Monday, August 15, 2011

38 Week Drs appointment and weigh in

Nothing to report from this doctors appointment. Once again no change in weight no change in dilation. I have to admit I was a bit dissapointed by the no change in dilation. The sciatica is getting pretty bad and yoga is pretty much out of the question now. I'm just not able to maneuver anymore, and any kind of inversion (e.g. downward facing dog) makes fluid move to my head so much that it is painful. I also loose feeling in my hands in the poses where they are above my head... yoga didn't seem to be helping as much lately anyway so it isn't so bad. I have an appointment to deposit my dissertation on Thursday. While I hope the baby waits until after that to make an arrival, I almost don't care if she doesn't (I can get another appointment and the true deadline is Sept 15th). Now that I have the go ahead I can deposit anytime. Obviously it will be 'simpler' to deposit before she comes out, although traveling to midtown Manhattan 2 days shy of my due date doesn't sound like a good time to me. But gosh, if I can go through the process pregnant I can certainly get myself to the building and drop it off (there is some paperwork involved where I have to get signatures from a bunch of offices saying that I don't have any outstanding debts). Dawn has graciously volunteered to take Colin for the morning even though Leo will be at day camp that week. I owe her big time, it isn't ever her turn in the rotation to watch Colin!
Oops I got off topic. This doctor (probably my 4th choice, if i have a choice) said if I go a week over my due date they will discuss inducing but the other doctor (my 2nd choice) previously offered to induce me on the 17th so I think I'll split the difference.. if she hasn't shown up by the 23rd I'll likely ask to be induced then, for a 24th delivery (when my 2nd choice Dr. is on call).  I'm pretty sure 2nd choice will be happy to do that. (if it isn't clear my 1st choice is my real doctor, my 3rd choice is another dr in the practice who works out of a different office but she did Colin's circumcision and I really enjoyed her during the last round, my 5th choice is also at the second office and honestly I would rather deliver in a taxi cab than deal with her again.)


Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

that is great that you know who "may" deliver. Mine is a SURPRISE. When you go it someone from the practice however there are so many practices that use that hospital that it is like one of X amount of doctors and you only have your doctor if you deliver on his/her day on call. I had my doctor during a little bit of induction and that was it.

Sounds like you have found a very nice friend, Dawn. And I know she is willing to that for you because she is certain you would do the same for her.

Jen Sneks said...

Ryan & I are thinking of you and the family! Good luck! Can't wait to hear all about the adventure and meet your daugher!

Kristy said...

Can't wait! Love you guys!