Thursday, August 4, 2011

36/37 Week Baby Bump + 37 Week Drs. Appt

Two for one on this post since a) I'm trying to be efficient and b) my 36 and 37 week drs appointments were only 4 days apart so nothing actually changed. My weight is the same (+36) and my cervix is also the same. The doctor encouraged me to 'be careful' in the final weeks because baby's do a lot of bulking up at this point so no ice cream every day. This isn't actually a problem since the heat combined with the pregnancy has me nauseous just about every other day so I often can't eat much at dinner time. She seemed to be focused on the fact that I hit that magic 35lbs number (which they would actually have a higher calculation since there 'starting weight' is much lower than what I would say the starting weight was) and doesn't want me gaining much more weight. When I reminded her that I gained 60lbs in the first pregnancy she literally took a step back and said, 'oh well then this looks good!'

In terms of how I am feeling at this point... not so great. Mostly just really really tired. Erin commented last weekend that I seem to not be hating this pregnancy as much and I would have to agree with that.  My perception of this pregnancy is that I have been much more comfortable than I was during P1. Sure, the first 16 weeks were a LOT worse but since then it has been more manageable. Likely because I've gained less weight and am retaining a LOT less water. The actual weight I am at not I hit when I was 29 weeks pregnant in P1(if you want to compare weight gain than it was 26 weeks).. I can tell you that if I still had over 10 weeks 'to go' I would be miserable right now. The only thing keeping me in the game is that I only have about 2+ weeks left.
I think if you asked Sean which pregnancy was 'harder' he would probably say this one.. mainly because of the early weeks and the sciatica which was totally new to this pregnancy. However, my hips and tail bone were much much more uncomfortable during P1 than this time so I can deal with the sciatica. Plus I think for Sean, this pregnancy has been worse because of the complication of me finishing up with grad school. For me, school was a major distraction from the pregnancy but I think for Sean they feel more compounded. I think HE had a much harder experience during this pregnancy because he had a lot more 'balls' to pick up so to speak that I kept dropping along the way. Colin being a significant contributor to that. I just hope that labor and delivery doesn't prove more traumatic for either of us (although I'm not the slightest bit worried about that part).

While I see the water retention in the mirror at this stage, it still doesn't compare to P1!! Is it just me or does the belly look lower this week comparatively? Could just be the difference in outfit. I might be able to pull off the same outfit for next weeks photo comparison (which I will try to actually take during 38 weeks instead of 39 since I have a 39 week photo from P1) . The shirt from P1 is no longer in around so I couldn't match this week.



Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

you are looking GREAT!!! C

Kristy said...

I can't wait!!!

Julie said...

4 more pounds and i win the pool!

i am so glad that the end is much more tolerable this time around. that is always the toughest part. how have you been able to retain less water? because if having a girl means LESS water retention, then i am totally screwed.

i think your belly looks a little lower...she is ready to come out! i can't wait to see her :)