delivery.
I have started retaining water which you will likely see in the picture this week and further evidence of that is seen in the fact that I've gained 3lbs in one week. The total is now +36lbs. The picture should follow tomorrow and then another visit to the doctor.
Seconds ago, I submitted the revisions to my dissertation to my advisor. I'm not sure what exactly will happen from here, I guess it depends on how satisfied he is with the revisions I have made. Fingers crossed any other changes are very minor and I can put this baby to bed before the real baby makes an appearance!

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