Thursday, August 11, 2011

38-Week Baby Bump

As promised, the photo comparison in the same outfit! To me the belly is similar, maybe a bit bigger this time around, but the face, neck and arms are bigger in P1 (My high school friend Jen M. told me to measure my belly circumference in P1 and I didn't do it, now I wish I had!). Surprisingly I look less tired this time around, which honestly has to be an illusion. I had a horrible night, the night before the photo and Colin was quite taxing all morning before finally taking a nap for the first time in almost a week. Not that I could sleep too, we had our new oven delivered today (nothing like the last minute for getting things accomplished) so I was dealing with that while he was asleep. I have no idea how he slept through the delivery and instal, they were not exactly quiet.Things have really become difficult for me over the last week and a half, the sciatica is much worse, and I'm sleeping a lot less. Cranky and in pain does not make for a patient mama with a non-napping, getting sick 3yr old. Thank God for Sean not having to stay at work late recently!  I keep telling Colin that Mommy will get better after the baby is born, I just hope I'm not lying to him.

I have officially gotten to the stage where people are checking in frequently. I have gotten four different "have you had the baby yet?" (or variations there of) texts over the last 48 hours. I figured I should outline a plan for information distribution so people can worry less, I promise I won't forget to tell you!  Presuming I have cell service in the hospital (which I'm pretty sure I do since I did last time) I will attempt to 'tweet' updates (which if you aren't on twitter, you can read in the little side bar here on the blog) as things progress. This is assuming I don't go from 0 to baby at light speed. If I go into labor spontaneously, we have a 30 minute car ride at least to get to the hospital, so family will be notified at that point that we are on our way if we haven't already given you a heads up. Sean's mom is 'on call' to come in and take over with Colin so she will probably get the first phone call, however we do have a more local contact (Dawn) if we have to move quickly, and of course we can always just bring him with us if things go absolutely nutty. I honestly do not expect to go into labor without help, although I am prepared for that just in case, my bags are packed and I even picked up spare toiletries today so I don't have to remember to pack anything else if we have to move quickly. Sean will be with me for labor and delivery but we assume he will have to come home and check in with Colin afterwards depending on the time of day.  The longer it takes to deliver the baby the more likely Sean will have to get home to reassure Colin that all is well. We have prepared Colin for coming to visit the baby and I at the hospital and that we won't come home right away, but he is really questioning and resisting the later part, fingers crossed we come home quickly. I have his doll (which we purchased a while ago but has never been put into play) packed in my suitcase for him to take home with him after that first visit. I'm hoping the novelty of that will help with the transition and then he can put his baby in the crib or swing or whatever and pretend until the actual baby comes home. I also have a bunch of presents tucked away to help distract him from our absence (I'm thinking I should wrap these for added effect but I haven't gotten there yet). I was also given the advice that I shouldn't be holding the baby when he comes to visit us for the first time, since he will likely be less 'put off' if he can greet me separately from the baby.
I think you are now up to date. I have a couple doctors appointments nearly back to back again so I'll let you know if there is any new info afterwards.


Michelle :) said...

Woooo!! Congrats on your impending delivery, friend! See, THIS is why you need to get on Facebook :)

Erin said...

Well, Missy, when, for over 12 hours, you don't answer a text about a "buy one get two free" sale on Oshkosh, people (aka me) have a right to start asking questions.